Bungou Stray Dogs s3 – Episode 5

This episode is pure fluff. It’s the wind down between one large battle for the Armed Detective agency to the next large battle.

The episode can basically be split into 2 parts, part 1. The lowscale attack of the coffee shop under the Armed Detective Agency by a group of thugs.
part 2. Atsushi and Kunikida go to speak with a previous member of the agency, hilarity ensues.

The first part, the group is exhausted after their battles with the Guild. So of course, they spend some time at their favorite coffee shop. Things are fine, until one day they go in and the place has been ransacked and the owner is tied in the back with a few of his fingernails ripped off.
The look of murder on all of their faces is apparent, ‘Don’t you know the first thing about Yokohama? You never piss off the Armed Detective Agency.‘ with Ranpo’s ability to solve crimes with Ultra Deduction, they pin down the hide out of the gang that pulled this and storm in with reckless abandon. The group was after property that the Guild left behind, something they thought they could get from the Armed Detective Agency. Unfortunately for them, they met with the wrong end of a pissed off Kenji and Yasano.
Not that there was really anything for them to gain by attacking in the first place. They were merely chasing a rumor.

This moves us to the second half of the episode, where Atsushi and Kunikida decide to go off to meet with a retired member of the agency. Katai Tayama, a information broker and hacker who’s special ability allows him to control any technology he can see. However, he can only work from the place that he is the most at home at and that’s right on his precious Futon.
However, as they arrive, he informs them that he can’t help them. He is too blinded by love to use his ability, so he asks for help to give a love letter to a mysterious black haired beauty that he saw and fell in love at first sight with.

Speaking of that beautiful black haired lady. We see her through the eyes of Port Mafia member Higuchi, meeting up with Akutagawa! Who is this mysterious black haired beauty? Well, honestly, you don’t need to be a detective of Ranpo’s caliber to figure it out if you think back on other moments in the series.
I knew it wasn’t his girlfriend, so it narrowed it down to two options. His mother or his sister. The girl was obviously too young to be Akutagawa’s mother, so that left sister. I’m honestly, struggling again to recall if this is something that someone told me before or if it actually came up in the series before but once i realized it had to be his sister. I knew exactly who it was.

Well, Higuchi thinking it’s a spy affiliated with the agency and the agency tracking them down. They team up to find out who the black haired beauty is and deliver the love letter. They chase the girl down and corner her in an alley, while she is out of sight. She starts panic dressing into her normal outfit and we discover that this mysterious black haired lady, Akutagawa’s sister is none other then the Port Mafia Assassin, Gin.
Katai gives his letter and then returns home to deal with his broken heart, once he stops crying. He’ll set out on doing the work that Atsushi and Kunikida came there to give him. Which is to discover what kind of virus took over the Moby Dick’s control unit.

This episode was the calm before the storm. The rats are coming, but they aren’t here yet and it was kind of nice just to have a wacky antics episode. It did establish a few important points among all of the comedy.

point 1: There is a cease fire in effect currently between the Port Mafia and the Detective Agency
point 2: Prior Guild member, Lucy is working down at the coffee shop under the Armed Detective Agency.

I’m not sure how much longer peace will last in Yokohama, so i want them to enjoy it while they can. I know I enjoyed this episode, it is nice to have a light episode after the heavy backstory and the dramatic reveal of one of this seasons villains.


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