Carole & Tuesday Episode 9: Dancing Queen

Here we have the second round of the Mars Brightest competition from the second bracket. The episode, just like the one before, showed us the performances from the two rounds. Round 1 was between GGK and the Mermaid Sisters, while Round 2 was the most awaited one between Cybelle and Angela. The results….were expected.


  • Honestly…what can I say? What could I possibly say to even tell you what the hell happened? I’m not even sure how these two acts made it into the top 8? GGK’s performance wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something I could get into. She was definitely more on the experimental side and she gave off a very mysterious and kinda trippy vibe. It was a very unique performance, and it was fine. The Mermaid Sisters gave off quite the impression with just their appearances, announcing to all that they’re agender mermaids. Fine, sure. It was kind of funny seeing the three of them in the wigs and dresses and the one without (but with matching pink shorts). Their song…took me completely by surprise. At first I was just as dumbfounded as the other characters but then I broke into laughter. It’s even more hilarious that their Fucking Bullshit song had great harmonies between them, but it was the lyrics themselves that screwed them over. But I had a laugh. The judge stopped them, gave the win to GGK, and the Mermaid Sisters went on a rampage…………….Ok.


  • Angela’s win wasn’t a surprise at all, but it’s disappointing. While I hate Cybelle, her performance was the best one of this episode but because of plot reasons, Angela won. Cybelle had a lot of presence and a cool vibe, turning heads with her French song and her declaration of beauty and wanting to achieve this beauty. It was pretty cool. Angela came on stage and was met with applause but skepticism by the judges as she’s known as a model. But singing her complete rendition of Move Mountains, she wowed the judges and proved she’s not some model doing some singing on the side. She has the talent and changed their perception of her. She won easily. I never was a fan of Move Mountains. It sounds like any other generic pop song you would hear on the radio, autotune and all. Nothing impressive, I would have given Cybelle the vote even though I hate her guts, but…oh well.

This means that in the next round in each brackets semi-finals, we’ll be seeing Carole & Tuesday vs. Pyotr, and GGK vs. Angela. I can already see what the finals are going to be unless the show wants to surprise me and have our girls lose, because I honestly don’t think they stand a chance against Pyotr.

Cybelle was a huge problem this episode. She’s absolutely disgusting and creepy, and unfortunately Tuesday is too nice and weak to deal with a person like her. Cybelle is obviously messed up in the head, ignoring Carole’s presence and not too far from her, asking Tuesday if she’d like to make a duo with her. She constantly hugs her without her permission, but Tuesday was stupid enough to give her one when asked, and she ended up getting bitten. That’s a huge red flag and I’m glad Tuesday was able to realize that this wasn’t okay and turned her down at the end. But her reaction makes me really nervous, and I don’t think that this is going to be the last time we see her. She’s the type of person that you need to watch out for because they could easily get violent and do something crazy, and I’m just scared for the girls, mostly Tuesday.

Tao finally makes his appearance but his attention was mostly towards CandT rather than Angela, and the fact that they write their own songs intrigues him. We’ll see how this meeting plays into the girls’ journey later on.

I didn’t expect for this Mars Brightest arc to keep going but it looks like it might takes another two episodes at least for it to come to an end. I’m not totally enjoying the arc to be honest. I feel like it’s brought the show to a standstill, and the competition itself perplexes me. How in the hell did the Mermaid Sisters even make it into the top 8 if they were singing those kinds of songs? Honestly, they weren’t bad, but how did those metal grandpas make it too? They both seem like the joke acts that you would see in the beginning of these talent shows that would get kicked off immediately, but instead it’s happening in the top 8 of this competition? Is…is there really no talent on Mars? Is this really it? I find it hard to believe. The judges themselves are mostly whatever, though the forced comedy and jokes are awkward and don’t really land. I was looking forward to the Mars Brightest competition, but I’m mostly a bit disappointed and bored by it and kind of wish it would finish already so the show can pick up the pace again. :/

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