Tegami Bachi Reverse Ep. 1: I swear if there was anymore crying then they would drown the sea…

I like steam punk, I really do. Unfortunately, Tegami Bachi Reverse was the only steam punk airing this entire season. I did not enjoy the first season. But the way it ended off left me hoping that the second season might have some hope to being better than the first season. So, I decided to take up the attempt to watch the second season.

Much to my dismay.

Oh wai... hello there annoying crybaby whom has cursed me with your existence

I should honestly stop tormenting myself with these sort of series. Yes, I love steam punk. No, I do NOT like annoying crybabies who can do nothing more than CRY. I’mma gonna punch ’em all in the face one day…

Bitch this is MY letter naow >:D

The episode starts off with a recap of the last 5 MINUTES of the LAST EPISODE of LAST SEASON. Obviously the creator thought that, hey! Maybe if I add this clip in it will make people much less confused if this is their first time watching the series.




This type of thing never works. Never has and never will. No matter how many times people try to attempt it. No. Just no!

Well aren't you captain obvious, eh now?

If anything, these types of recaps only make the new viewers even more confused. Who the fuck is this guy (and that guy, or that guy)? The fuck is a Letter bee? The fuck is a Marauder? WHY THE FUCK WON’T THAT ANNOYING BRAT STOP CRYING?!!!! Seriously, it doesn’t work and this is only the first 5 minutes of the anime; I haven’t gotten even to the rest of the episode yet.

Dingo... the term always made me giggle

As for the rest of the episode. To put it into a nutshell… NOTHING HAPPENED! Quite honestly.

I was sitting there, staring at the screen the entire time waiting for something to happen, when in reality, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OCCURRED

The only thing, which I could clearly say happened is that Lag, the main character, spent the ENTIRE EPISODE crying like that crybaby that he is. Whining over not getting Gauche back (now known as Noir because Lawrence is a fucker that way) and how on earth is he going to break the news to Gauche’s sister Sylvette. Honestly, I was nearly hitting my head against the keyboard while watching this.

What is going on? Because I don't even know...

I can at least attempt to try and give the creator credit by hinting some form of idea as to what the main plot is going to be. But that attempt can be swiftly tossed out the window into a fiery pit of FAIL when they decide to put the main focus back on the ANNOYING FUCKING CRYBABY WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THIS SERIES!

Seriously, why don’t you please elaborate on this so called main plot so that the viewer is not left in a confused pit of of EPIC CONFUSION. Because hell, I have seen the first series and even I am confused! I’mma SERIOUSLY gonna punch you in the face with my RAGE fist.

With complete honesty I can say that the only reason I continued on watching this episode is because of the character of Niche. Lag’s dingo (A body guard who protects him from giant bugs on deliveries)

'I am getting sick and tired of your whining you fucker'

I can’t help but feel sorry for her after she was told that she was a useless Dingo to her master (I’m sorry… I just HAD to say that)

She spent the entire episode pondering on how to make things work and actually tried to cheer Lag up (an impossible feat, mind you). She was the only character this entire episode that actually tried to DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. Yet, her actions go ignored.

Unfortunately though, the creator decides to go back to that whiney brat of a main character and toss her under the boat. The bastard.

I could care less about how you are going to tell Sylvette about her brother and I swear, if I see one more tear fall from your eye I’mma gonna punch you in the face.

See?! Sylvette is happy, so why the fuck can't YOU be happy!?

Goddammit! Don't start crying again!

See?! Even SHE wants you to stop!

What? No. Why are YOU starting to cry too?!

The only way I can simply describe this episode is as one big cry fest.

Nothing happens except for the tears rolling out of people’s eyes as if their lives depended on it. That and me… hitting my head against the wall… CONSTANTLY!



Great. Now that we have come to that conclusion why don't we just shoot them BOTH in the head?!


Someone shoot me now. I don’t want to deal with this anymore. There is too much crying that it is FLOODING MY BRAIN. It’s not even tear jerking. Not even laugh ensuing. Just PLAIN ANNOYING!

So, after many god damn annoying tears later the story finally decides to continue. At the very end…




I swear, it’s almost as if undergarments is a theme this week. Is this supposed to be funny?! Actually, yes. Yes it is. THE ONLY REASON IT WORKS IS BECAUSE IT IS NICHE! Does this mean there will be some form of plot in the next episode.

Will something actually HAPPEN?!

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s to hoping that this series decides to get rid of the crybaby once and for all and actually get a main character who has some other form of character beside being a wallowing sack of shit.

This episode did not peak my interest AT ALL. I found it to be completely pointless in every way possible. Not ONE THING was clearly explained and it only left me raging in the end. Still… Might as well try and give it another go since I said I would =_= (shoot me please… better yet… DROWN ME IN THE SEA OF TEARS THAT WAS MADE BY THIS ONE EPISODE!)

Yep... here's to hoping for next week... not really.

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