Kono Oto Tomare Episode 11

Man! It’s easy to lose track of time, because here we are, we’re already diving into the Traditional Music Competition!

The first half of the episode focused on the last bit of the training camp, which was fluffy and super satisfying to watch with how much everyone has collectively improved. It was fun to see everyone jumping at Takinami for advice ever since he had successfully helped Kota learn how to understand and follow a rhythm. The most hilarious part was how when he intended to throw Chika bone to get him off his back by telling him to “trust your partner”, which Chika of course- being the simple-minded soul he is got something out of it. And lo and behold, it was actually useful advice. He and Takezou were able to successful synchronize with each other, and there is no words to describe the feelings they felt when they finally got it right. There is nothing more rewarding than to overcome a challenge and have a stunning result. Kota also got to experience the same when he was able to follow and keep up with the rhythm. I am so proud of him! It was also so incredibly sweet to see Hiro give him some words of encouragement before they began. Ugh, I just love how they support each other so much!

With the duets coming together, it was finally time to start making the piece sound like an actual song. Their job was to figure out how to make the koto sing, by understanding the meaning behind the piece of Kuon. Kota was the one who was able to sum up the piece very well, by describing how this moment they are in, is amazing and so much fun, yet fleeting. It’s a moment they wish could last forever, and I couldn’t agree more.

We were able to get a snippet of Kuon today, by hearing some of their progress, and I said it last week and I’ll say it again: I AM SO GLAD THEY ARE FINALLY DOING THIS! Better late than never! It just makes the experience a lot more wholesome.

But that wasn’t the only piece we got to hear today! The second half of the episode was the start of the Traditional Music Competition, with thirty-three schools participating. It is quickly revealed why their club is such an oddity, given that 80-90% of Koto Clubs in fact consists are made of girls, so its an understatement why Kiryu celebrated seeing a club that consists a majority of boys for an exchange.

We also got to hear their one of their fellow competitors, one of them being Meiryo (Kiryu’s school), the group they didn’t get to hear at the joint-practice because they had arrived late. Although neither Meiryo and Himesaka won the Nationals that had just concluded not to long ago, both schools were placed in the top four. And we got to get a taste of why that is, starting with Meiryo kicking off the competition! And boy are they a force to be reckoned with! They performed Hyakkafu, a difficult and technical four seasons piece. The performance was gorgeous, piercing and even chilling (particularly the winter season). Through that, we got to see a bit of Kiryu’s backstory, of how he has developed the ability of being able to successfully pull all the sounds together and lead them.

Kiryu is someone who is afraid of being left alone. When he was young, he had poor health and it was difficult to play with the others kids and make friends until a new girl, Asano befriends him and introduces him to the Koto School. The two of them are tightly-knitted, and she remained unfazed when others started bullying her for being friends with him. Kiryu however on the other hand was terrified and it hurt him. It’s what shaped him into who he is today. To become stronger, he started to pay close attention to other’s behaviours and developed the ability to get a read on them. At some point along the lines, it played a part in helping him hear others’ respective sounds, so that’s why he is able to lead an ensemble so well. It is something that Satowa lacks and concerns her, as she is the one with the most experience, and yet she feels helpless with leading the group.

Speaking of Satowa, as someone who is well versed with music, she has her suspicions that Club Advisor Takinami has more musical experience than he lets on— even though he straight up denies having any to begin with. She also gave him a piece of her mind by shutting him up with how he is underestimating the group. Seriously, he just keeps going on and on how they are just going to lower her level, I don’t really get the point of him doing that other than being a prick. Everyone is is all fired up, motivated and having fun, and yet here despite all that, he continues being a mood-killer (though at this point, everyone is pretty much ignoring him haha)!

Last but not least, we got some fun fluff this Satowa accidentally tripping into Chika’s arms. Girl is blushing hard, and Chika just quietly thinks to himself that he made her embarrassed because he might’ve brushed her chest a bit by accident when he caught her! GOD HOW CAN HE BE SO PURE! I CAN’T! (Also the fan blowing their hair was a great bonus effect!) Hiro and Takezou also has fluttering feelings in the air with Hiro just being happy to be thanked for her actions, probably something she hasn’t experienced in a long time given the kind of shit she was doing for a while.

With only two episodes to go, we’re in for a musical treat! Hoping to see them finish this cour on a high note!



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