Loups-Garous, a movie review:

Well… *dodges all things thrown in general direction* All though I have been gone for a godly amount of time I still have been watching anime – more so since the holidays are gone and there are only approximately 50 cookies left of the 250 I made-

One in particular which has taken hold of my attention quite religiously is not a series, but a movie; called Loups-Garous.

Just gonna say this here and now - I want a fucking plushie of this *nodnod*

The plot of the story is set in a future (ish) Japan in the sense that they have improved on many things; there is no more world hunger, that has been solved by turning sunflowers into food mmmmmm flower power *thumbs up* and the people of society now have a life which is completely monitored. Their houses are monitored, their life – everything about them is known- they even have their own monitors which tell them where to go, when to go and what route they must take. These monitors have taken over their lives.

Even to the point where they can’t interact with a real human being

The first sequence of animation which is seen is of a girl running from a man in one rather disturbing mask, she is then cornered by another man in a disturbing mask who then tells her to die for her sins.

uuhhhhhhh *backs away slowly* STRANGER DANGER!

And then, everything goes white *flail*

Enter main character and underlying problem – her name is Makino Hazuki, and like many children her age in the society lives life freely under the supervision of the monitors instead of there parents, whom are away on business trips, etc.

ooohhhh so that’s how they solve the lalalalalalala there are no parents problem *thumbs up*

Also like many, Makino has social problems – she spends all day looking at her monitor for guidance, even when she eats. To solve this problem she is put into a program which is supposed to help her be re-adapted into normal society; socializing with real people. She  is set up with a group of three other girls whom all have the same problem as her, but at certain levels of extremity.

and they were delicious XP

We are introduced to two of the three: Mio Tsuzuki and Ayumi Kono whom are both on completely opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to personality.

We learn very quickly that Kono hates the fact that she is constantly being stalked ohoho? What is this? Me thinks there is a mysterious past to this one!

We then cut to what seems to be like a futuristic version of some form of a chat system where we have a mass amount of people/holograms discussing a murder which occurred. It was one of their students at their center and are asked to send all information about their students to the people investigating.

The woman, Fuwa Shizue, who was seen with the main character before objects to this saying that it isn’t right to hand out information on them without their consent.

Enter God

Durr huurrr my avi is bigger that yours~

Well okay not really God – but he is definitely much bigger than the other people *nodnod*

He starts discussing how this murder is related to a chain of murders which have been occurring around the city and that they are taking matters beyond the law itself *sniffsniff* I smell me a villain here. All of the people who were murdered all had a direct connection to things known as deformed characters – what are these deformed characters exactly? We don’t find out until much much later =A=

We then cut to Makino in her house who has just had a conversation with her father over a television screen. She locks up for the night when suddenly everything goes black.

When the lights go back on there is Mio eating her food. She claims that she broke into her house by using magic and that the reason she came in the first place was that she had an idea for their group to do for the communications class and she needed to tell it to them in person. Thus she proceeds to ‘kidnap’ Makino. We see that Mio is using some form of a machine to make it so that monitors and any electronics for that matter are not able to see their movement.

*stares* that moon looks too close for comfort...

They head over to Kono’s house, who is supposedly not home – this does not stop Mio who then proceeds to jump over the fence to their house and sneak into her back yard; Makino hesitantly in tow.

They find Kono at the top of a hill in her back yard staring up at the sky. Kono asks why they came and Mio tells her about the project – she also mentions about their missing member, Yuko Yabe, who was the girl first seen at the beginning being chased by the weird people in masks.

Kono said that she saw Yuko a few nights earlier being chased by the men, but she did not bother to do anything more but observe. She claims that Yuko was saved by another girl name Rei Myao.

Makino voices her belief that Yuko might be with Myao and Mio jumps at the opportunity to go and meet with Myao, claiming that if Yuko is in trouble they have to help her because they are all friends.

We cut to Shizue who is with the inspector discussing whom else but Yuko. They figure out that she was absent that day at the center and thanks to the GPS system in the monitor they find out that the last place that she was seen was in Area C, which, by no surprise is also the scene where the murder took place.

We then cut back to the trio who have now made their way to Area C, where they are now standing in front of Mios apartment and…


O___________O *jealous*


I saw what you did there *stares*

*ahem* and thus they go after Myao whom supposedly knows where Yuko is. Lo and behold Myao is in a warehouse fighting off men all the while rescuing Yuko who is upstairs with a whole bunch of other unconscious and from what it seems beaten women.

And they only save Yuko.

*coughs* just because they aren’t your friends doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them *points accusingly*

Be nice to other people or he will nom you in his sleep *nodnod*

They decide to hide Yuko in Kono’s backyard thinking that it is not safe for her to go back to her house.

After a long self discovery talk they quartet of friends and ninja-Myao spend the next few nights joining up together and practicing for that PV that Mio wants them to do for their class.

A few nights later Yuko says that she wants to go home – everyone says it isn’t a good idea and then suddenly Yuko starts talking about DCs and why she loves them so much

It’s anime art…

Okay so clearly they author of this book (not creator of movie) had SOMETHING against anime/manga art or her wouldn’t call it DEFORMED!!!

Yuko explains how she had decided to meet up with one of the people from an online community and they started acusing her of art theft. And thus starts trying to kill her.

My over obsessiveness shall smite you! SMIIIIIIITTEEE!!


Now I really think he has something against people who like anime/manga *backs away very slowly*

They come up with a plan to get her safely into custody to avoid being killed.

Unfortunately that plan backfires, and it is discovered a few days later that Yuko still ended up dead.

It's called an Ouija board X3

The trio go to her funeral *I’m sorry I’m insensitive XP* and then later group together at Mio’s place and try to figure how their full proof plan failed.

Makino thinks that it is because someone has better magic skills than them and this causes Mio to freak out.

Kono tries to make her see the possibility and Mio ends up kicking them both out of her house.

We cut to Shizue who is in her office late at night pondering over what happened, suddenly a shadow appears and the shadow tells Shizue to not turn around. It is Kono telling her who she speculates the killer to be and explaining how she ponders it to be so.

The last thing she tells Shizue to do before leaving is to watch over Mio and Makino for her.

With that said we cut to Mio, who is frantically typing away at her computer, repeating to herself that she is the only magician when suddenly a bomb is thrown through her window. The last we see of her is her jumping behind her desk before there is a giant explosion.

We then see Makino in her house eating her sunflower based food depressingly when suddenly there is someone at the door. It is the local security coming by saying that her dad called for an upgrade on the security because of all of the things that have been happening.

Makino being the dumb bell that she is lets them in and they try to



Raise your hand if you saw that one coming

Myao comes to her rescue and tells her to get out of the city ASAP. So Makino does the next best thing and runs to Kono’s place.

The two of them together decide to go after the major corporation and the person in charge of it whom Kono speculates to be the one behind all the murders – Makino is just dumb and agrees with everything Kono says claiming she doesn’t want to be alone.

They decide to make the long treck to the corporation building which is I’m assuming at least a good 35 km outside of the city.

And they walk

In the basking sun

And the whole time 500 miles is playing itself in the back of my head

We see Shizue who is in front of a giant screen which has the director’s projection on it. He is thanking her for all the work she had done in helping them with their work.

Dun dun duuun

He’s the bad guy *gives self an ‘I knew it’ badge of awesomeness*

Makino and Kono get into the building only to be surrounded by 100s of police robots with guns. Kono is able to take out a few before an injured Myao comes to their ‘rescue’.

They are then rescued by the detective who has come to lead them to the top of the tower (I’m sorry but the princess is in another castle) to where Shizue and the director are. In the elevator, after Makino and Myao have gotten off at the floor, Kono stays behind and slits the investigator’s throat. Mio returns from the grave in her giant plushie robot and confirms everything that Kono has said.

Makino, Myao and Mio separate from Kono and continue on in going after the director

I hate to break it to ya but.... agh fuck it! *walks away raging*

We cut to Shizue in the giant computer room for a bit more to see that a sack of girls has just been shipped.

We cut but to the three M’s who are slowly making their way to the main control room in order to take down the director. They are attacked and Kono meets up with them once again.

They share a moment of bonding before going to the main control room and FINALLY AFTER SOOOO FUCKING POINTLESSLY LONG taking down the system.

Once they have shut it down they go to find Shizue and go after the director.

In a very anti climatic way, we see that the one who was behind it all along was the director from when the corporation first started 100 years ago.

And why does he look so young? And why did he make this city? And why has he been killing innocent girls?

Human: HIgh in fiber, side effects may include: insanity and the sudden urge to KILL ANNOYING LITTLE GIRLS


*just envisioned Sweeney Todd music playing in background*

Yeah yeah we get that already... STFU

So we find out that the whole reason he did everything he did was so that he could get a taste of the ‘forbidden meat’

Guess what kids?

That ain’t sunflower by-products your eating

So to pretty much sum up the anti-climatic ending, *breaths in* Kono kills the 100 year old director by stabbing him in the neck, thus saving people from eating more human flesh. She goes to jail. Everything goes back to normal around the town, they are no longer eating human flesh and Makino no longer uses a monitor. The three M’s are now working on the dance together while they are waiting for Kono to come back from jail…

That’s gonna be a while kids – murder is kind of a big deal…

Final Impression:

How shall I put this… I watched this movie already 8 times and every time I watch it I find something new that I love about. Yes there are things that annoy me about it, but not enough to overtake what I greatly enjoy about this movie.

Yes, like many movies out there today there are questions which are left unanswered and yes there are characters which are not developed. But in all honesty, this movie is based off a book and how many parts in the Harry Potter movies are left unanswered or just seem downright confusing? Like many movies based off books, it is trying to add in as much of the actual book as possible and at times does seem rather disjointed.

That and it is Toei company, ltd. Which is the same company which brought us many movies which some major critics may call disjointed and lacking character development, such as, oh let’s see… the movie with one of the biggest cult followings of all time – Battle Royale? Mmm hmmm, bet many of you forgot about that one (also based off a book mind you *nodnod*)

What makes me very happy about this movie is that yes, it is sci-fi, and yes it is placed in an unknown future (actually if you look closely when Shizue is scanning the computer monitor it says 2035… but that is just because I watched it so many times X3). But it still has a very realistic sense to it; as in the fact that there is still the gap between the wealthy and the poor, though they try to hide that fact by letting them all go to the same local center for education and such.

I’m sorry but the whole idea of us being constantly monitored just sounds like a very plausible concept to me *cue history nerd rant* While there were countries under Soviet rule, as well as during the Nazi regime, this was not an uncommon idea; people were always being watched and they always had to be cautious about what they said or did (curfews, opinions on the government, etc). In this movie, it is over what they did – the monitors knew their very location, even the exact time they go to and leave a place. This is a very possible thing which always makes the little history nut in me smile every time I see it used in some sort of fashion.

Another thing which makes me very happy about this movie is that, even though it is set in the future, it is a very possible future. No flying machines, no hover crafts being used constantly – there is still a sense of this world having a probability of being out world in the future; yes there are robots, but they are not over designed for the setting and blend it just perfectly. I’ll admit I was disappointed, at first, when I saw no hover crafts but the more I watched the more I loved the simplistic, still somewhat modern take on a futuristic life. It is made to seem PLAUSIBLE. Sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other many great sci-fi, futuristic series but that is what is enjoyable about it.

*ahem* To put it blatantly, it’s not so much the characters or the plot which have me loving this movie so dearly – the main character is a pussy and the others have one sided, flat lining personalities- but the atmosphere that it gives off. The idea that hey, this could actually be what a near future could be like, and in some cases, we are already heading towards.

Yes, the characters are disappointing and I agree that the plot is rather over done, and has many loose screws which need tightening, but I have a feeling these two things were never supposed to be the main focus of the story – but rather the feel of the world the characters and plot are based in.

Final Ratings:

Characters: 7/10- one sided, flat lining and sometimes downright annoying; they are only there so that the world has some people that are living in it. Only likeable sometimes

Plot: 7/10-overused, unoriginal, loose in some areas, but still has a rather conscious reality behind it. Easy to follow and is able to keep the world moving in a fluid motion.

Animation: 9/10 – simple, clean and very easy on the eyes. Not overly shiny or too dulled out. It sets the tone perfectly for each of the characters as well as the atmosphere of the world around them.

World/setting: 10/10 – ADKH329UWEKJFBD!!!! I don’t think I have argued enough about how amazing this world is – it is plausible, breath taking and I swear to god if I had some form of a soul left in me I have no doubt that I would have lost some chuck to it. It is very endearing and very VERY realistic! IT IS LOVES!!!! *flails*

Overall: 8.25/10 – don’t watch it for the characters, pay attention somewhat to the plot and just LOSE YOURSELF IN THE WORLD BECAUSE IT IS JUST THAT GODLY *flails even more so like a maniac*

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