Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 107

Goodness, I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but everyone are dropping like flies!  Poor Spectre, he was defeated off-screen, which is a shame for those of us who wished to see him duel again. It always makes me sad to see them bench a fascinating character! What a waste! But he and Faust weren’t the only ones who fell today. Blood Shepherd and Emma were defeated by Robopoppi, something I wasn’t entirely certain how it would play out. Their loss ended in dramatic fashion with Blood Shepherd throwing himself in front of Emma to take the hit, when both of them were due to fall anyways. Well this wouldn’t be the first time he done that for her, but considering we really haven’t had the chance to actually see them flesh out their relationship as sibling, it makes their interactions when they fall extra cheesy. (Also: Akira had me cracking up real good when he commented about the importance of “bonds” in tag-duels!)

Nonetheless, I did enjoy the overall interaction between them and Robopoppi throughout the duel. Emma definitely had a soft-spot for Robopoppi, thinking he was cute because how could you not— until you remember he has concluded Humanity must be purged. Actually speaking of which, there was a number of times when I couldn’t help but cheer for Robopoppi— I mean, how can you not?! HE’S SO CUTE! THE DESTINY DRAW, ALSO HIS DUEL-DISK IS HOMAGE TO HIS ORIGINAL FORM! I CAN’T! How is it possible to be cute and terrifying at the same time? Well at least he wasn’t full blown ‘evil’, Robopoppi hilariously was touched by the way Blood Shepherd and Emma reached out to each other! Even though Robopoppi has come to an alarming conclusion, his overall enthusiastic energy is contagious and it’s part of what makes his character so freaking endearing.

Then comes along Onizuka VS Ai. We learned that Onizuka has removed the A.I. Chip (THANK GOD), and recognized it was the wrong decision when he woke up to see the children crying around him. [Rolls Eyes] And thanks to them, he was able to rediscover himself. And since he has returned to his roots with the Gouki deck and it’s probably safe to say he is back to his “true self” for once and for all.

That being said, I have not forgiven him for killing Earth. (AND SHUT UP PANDOR, EARTH WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED! IT’S NOT THE SAME AS BEING ABSORBED!)

But what I did find interesting however was the manner of how Ai has shown “respect” to Onizuka for who he is now, as opposed to who he has been. He said he likes Onizuka’s style, and because of that he has become an opponent worth crushing, but mind you it sounds more about Ai saying will have more fun beating him up one-sidedly because Onizuka has sorted his shit out.

Now with Emma and Blood Shepherd’s defeat, as I touched on last week, it makes me wonder how long everyone is going to be out for. Pretty much in a span of two episodes, the team Akira as brought together is in shambles. Yuusaku, Takeru, Ryoken, Aoi and Akira are the only ones left with Onizuka due for his inevitable fall. I am starting to wonder if we are even going to see Akira and Aoi duel at this rate, and if they do, will they actually tag-duel? Akira may have thought of fighting Ai alone, but given how much Aoi has grown and earned his respect, I imagine he would let her partner up with him. But ugh, now I am starting a bit worried about how this all plays out for Aoi if everyone who falls in this battle is put into a coma…

The preview seems to indicate a potential new development with Pandor (in-person) approaching Ai with what looks to be data of a sort. He looks surprised yet guarded, which makes me wonder if that’s Akira’s “key” he was given responsibility to protect. It would be insane if she had secretly taken it from him and is actually handing it to Ai! Perhaps she decided on her own, given the circumstances, Akira should just give it up to spare anymore losses so they could retreat and fight another day. Or maybe its an Anti-Ignis trap, that is supposed to destroy him in a manner like the time Ryoken had almost killed Windy. But Ai obviously doesn’t trust her (and neither would I), so I imagine he would be reluctant to take up the offer if it was presented to him.

This also makes me wonder if it’s possible for Pandor to actually switch sides. It’s something that could work one way or another since her character has a lot choices of which path she could take. There is the option of Betrayal, something Ryoken had insisted he programmed to ensure that wouldn’t happen, working as a double-agent by attempting to gain Ai’s trust as a fellow “A.I.” and then wait for the prime opportunity to strike. (Though one could argue she sort of blew that chance when she commented on how Earth’s demise was 100% guaranteed anyways— which really got under Ai’s skin!) And there is of course also the opportunity of screwing over both parties, but it’s too soon to say if she would go down that path.

PSA: THERE IS NO NEW EPISODE NEXT WEEK! Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS will be back on July 3rd! 


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10 Responses

  1. Kazanova says:

    Yeah, Roboppi is super cuteee!!! But I noticed a few moments his expression turned more serious that reminded me of another cute blue haired midget from Arc-V that worries me. If Roboppi is going to make the same evil faces as Sora in future episode…oh, I don’t want to imagine that. I want him to stay cute like this! (TT_TT)

    The way Blood Shepherd and Ghost Girl disappeared is rather chessy indeed, but I don’t hate it. This is the very first time their sibling love is shown very clearly. Blood Shepherd, when you thanked Emma for freeing you from prison of hatred, you’re referring your hatred for A.I, your deceased father, or both? Anyway, I’m touched by your act despite the cliche.

    Judging from the situation, I’m gonna bet that Ai will keep his words and beat up Go one-sidedly, and I don’t mind at all. Go, I’m glad you have learned your lesson for good, but that doesn’t mean I have forgiven you for Earth’s demise. Too bad that we gotta wait for two weeks until we’ll know how Go will be defeated. Ai is also making a bit sadistic face during the Battle Phase. I wo dr if we’re going to see Ai making sadistic faces like Sora and Yuri too in later episodes…(>_<)

    And then Pandor. If she becomes enemy, I hope she switch side and not being reprogrammed by Ai or the sort because it would be less interesting that way. And despite Revolver having installed the program that will delete mindset that humans are enemies from Pandor, it’s still possible to make her enemies of humanity. Revolver’s program will automatically delete Pandor’s thoughts if she starts to view human as enemies. But I think it’s possible for Pandor to betray them without viewing humans as enemies. For example, she thinks that Ai’s goal will benefit for humanity, and while doing so she believes herself to be ally of humanity and doing this for their sake even if she must fight them. If Pandor considers herself that way, that means she doesn’t think of them as enemies and therefore Revolver’s program can’t do anything about it.

    I’m guessing that the only ones who’ll survive would be Playmaker, Soulburner, Blue Maiden, Revolver, and Kusanagi. The reason is maybe the OP forboded this outcome. First it shows everyone in real life but then changes to only the five of them in their avatars.

    • Eva says:

      //If Roboppi is going to make the same evil faces as Sora in future episode…oh, I don’t want to imagine that. I want him to stay cute like this! (TT_TT)//

      Ai definitely had a hint of sadistic expressions growing this episode with Onizuka, so I am half expecting to see a few when he crushes him. It doesn’t look like the duel is going to last long, if anything it’ll only be half an episode like it was for this one. The preview really focuses a lot on the other development afterwards.

      Agree, I suspect Pandor is smart enough to find a loophole in Ryoken’s set-up, especially if it lies in interpretation. I don’t think Ai will reprogram her, I suspect she herself will evolve on her own and become a force to be reckoned with.

      • Kazanova says:

        Roboppi is still a child as he look like. He’s still innocent in a way and immature. It shouldn’t be so difficult to influence him, swaying him to change his mind about humans. Yusaku, do something about your house robot, don’t just too focusing on Ai!

        I’m betting that Ai will thoroughly strikes down Go but the latter keep stand up again and again fighting hard (in vain) until Ai finally deliver the finishing blow. Will Ai grin so sadistically and even let out an evil laugh? If he does, Ai might as well becoming Lightning number 2…NO!

        And I noticed the way Ghost Girl and the others diseappearing is more horrible. In the previous episode, Baira and Genome simply disappeared into particles of data, but here, everyone is covered by purplish black smoke. I wonder if they’re in coma im real life. I hope not because the case of ‘falling into coma in real life and then revived in the end’ thing has been repeatedly used in Season 1 and Season 2. If they’re usingnit again in this Season… I hope the writers thought up something new…please…

  2. ecarg312 says:

    Each episode, the hope that I have that the other LIV will play a role in this season slowly diminishes. It’s saddening. I really hoped they would be important but no, Specter has to lose off-screen. -_-

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think this duel was rather…underwhelming. Like the ending was rather abrupt? Like, I wanted more but it got cut off so quickly. I do like how they did tag duels, not gonna lie. The ending of the Roboppi duel was cheesy but I do like seeing sibling bonds so I felt a bit sad. (Also, if you listen in deeply, you can hear the sounds of the writers cackling as they cross out BS and GG off of their “Suffering Siblings In VRAINS” list. They’re aiming for the Zaizens next).

    Go vs Ai, I particularly care little for Go so I don’t really care if he loses. Ai gets more @Ignister monsters, though. I’m curious on what his Water and Earth monsters will take the form of.

    • Eva says:

      I agree, I too found their duel ended rather abruptly.
      LMFAOOOOOOOO. IKR? Tear all the siblings apart! Pray they spare Jin and Kusanagi this time!!!!

    • Kazanova says:

      I agree with how the duel ends. It does feel abrupt to me. I think it would have been better if the episode is full focused on the second part of this duel. But the writers sure wants the plot running quicker so they end it with this.

      The Earth @Ignister monster is already shown in the preview, so that leaves the Water monster left. And I notice in the preview, the Earth @Ignister has what looks like Crystal Heart if you look closely! (^w^)

  3. Moonflower157 says:

    Yeah, I had a feeling Roboppy had a sadistic side despite his cute and innocent childish personality. You saw those looks on his face. They were so reminiscent of Sora from Arc-V. He’s seriously been corrupted by Ai. I can’t believe all those shenanigans that they did behind Yusaku’s back turned out to have more of a hidden meaning than all of us thought. Back then, I thought it was just played for laughs. But I was wrong. It’s now so hard to watch any Ai and Roboppy scenes from previous episodes now knowing that they end up becoming the villains for season 3. Roboppy turned out to be a pretty good duelist. I’m guessing he was probably trained by Ai and was maybe told some of Team Playmaker’s weaknesses too. After all, Ai knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and can now use those weaknesses against them as a villain.

    I’m not sure if I was a fan of how Ghost Girl and Blood Shepherd were erased after being defeated by Roboppy. It was slightly cliched, but still touching nonetheless. Even Roboppy was touched to see them try to reach out for each other. That’s the power of the bond of siblings. I know Blue Maiden and Akira will probably have a tag duel against Ai. I’m sure the Zaizen siblings will probably use what they’ve learned from watching Ghost Girl and Blood Shepherd and try to understand each other’s decks. I know it’s pretty predictable, but I think Ai is gonna defeat Blue Maiden and Akira. The question is, will Ai decide to spare Blue Maiden? She was Aqua’s chosen human partner when Miyu was comatose. I mean, in the opening, there’s only the main trio, Revolver, and Kusanagi depicted in Link VRAINS. The 5 of them seem to be the only ones left that can help defend Akira against Ai.

    Overall, for Ai’s character, I’m finding myself sympathizing with him more than disliking or hating him. I can understand that he’s been through a lot. He might be a villain right now, but he seems to be a tragic character too. I can’t blame him for getting angry at Pandor saying that she doesn’t understand anything. He’s persuaded himself that Earth could have been saved and that his death would have never happened had Go not defeated him. I do admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for Ai. He was so funny in seasons 1 and 2 and made me laugh a lot. And this soft spot only increased after seeing Ai’s handsome human form. He’s probably the first time I’ve actually crushed on an anime villain. I feel kinda guilty admitting that. He’s pretty charismatic too and I’ll bet he’ll convince Pandor to join him in exchange for giving more free will, kinda like the way he persuaded Roboppy back in episode 3. I’ll be honest, but I’ve never trusted Pandor. She has that evil look on her face in the opening too which means she could turn against Revolver soon enough.

    Despite my soft spot for Ai, I’m quite disappointed in how he chose to continue Lightning’s mission of killing off humans. He’s seriously becoming more like Lightning with every episode. His sadistic side is really showing now. By the way, did you hear Ai evilly laugh when Dark Templar wasn’t destroyed but Master Ogre was? That really sent shivers down my spine, especially when we know that Ai was once Yusaku’s partner. I had a prediction Ai was gonna evilly laugh soon and I was right. I’m sure we’ll hear that evil laughter again when he defeats the Zaizen siblings in a tag duel.

    As for Go, I do agree with you that it was about time Go realized his mistakes. At least he’s taking responsibility for it and wants to make amends. That’s pretty mature and takes a lot to do. I’m kinda glad to see the Go from season 1 return for season 3. He’s not really a main character anymore. He’s been demoted to supporting character. We know Soulburner took his spot on the main trio. Too bad we know he’ll get defeated next episode in two weeks. Although for me, that doesn’t change the fact that he was power-hungry and played a part in Earth’s death. I kinda wish Ai would defeat him.

    These are smaller things I noticed about the episode, but did you notice that Roboppy’s duel disk is not only shaped like his old head, but also changes facial expressions to reflect Roboppy’s emotions? That was so adorable!

  4. TFL says:

    Someone else had pointed it out, on reddit but the op kinda gave away who is surviving this initial skurmish😅. The opening title card transitioned from a full shot of every member of Team Akira in civilian garb, to just Playmaker, Blue maiden, soulburner, revolver and Kusanagi in Net Avatar form. No real surprises but I guess Akira isn’t surviving this….

    • Eva says:

      It’s okay don’t worry about it! :) Comments here go through moderation by default, so until someone is around to approve it sometimes it can sit around for bit.

      Yeah there’s no way Akira gonna survive this hahaha!

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