Togainu no Chi ep 7-8: How do you solve a problem like Akiiiira?

Just when I hope that a series is picking up and FINALLY getting somewhere…

It falls short *throws table* Frankly, my darling, I do not appreciate it when you start building up something that will most definitely be TOTALLY EPIC AND SPAZTASTIC *dies of fangasm* type mathinger and just jump to the next scene.

It’s not cool!

Merlin’s beard can’t you do something much less annoying and actually GET ON WITH THE STORY?!!!

Episode 7 explains somewhat -thank which ever holy figure above me I am supposed to worship- what the fuck is supposed to be going on in relation to what the hell is up with Keisuke.

Like if that creepy creeper creep from the end of last episode was actually him or not… Well… supposedly it was him There goes your chances at being top Akira :DDD.

How did he get like that? Well he was moping and being an emo little sidekick sammich making bitch and wandering about Toshima all by himself, getting scared at every corner, reminiscing over how Akira had gotten mad at him in the earlier episode. So while wandering he stumbles over something shiny. It’s shiny…

He just HAD to pick it up I know I would :P.

It turns out to be a vile of the drug line.

Cue inner conflict time. Keisuke is not sure whether he should take the drug or not -he knows what it is capable of doing to a person and such- but he is so desperately wants to prove to Akira that he is strong and wants to change for Akira that he takes the drug.

To none of our surprises, after consuming the vile of line he suddenly goes psycho.

And gets a tan…

Insta-tan in a can?




I don’t know if this is like… due to a new cel shade artist not getting A FUCKING MEMO FROM THE OLD ONE or the main directors laughing at us from their huge rooms of money they are getting because of the MINDFUCKERY GAYNESS they are causing the boyslove-loving communities of the world.

*ahem* Back to story- after the opening credits role around, we return to Akira who has just woken up on the floor with an Evil Keisuke watching him in his sleep. They talk -about how Keisuke was the one who killed the people in the neutral zone and how this is not what Akira wanted.

No it was apple juice!


Keisuke don’t give a damn.

He just wants to see all the different faces you can make Akira. Come oooonnn make them for ‘im :DDDD

After this little shenanigan, Keisuke punches Akira in the gut which successfully knocks him out.

Next scene

This sporatic scene skips are forgiveable when they give me Gunji and Kiriwars – who we see at the shop where Keisuke has just killed all those people.

all three at once? *ish happy*

Arbitro is there too~ with Kau of course. They are going over the scene of the crime when they are told about a Line abuse who has been killed in a mysterious way. They go over to investigate and one of the witnesses tell them that the person -whom we know as Blue Haired Pirate Hooker (even in death he is still going on with the show *sniffles* he makes me so proud)- died after licking someone’s blood.

Now who could that be hmmm? Arbitro shows the witness a picture of Akira, Motomi and Keisuke and then asks if it is one of those three.

To no surprise he points to Akira. Arbitro smiles creepily and we skip to another scene once again.

We now see Rin who is running to the old hideout where Keisuke and Akira originally hung out -inside Akira is sleeping and Rin rushes up to him and…

pulls a hulk on us and carries Akira away to another place.

Damn – that little kid is tiny but he is a TANK!

*points* TAAANK!

*coughs*Kau comes in, once Rin has left, delivering a letter to Akira from Arbitro inviting him over to dinner – saying that he will be able to help him with his Keisuke problem. So while contemplating this subject while wandering through Toshima someone – who is going to obviously play an important role in all this later walks by with a briefcase. He stares at Akira

and stares

and leaves the briefcase with him and tells him to stay. Good puppy

It suddenly cuts off to a scene with boob fail lady from episode one talking to one of her colleagues how their inside workers in Toshima are epic fail and need to learn how to do their jobs and catch this fucking n person whom – I skimmed over the episodes a couple of times, either the translations I get are fail or I am really really blind- has only been mentioned for the first time in GREAT DETAIL this episode!

The episode ends back with Akira who stayed, liek the good puppy he is to see a mysterious figure who is darkened by the light from behind him coming towards him.

Dun dun duuunn It’sa me-ah Shiki!

Shiki glares at Akira and all they pretty much do is have a glare fest can they just get over it and make out already please?! Shiki takes the briefcase and leaves.

Episode 8 is no better in the sense that it builds up to a lot of suspense but falls short…


It starts off with the obvious – Akira goes to Arbitro’s place to figure out what the hell is going on.

Arbtiro's creepy rape smile is love~

Arbitro tells him his speculations and theories about how his blood is resistant to the drug Line. Therefore, he is able to neutralize the Line. However, what Akira doesn’t get is why when people lick his blood they die. Arbitro believes that it is because when they come into contact with his blood it creates a poison inside them that their body cannot handle – thus they die *streamers*

During this we also learn that Akira and Keisuke are orphans

And they may have been used as lab rats by this company ENED to create super weapons

And that the reason they do not remember anything is because there memories were wiped clean.





*ahem* yes well… besides that epic FAIL the story still continues on

So for like, thirty seconds in the next scene we see a psycho Keisuke running through Toshima before heading back to the place where he last left Akira only to find out that Akira is no longer there. He leaves once again to go find Akira saying how he will always be able to find him. AHA! I KNEW IT! YOU REALLY DID PUT A GPS TRACKING SYSTEM ON HIM DIDN’T YOU!? i MEAN! HOW ELSE WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FIND HIM AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS FUCKING SERIES IN FUCKING TOSHIMA *FLARES NOSTRILS*

Then back to Arbitro whom has taken some of Akira’s blood, promising him that he can use it to help Keisuke. When he comes back with the results he says that it may take some time to figure it out.

Akira is about to leave the place when Arbitro says he has had a room made up for him. Akira says no and opens the door to leave when there are two of Arbitro’s henchmen standing there with guns pointed at him.

Awwwlls rape fantasies~

Arbitro is behind him this whole time, with a perverted look on his face, licking his lips.Alas

Rape attempt failed

As Akira beats the shit out of the henchmen and takes Arbitro at knife point.

He escapes and heads back into Toshima

Cut to Motomi who we see in a church.


*stares* what is it with boyslove series and churches? I’m sorry, but isn’t guy on guy love supposed to be forbidden by the church?! Or are you implying something about what goes one behind closed… okay I’mma gonna stop there before this turns into something really really bad, troll wise.

Akira shows up and shows Motomi the paper of the results he was able to snatch from Arbitro before running away. Motomi looks at them shocked and…

cue flashback times!

Motomi used to work for ENED This is suppsoed to come as a surprise, but somehow, it’s really not. I mean. Motomi is smart and knows a lot of stuff -that and he is in Toshima without participating in Igra. He also knows a lot about Line, and ENED is supposedly the creator of Line. So there ya go.

No surprise

He also tells Akira that there is no way to help Keisuke, because his blood would just kill him.

This cause Akira to get angry at  the wall but the wall didn’t do anything


It really didn’t so stop hitting it please

Motomi gives him a ‘motivational’/aka life sucks speech before telling him that he is going to fix him up

Cut to boob fail lady and her henchmen in a car talking abut how they are going to need more people in Toshima because their other people in there are fucking Herpaderps and how the military is trying to capture this n person before them.

And then we turn to Rin

who has the fucking weirdest flash backs ever. It’s obvious they are about his times before Toshima and it is obvious that there was some he liked. Who, along with his huge group, were killed.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... blood isn't that red.


wait for it


and who shows up, ‘coincidentally’ after this flash back?

Take a guess I dare ya

*ahem* so to no surprise Rin starts attacking Shiki telling him to fight him, but what’s this? Shiki isn’t attacking him. Only blocking him off with his sheath.

Rin is getting more and more angry by the second and we learn

here’s the kicker

they are brothers! But with different mommies!

It all makes senseNo

Not really

Anyways, Shiki still refuses to take out his sword and attack Rin, so therefore successfully proceeds with tossing his half brother close to the edge of a broken bridge.

The bridge crumble under Rin’s feet

I actually nearly screamed in sorrow at this part because I thought Rin was dead. But he wasn’t so it’s all good.

He only falls, grabs onto a poll, tries to pull an acrobatic stunt to get up from the poll only to have said poll collapse under the weight, fall, hit a poll and land hard. On his back.

Okay, so maybe you have damaged your spine permanently or something like that, but at least you are alive *thumbs up*

Cut to Akira and Motomi.

Pretty much, during this time, it’s Akira whining huzzah! emotion and Motomi saying how he is going to get Keisuke back – with his heart none the less *headdesk*

Motomi also says that he is going to get him, Keisuke and Rin out of Toshima since it is pretty much going to be a war ground sometime soon.

This scene ends with Motomi praying once again, with flashbacks with what I assume his kid asploding in his hands, saying how he is once again being tested.


The last scene of the episode is Akira and Keisuke facing each other. Misty grounds, suspenseful music and how he wanted to meet up with Keisuke.

End episode

Well now… it’s time for impressions (?)

The anime is going by slowly and I have the strongest feeling I’ve had in my gut since Kentucky fried chicken that this series is going to end very very soon.

I have to admit though, that at the end, and ONLY at the end of episode 8 that I get an idea of where this series is supposed to be going. I just don’t think I like where it is going. He needs to end up with Shiki, not Keisuke

I could be wrong though

I mean, they could like, completely ignore everything they managed to cover in this episode for like another 20 and have just one huge musical, random, mindfuck inbetween it all.


They could do that

I’d kill them

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