Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 5: My Own Steel

After an exciting episode last week, we take time to slow down once again. As hard as he tries, Tanjiro can’t make any kind of conversation with a demon so his journey of turning Nezuko back into a demon remains difficult. After Tanjiro slayed the arm demon, we were able to see who exactly he was before he became a demon. I’ll say this again, it’s amazing how much empathy Tanjiro shares towards the demons. While he fell into a bit of a rage, he can still feel sorry for it. And because he slayed this demon, Sabito, Makomo, and the many other children that fell victim to the arm demon were all able to finally pass on. Seeing all the children together was incredibly emotional but thanks to Tanjiro, they could move on peacefully.

Plot wise, Tanjiro survived Final Selection along with three other kids. A girl with a butterfly, the nervous blonde boy, and Bakugou a kid with a scar on his face. He makes a commotion with wanting a sword, grabbing the head of the white-haired girl…who I think is a doll because characters like her and her sister usually are. Tanjiro steps in and almost crushes his arm so he could back off and I love it! Tanjiro is just a good kid with a good heart, but still very capable. Thankfully nothing too crazy broke out in this scene. Moving on, the girls explain to the survivors that they will start off at the lowest ranks, they will choose their ore for their sword and won’t receive it until much later. Tanjiro is able to pick one out from the scent and we don’t get to see his sword until the very end of the episode.

My favorite part of the episode definitely had to be the reunion. Tanjiro limps back home and right when he makes it, Nezuko kicks down the door and steps out. She runs over to him and embraces him. The waterworks start and in the back stands Urokodaki. He drops the logs and walks over to them both and joining the hug, crying tears of joy that he was able to come home. Finally, for the first time in a long time one of Urokodaki’s pupils came back home in one piece. It was such a sweet scene, where I didn’t cry but still got emotional. This anime can get really sad and intense so it’s nice to get happy moments like this.

We still don’t really get what happened with Nezuko, but Urokodaki gives a guess. Maybe because she’s not feeding like how demons usually are, she’s replenishing her energy by sleeping. Which is good for them both but still really concerning. Does it mean that she’ll randomly go back into a deep sleep one day? For how long? Will it happen a lot? I’m also worried because I don’t know how she’ll be a character in this story, unless she’s done enough sleeping and will stay awake the rest of the show. I mean…two years is a long time.

At the end, someone comes over and brings Tanjiro his sword. The man expected the sword to turn red because of his red hair and eyes, being a child of the sun. But instead it turned black. They didn’t really explain what that meant but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. And that’s when he finally gets his first assignment from a messenger crow. In a village, young girls are mysteriously disappearing. He’s to go to the village and kill the demon responsible for these disappearances as his first assignment as a demon slayer. Very exciting!

I really liked this episode. It had a lot of good emotional moments, and I’m really interested to see the rest of the demon slayers later on. The blonde is a nervous wreck and believes he’s going to die any time now….yikes. Funny how he got a messenger sparrow. The girl is cute but very mysterious, and I’m not a fan of the other boy but still want to see what kind of character he’ll be. Don’t know how soon we’ll see them, but I’m excited to see how Tanjiro will do on his first assignment!

He has interesting hair.


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  1. Thong Do says:

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    The black hair creepy kid is actually a boy. It just Japanese tradition to dress younger boy as girl to ward off evil spirit.

  2. TheJolteonMaster says:

    Bakugo lmao.

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