Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 14: The House with the Wisteria Family Crest

I know over the top reactions are normal in anime, and I know you can’t avoid slapstick comedy in shounens, you can’t really tear them away from each other. The slapstick butter to its shounen bread. However, I don’t think having an entire episode dedicated to comedy and yelling is a good idea. I thought last week’s episode was the weakest, but I think this episode was much worse.

The first part with the hand-to-hand combat between Tanjiro and Inosuke was pretty fluid so at least that was fun to watch. And through that fight, we were able to see the real identity of Inosuke. Not going to lie, I absolutely wasn’t expecting him to have an incredibly girly face. It does not match his annoying and violent personality, or his boar image. Or…muscles. Very strange.

With him getting knocked out, the rest of the gang bury the corpses from the house. Inosuke continues to make a racket and tries to pick a fight with Tanjiro, but Tanjiro is just too pure and sweet. The rest of the episode Inosuke tries to provoke him, only to keep failing. It’s hilarious and kind of annoying that he even forgot why Tanjiro got mad in the first place, which was related to the box and his cowardly treatment of Zenitsu. To which he doesn’t even apologize for. Jerk.

Once they’re done burying the corpses, Tanjiro’s crow leads them down the mountain. We finally get to say goodbye to the siblings, the poor things going through so much with these bumbling demon hunters, and the demons themselves. The crow leads the boys to a house with a wisteria crest, where they will be treated for their injuries. Turns out they all have broken ribs and then some, and the whole time it’s just the boys hanging out, freaking out, yelling and such. Nothing too special, and not funny for me. The only highlight of the episode was seeing Nezuko again after awhile. I love her.

People have mentioned that stuff from the manga doesn’t necessarily translate well into anime, and for this particular show it’s definitely the comedy. Maybe it’s because I’m getting too old for this (I don’t like saying that…), but I just wasn’t a fan of the comedy in this episode at all. The jokes fell flat and I simply don’t like Inosuke right now, which doesn’t even help. But also because this being an anime, and anime has voice acting, the episode just felt like a competition of who could yell the loudest. If I were to read these chapters in the manga, I don’t think I would have loved it but I would have found it a lot more tolerable (especially since I’m a fast reader). In anime form….eh, not as much.

Well, I look forward to the next arc though I’m not sure how I’m going to like the dynamic among the trio plus Nezuko. I think I had more fun with the show when it was just the siblings but I hope my opinion changes.


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  1. Thong Do says:

    Next week we gonna have a new OP ( actually the same song but with new visual). Probably see an old character return. The next arc( probably start next ep too) is where the manga really pick up steam and while it not the best arc, it still among the top 3.

    I don’t know why but the fact that Inosuke just robbed a trainee demon hunter, learn about the demons and go to the final selection just make me laugh everytime. And they let him in too. Also don’t worry about Inosuke, Tanjirou probably the only shounen MC i know that don’t have a rival, Inosuke more like Tanjirou little brother than his rival.

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