Midara na Ao chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Episodes 4 and 5 – Hitting us up with the drama

Y’all need to get together now!!!

Songs that go perfect with this: Right Thru Me by Nicki Minaj and Trip to Mars by DJ Arix

In episode 4, they introduce Miyabi as a child who used to be her friend in elementary and was her support while everyone was bullying her. But this time, Miyabi is out for blood, she is in love with Kijima and she really wants him. Well, all the girls really want him to be honest. Let’s be real.

People always take love for granted and then they regret at their lost chances. Same with me. I’ve made some mistakes with the way I say things. That’s what your girl Horie is doing. She kinda likes him now but she is being a tsundere and not admitting it. AND THAT MAKES ME UPSET MAN.

The dad is even seeing it and he trying to help in his weird way XD by semi-tricking Miyabi into following his romance book written under a female name. He even sets Horie up in the haunted house maze, but that doesn’t go well because they have a conversation that seemed like a fight. Horie totally fucked that up man, but not being specific that she was with hanging with her dad or she was just being a tsundere. Hey I can’t tell man. The dad be trying mad hard.

I know Horie hates her dad because she was bullied alot because of him in high school, I feel that. But I feel like he trying to help in this special way because he knows she likes that boy and he wants her to experience more things rather than studying AND HE WANTS HER TO HAVE FRIENDS!! YITE!

Eek, these episodes got me so salt man, but I still like the show because it isn’t like Hell Girl. Hell Girl does everyone dirty for like 10 episodes in a row for no reason. Don’t get me started on the shit man

And the fact that they are both virgins. EEEEE, that means they can share a moment together. Horie thought he slept with a bunch of girls, but he hasn’t. I was surprised, tho. I thought he had sex with some other girl he didn’t like and then he realized he really liked Horie. I was clearly wrong.

Also, why did Horie run away because she was ashamed that she was a virgin and she went to Miyabi too. Just why…. That doesn’t even make any sense. Why run to the bitch who doesn’t like you?

Also, 2 virgins in bed sounds interesting. Just saying. Nobody ever wants a virgin in bed for some reason. But let me answer that. But you also don’t want your first time to be bad, so that is why people want experience. But some people who have experience are fuckin garbage. Luckily, I haven’t experienced that yet, tho. I also don’t want Kijima to get trash at sex and ruin Horie’s experience of sex. Sex has to be decent the first time, so you don’t hate it.

I want those 2 to have a relationship, but at the same time I want them to have sex. I think sex is an integral part of a relationship, but hey I’m actual last person you should ask for relationship advice. Ask my cousin, my friends, and my stepmom. Oh no…

Look my biweekly post next week y’all. I’m excited!


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