Gosick 2 – It was Kujo in the lounge with sexism and flashbacks

In which I finally get to tell you how much I FUCKING LOVE GOSICK

The episode begins and Victorique is eating, while Kujo whines that he wants to eat. A pretty funny scene ensues in which he whines about it and she promptly reminds him that he that he whined about having to carry so much luggage and thus left their snacks behind, to which he still grumbles. XD


I actually struggle over this one because Gosick is really very fun to watch, but not really to talk about in a review. It’s not good unless you’re watching it, it’s not interesting to watch mysteries come undone in a review. So let’s just talk about some basics.


The food Kujo whined to get was actually drugged. Everyone on the boat wakes up to a room and is suspicious of Kujo and Victorique, and keep mentioning the word ‘hares’. The whole boat full of people sans the younger looking folks seem completely afraid, and Victorique is just null to it all. The lights go out and then an ominous message is left on the wall, and some people are immediately sure that Kujo and Victorique are going to kill them all.


This small child and her idiot accomplice are totally going to kill us! Look at the bonnet, THE BONNET!!!!

Several traps are activated at this point and many people are furiously trying to escape. It’s slowly coming together that the men on board this ship did something awful enough to be killed- each and every one of them guilty of the same crime of causing the deaths of many young children. Surprise surprise- one of those children wants revenge.

The mystery of the story is not as fun as Kujo realizing he needs to be a MAAAAN! Cause he is fo real damn tired of being told he is useless! MOTHERFUCKERS DON’T KNOW HOW USEFUL KUJO IS!

look at him cower! HE IS SO MANLY!

But still, the mystery remains and Victorique doesn’t care even as a boatload of old dudes throw themselves into the sea! Dumbshits. The last old guy left pulls a gun on all the remaining people and in one moment of brilliance, Kujo declares he’ll protect victorique because it’s what a man!!!!!!! would do! and Victorique is such a small!!!!! girl!!!!! oh god those two things combined…how did she ever survive without him…..


mmmm your hair smells like sexism, kujo. mmmmmmmm....

But no, it’s good. Watch it and shit. I am not spoiling this one, no siree.


(it was amazing btw)




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