Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru ep. 2: WTF!!!!!


I kinda got the feel of it as I saw the first episode of this show last week, however this week’s episode confirmed my thoughts from my first impression: This show is absolutely retarded. And yet, I still found some entertainment in watching it.The second episode begins at Arashiyama’s place, where she is lost deep in thought. We learn soon enough that she can’t stop thinking about her math teacher, Moriaki-sensei.


Wait. Waaaaaait. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?! HOW THE HELL DID THIS SHOW TURN OUT SO WEIRD?!?!?! I thought the teacher was just a random character included in this, WTF?! So now they’re going to add some teacher/student love?!


We then meet Arashiyama’s family, which consists of her little brother and even littler little sister. They argue a lot for a while, and then Arashiyama can’t stand this anymore and so she goes to the Maid café (In a very dramatic way when it doesn’t seem that dramatic) and joins Tatsuno, who only came in to see Sanada. Then follows a really weird conversation between those 2, which I think the first point of this was for it to be funny, and I did laugh, however it was more about how WTF this show was getting… Seriously…


Then Arashiyama is sent to the market in order to get potatoes and onions. She gets stopped on the way by a cop telling her she can’t ride a tiny electronic scooter without blinkers, license plate and a driver’s license (More like she bumps into his nuts with the scooter and then gets scolded). Then follows some more retarded scenes where Arashiyama confuses onions and carrots, where she puts arrows all around town to attract customers, where she does the Vulcan salute in order to also attract customers and where she fails completely at making an advertisement banner.

So basically, here’s what this show was about: Absolutely nothing. There is no plot, just some characters and Arashiyama as the biggest FAILURE of a main character I’ll ever see in my life. She just completely fails so miserably it’s sad. This show completely messed up my mind as I was wondering what the hell the point of it was. I believe it’s POSSIBLY a parody of normal Maid shows, however this is so messed up that I can’t even tell. So anyways, if I could describe the show in one word (and I can, because I’m writing this :P), it would be WTF (Which is technically 3 words… aw whatever :3). Seriously.


…WTF. The bear still didn’t make any sense. Same for the show. And the grandma giving curry to little kid Arashiyama and then making her pay for it by working for her. However, as weird as it was, that’s exactly what made me watch it completely and not be bored off my ass. It’s weirdness. My brain kinda got too numb out of wtfness and I actually enjoyed this episode.

…Seriously, WTF.


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