Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: Sweet Heavens I Think my Brain just Exploded

Even by just looking at the preview for this anime for the very first time, I didn’t have high standards for it. In fact, I had it set in my mind that even if it were a do or die situation I would NEVER even take a peek at this anime. Never say never though. This didn’t stop me, however, from having MY MIND SHATTER INTO LITTLE ITTY BITTY PIECES JUST FROM LOOKING AT THE OPENING!!!

Seriously, the opening credits, with a theme song which could be considered somewhat catchy if you were into that kind of music, like any opening credits were there as an introduction to the main characters. Panty. And Stocking… What? Clearly this person was on something when he made this. Did he just have a kinky obsession with two out of the three powerpuff girls or something?

Eva: When Moe told called me on Skype and went, I quote: “btw i just watched that panty and stocking thing” her answer was, “the shiiiittt?” Then because she watched it, I watched it, and we watched it together while on Skype and the first thing I said was, “WTF IS THIS SHIT?” Really. I mean my god, what the hell is this!? Like she said in the above, Bubbles version of a Slut, Buttercup a gothic-emo-ilovesweetssomuchthatiwouldmarryitallthatshit made my brain melt. No scratch that, my brain EXPLODED. I was utterly disturbed by how perverted and just dirty the first 10 minutes of the episode was. In fact, I couldn’t keep watching. I looked at her and said, “I CAN’T WATCH ANYMORE OF THIS FAIL!”

Seriously though, this is like a whole new version of porn. Boys and girls, if you are extreme perverts who loves smutty powerpuff girls? This is the show of the season for you! No matter how much fail there is in the plot. As long as their are sexual intentions and whores, angels strip dancing – you will be able to tolerate it.

Wait... when they say excretion?

Moe: So finally the actual episode starts up and immediately I am given the vibes of the old school cartoon from my child hood that I know and love and am able to play it’s theme song in my sleep. The City of Daten: cursed by evil, don’t really know it’s happening, could give two shits that it is happening to be more precise and there are two girls whom come to save the day. What? Why not three, since you’re already trying to rip off the art style and the basic idea of it all so you might as well go for the full fucking monty!

It’s a bright sunny day and everything seems to be going fine and dandy as the camera rolls from the sinful city up a hill, to house where…


So it seems that the creator, much to my skeptical beliefs has been influenced by more than just the Powerpuff Girls themselves. Lets see how many more shows he will rip off; so far the count is 2.

Anyways, back to the the more important stuff at hand: house on hill, where our main characters are woken up by the calls of a siren? of some sort.

Frankly, there were many points where I just wanted to rage quit this episode here and now. Yet, just by looking at them, however slutty they are, I got the feeling that this anime might not be just some plain old rip off (LIES!) Give every anime a chance I say, by doing that at least I would be able to say that I have watched it and have a valid reason as to whether I enjoy it or not.

I suppose that I should take this opportunity to introduce you all to the two main characters of this series. Panty and Stocking. Two angels who were sent to this city in order to rid it of all it’s demons, when in reality, they are both shitty angels whom have really bad behavior. Panty is a sex addict who will pounce on the closest man possible, while Stocking, whom by observation, has much more logic that Panty but has a sweet tooth the size of Kentucky which I guess caused her a little bit of problems in heaven…

Or maybe it was her gothic sense of fashion that got her kicked out... I don't know...

The story progresses and the plot is soon figured out…

Wooo some form of plot!! (Fail?)

I’m sorry, but if this is the plot, is there really much more that needs to be explained? Clearly we all know that this is going to involve some sort of shit demon, or toilet demon or whatever other TOILET JOKE demon this creator may be pulling out of their ass. I don’t know whether to think that this show is meant for those who are simple minded or for perverts who find this sort of stuff kinky. The only thing that I can conclude however, is the fact that they have absolutely no sense of maturity whatsoever within their little, microscopic cerebral cortex.

Gaaaahhh! Why why whhhhyyyy???!!!

Much of my ranting aside, the plot does go on, after much sex and sweets talk later, and we are finally introduced to the main villain of this episode. The shit monster. The soul of a plumber who was drowned when he was fixing a toilet; as revenge, he came back as a demon and has decided to NOM on any human being who is trying to take a shit. The only way they came to care about this shit? Panty was eaten by a toilet… Talk about self centered, selfish humanoids who could care less about society and more about themselves.

Uhmm since when did this anime become a bishojo anime?

Here we see their true forms and their abilities at hand; if it wasn’t clear by now that they are angels, the big shiny wings and the halos most definitely give it away. That and the COMPLETELY POINTLESS PRETTY SHOJO SCENE WHICH FOR GOD KNOWS WHY REASONS IT WAS PUT INTO THERE!!!!

Oh soo that's why...

What? Even Stocking too? *cries*

So as it turns out Panty’s panties turn into a gun and Stocking’s stocking turns into a katana…

I quit

I just do

I’ve had it

Clearly this creator was on something special when he came up with this. I mean, how else would he come up with such retarded ideas that were obviously just perverted spin offs of the child hood cartoons that I KNOW AND LOVE! It just goes to show that anything will be turned into an anime nowadays. If it can be drawn and animated then, hey! Let’s make it into an anime. NO! That shouldn’t be allowed, not even if it were to save the world, nothing like this should EVER BE MADE!!

Yes... Yes Chowder ripoff, I agree with you completely.

So finally this chapter comes to an end, and I can finally go to sleep at night scared for life at the episode I just saw…

It wasn’t over…

There was another half to this shit

I wanted to cry.

Okay, I have to admit, the second part of this episode was not as disturbing or as mind fucking as the first part and I actually found it somewhat enjoyable to watch. The context was simple. Destroy the evil soul of a demon who possesses vehicles because he likes to go fast. Person died in a car crash, so his soul comes back for his need for speed.

Of course, that does not stop the retarded, perverted antics that come with this show.

This episode, even though they could obviously be perceived as perverted innuendos, actually had some form of a ‘moral’ to it.


For me, the second part of the first episode was much more memorable than the first part could ever be. I think it was actually a test, to see how much patience the viewers had in them in order to survive through stupidity and get to something that was actually much more hilarious, enjoyable and easier to watch. I think it was also thanks to this episode that I learned how much I enjoyed the character of Bubbles Panty in this anime.

I wish our roads were like that...

Yes, it still has the Powerpuff-esque vibe to it, and yes, it is still perverted. But this story actually rolls on much faster than the first part ever did. That and the chase scene is hilarious AND epic. Mind you I did catch quite a few old school movie/cartoon jokes, but they were forgiving.

Why is it the more I watch her, the more I love her?

There is a car chase through a mall. A truck chase on the highway. And lastly, there is a train chase through the city. Epic? I’ll let you decide. Like I said, this story is much more fast paced than the first part and has many more enjoyable scenes to boot.

Seriously... She's awesome!

See?! Badass!

Like with the first story, they end up defeating the demon and saving his soul. Many more morals innuendos than the first story had, but they were able to do it in a more classy way, and able to show us more of the character at the same time. My only complaint about this story is that why couldn’t there be more chase scenes? More? I want more!

My overall impression of this anime is a rather difficult one to come too. The first story I despised with a passion and I was 100% sure that I would not be able to stand it anymore after it was over. It took me a lot of will power just to click the part two button on the website to watch the second part. I was very glad that I did.

First story aside, this story had much more enjoyable comedy than the first one had, and I was actually glad that the creator decided to show more to the character’s personality than what he did within the first story. Yes, Panty is a sex addict, but she is also quite the badass who maybe, if I continue to watch this series, may become one of my personal favorite characters from a series.

This does not excuse all the cartoon ripoffs… no matter how epic.

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