Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 97

OH MY F@#*!&@# GOD!!!!!!! LIGHTNING YOU SON OF BITCH! HOW DARE YOU HOLD JIN HOSTAGE LIKE THAT! LEAVE JIN ALONE! The poor kid can’t catch a break at all!

I am shaking right now, the scene was so well done, chillingly so. Oh and that evil laughter? Nailed it. As upset as I am about Jin’s current position right now, I am absolutely loving this move by Lightning. He doesn’t give a shit about fair play, or honour or anything of the sorts, he will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. It’s so him to play dirty, and to make Jin his hostage by connecting their data together as a life-line when Ryoken was about to finish him for once and for all is a freaking brilliant way prolong the fateful duel while changing the dynamic they have had so far. It’s going to be interesting to see how Ryoken is going to handle this. As the whistleblower, he was the one who saved the victims of the Lost Incident, and yet now he is put in the position where he must make a choice to sacrifice Jin for the greater good, or lose to keep him alive. Of course with neither options being acceptable, there is a third: Figure out a way to capture Lightning alive so they can work on releasing Jin as a hostage. But that option isn’t available at the moment, unless the Hanoi Knights have something else up their sleeves, or Kusanagi’s program can do just that.

I probably gushed about this too many times now, but this episode really cemented Lightning’s position as one if not the best villain Yu-Gi-Oh! has had in such a long time. He is so messed up, so evil, and deliciously so, he is what is making this arc an incredible one to watch. The more we learn about him, the more twisted and cruel he gets.

And my god, Windy! We should have seen it coming, they had been dropping clues for a while now, the biggest warning of that was  how we saw Windy frequently altering Bohman’s personality as he developed him. Now that we know Windy was never evil from the start, but was corrupted by Lightning so that he could have an ally, now I feel awful for him. Even if they somehow correct Windy’s data and save him, his hands has already been stained by murdering his Origin. And I can’t imagine how the true Windy would feel to learn that. Would anyone have the have the heart to tell him the cruel truth?

But the most alarming part of this reveal is the fact Lightning had intended to pull the same stunt with Flame, by using Windy (who he had expected to lose) to corrupt another Ignis. Thinking back, it’s horrific to think that’s what happened to Windy. Flame was pretty damn close to succumbing to it, but thanks to his bond with Takeru, he was able to prevent himself from being overtaken by the curse… not that it matters much anymore. I just hope the fate of Aqua, Flame and Earth and even Windy won’t be the same as the last series. I hope there’s a way for them to be freed from Bohman and regain their respective freedom and individual forms.

Man what an incredible duel it has been so far. The twists and turns and the counters to the counters, it’s been exciting to watch! Now with the hostage situation, it’s impossible to tell just who will come out on top! However I am curious to see how Bohman will feel about Lightning playing dirty like this. Will it rub him the wrong way, and prompt him to actually do something about it (such as separating their data) or will he remain unfazed and wait until the the end.

Next week, I am very excited to see we’re will be getting Jin’s backstory and more about the Lost Incident as a whole. We see Dr. Kogami in the flashbacks as well, so I am itching to find out more about his mindset during the development process as well, something that we have yet to see!


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18 Responses

  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    TROLOLOLOLOL Yet another classic Trap under Revolver’s sleeve: Mind Crush, and although Lightning still got to use Judgment Arrows anyway, it just made me chuckle at Revolver’s latest mining of classic Traps. And Borreload eXcharge Dragon had a better debut than Cyberse Quantum, but the “held hostage” tactic had to step in the last second or Lightning could’ve been screwed.

    More exposition for the next episode it seems, and guess Bowman is gonna become this “ultimate AI” that offers no hype whatsoever.

  2. ecarg312 says:

    I know I hated on Windy before, now I feel a bit bad for him since it was revealed that Windy was reprogrammed (Lightning most likely did it seeing how he was the easiest target). But man, I love the subtle foreshadowing in previous episodes that accumulated to the big reveal. I wouldn’t worry too much about Flame seeing how his data disintegrated into Takeru’s Duel Disk. Since Yusaku and Kusanagi are talented programmers, I am sure both Flame and a reprogrammed Windy will come back by the end of the season.

    Though, I worry about next season. Windy may or may not remember his evil deeds and he might feel remorse for what he has done to his origin who might be alive and probably out for his “blood”. Speaking of which, Frog and Pigeon’s recordings of this might leak to SOL Tech if they air it…and the next season might revolve around Playmaker and co being accused of crimes they didn’t commit.

    Revolver, if you aren’t going to juice Lightning, I’LL DO IT! SOMEBODY GIVE ME A JUICER LARGER THAN BORRELOAD DRAGON! HOW DARE YOU HOLD JIN HOSTAGE, YOU DARN EVIL LEMON!!!! Man, Lightning is becoming a memorable villain due to how despicable he is (which, in a sense, shows how childish he can be given his age–10 years old). Jin just can’t catch a break. Kidnapped, subjugated, and now held hostage by a malicious AI. His brother is incapacitated and can’t do anything to rescue him D: Revolver also cares about the victims that his underhanded move will rattle him.Since he doesn’t have any coherent speaking lines, I’m wondering if the incident rendered him mute.

    Anger aside, I love how the animators make the XYZ summoning unique for each user. Playmaker’s was blue. Soulburner’s was red. Revolver’s green. I love the little detail. The new XYZ monster is pretty cool :D I don’t know who’s going to win anymore D: The result isn’t going to be a happy one regardless.

    • Eva says:

      //Speaking of which, Frog and Pigeon’s recordings of this might leak to SOL Tech if they air it…and the next season might revolve around Playmaker and co being accused of crimes they didn’t commit.//

      Oh shit. I didn’t think of it that. That would certainly be a way to make Frog and Pigeon’s presence actually relevant in this event!

      O v O As for the XYZ Summon Individual Touch: That’s what I love about the the summoning sequence in this series, making it unique in some way to each duelist. The XYZ Summon sequence though has to be the best we have seen, I can watch it all day because it’s so epically put together. It’s so pleasing to the eyes!

      • ecarg312 says:

        I can imagine Frog and Pigeon trying to paint Playmaker and co as heroes, but SOL Tech will use that to their advantage and try to target them as criminals in order to capture their Ignises.

        • Kazanova says:

          Not to mention they have seen Kusanagi without his avatar. If this info goes to SOL, it should be easy for them to identify him as the owner of the hotdog stand, which may also leads to Yusaku and Takeru as Playmaker and Soulburner’s real life. I’m worried now.

          • ecarg312 says:

            Not to mention, this episode shows that they recorded Jin reverting back to his civilian form too, so SOL Tech will know that Lightning’s origin is Jin. They also recorded Akira and Blue Maiden’s scene together…so that would mean they would know Blue Maiden is Blue Angel and she spoke about Miyu’s name…which would mean everyone’s identities are practically exposed in this arc.

        • As much as I wouldn´t put it pass them don´t you think that could end up being a VERY!!! bad pr stunt?

          Beside I don´t know if you follow spoilers, don´t worry I won´t spoil anything but there is a very good chance that what happens during the final duel between Bohman and Playmaker that could be the end for LINK VRAINS for good.

          You could also serve it this way back to SOL Tech that they don´t have the property rights to something unless they wan´t to take responsebility for it´s creation which let us be frank if they did could be their undoing.

          • Eva says:

            Frankly I’d be surprise if Link VRAINS were still a thing after Yuusaku defeats Bohman, because Bohman has officially become one with Link VRAINS itself.

            On top of that, it’s just as you say, with the shit that’s going down and players being unable to log out, after all the problems SOL Technology has failed to deal with, it only makes sense for a huge public backlash and the Link VRAINS done for good. What takes it place, well SOL Technology may simply change the name of their brand in attempt for a “fresh start” and push their most recent development the AI implants to enhance human capabilities.

            Regardless, whatever happens, this certainly won’t be the last we hear of them.

  3. Lightning, oh boy I don´t know if I wanna punch or love that yellow ignis. It´s been ages since we have had a villain that just screamed EVIL like this, then again dam is using Jin like that Underhanded even by his standards, and I have had to lower them again and again since episode 92 so they are low to begin with.

    As long as Revolver don´t lose next episode then I can accept any outcome be it a draw, Bohman interfering or anything else just not a loss. If Revolver Lose then there is gonna be writing issues in season 3 if the only one allowed to win is Playmaker.

    And lastly just an honest question: To me it seems like all of Lightnings short commings start with his ego that led to a superiority complex, what If he was forced to feel some humility could there be some chance for a redemption arc? cause we now have a suitable explanation for a redemtion arc for Windy and I still wish for a season 3 where all 6 ignis have teamed up with humans.

    • Eva says:

      I think Lightning’s downfall will be Bohman. He will likely step in not just because of the whole “honorable play”, but in order to safely secure Lightning so that he can still carry out their plans. He knows now that Ryoken can defeat him, and when/if he does, Lightning will be destroyed before he can take him for himself.

      I don’t think there’s going to be a redeption arc for Lightning, it’s hard for me to see it the way he is right now, especially with how dangerous he is. I don’t think anyone would want to risk him roaming about after all the crap he has done up until now.

  4. Kazanova says:

    I doubt Bohman will stay quiet and let Lightning do as he pleases. Bohman said it himself that he wishes for them to win fair and square so there will be no excuses, and Lightning is clearly going against what he had said. Bohman was also displeased when Windy interfered during his Duel against Soulburner and Flame. Even though he is an enemy, I’ll be very grateful if Bohman saves Jin’s consciousness so the duel will be truly fair and square again.

    I have a rather mixed feeling about Windy’s revelation. I kinda feel sorry for him but I also want him to stay as a bad guy if he is going to be revived. He is doing his job as antagonist very well. But I’m also curious what kind of Ignis he is before Lightning reprogrammed him. Oh, the dilemma…am I the only one feeling this way?

    • Eva says:

      Rather than the fair play, I think Bohman will likely intervene for the sake of safely securing Lightning so that Ryoken can’t destroy him or interfere with their grand plans.

      I think it’s fair to have mixed opinion, but I personally like it because we see how far Lightning is willing to go to pursue his plans. Curious to see what becomes of Windy afterwards if he can still be saved.

  5. Watching the preview for next week’s episode and seeing as how we’ll be looking more into both Jin and Dr Kogami’s past regarding The Lost Incident, I just got the weirdest notion: what if Dr Kogami did use one of his children as a test subject? We’ve already seen that Ghost Girl and Blood Shepard are half siblings with the same father, but what if the same holds true for Revolver and Jin? Seriously, look at Jin’s current hairstyle and Dr Kogami’s, they’re almost identical, not to mention a shade of purple. Apparently Lightning is going to reveal a shocking truth about Dr Kogami to Revolver next week, what if that is what it is? Maybe I’m just reaching with this theory, but I’d be interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this.

    • Eva says:


      Oh my god. That would be so messed up. I don’t know if I could handle anymore tragedy with Jin’s background ahahaha.

  6. I guess some of the fans were right that Windy turned out to be brainwashed by Lightning. He originally had blue eyes and I guess the red eyes came after he was brainwashed. Man, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but poor Windy. He didn’t deserve this if he was once a kind Ignis and was never evil to begin with. Plus if he was never brainwashed, he could have joined the side of coexistence with Ai, Flame, and Aqua. I have to say, Windy is no longer on my list of Most Despicable Yugioh VRAINS Villains. I felt really sorry for him and I hope his original kinder personality can be restored in season 3. I feel you’re right. It will be hard to tell Windy the truth about what happened to his partner while he was under Lightning’s brainwashing. I’m sure he’ll regret it and apologize even if his partner might possibly be dead now. I think I’m actually willing to forgive Windy for everything because it’s not his fault and the real Windy would have never done something as cruel as that. I have a feeling the Ignis will all live inside Ai’s body because Ai will probably be the sole surviving Ignis.

    Lightning is truly the most evil of all Yugioh villains and still has the Most Evil Yugioh Villain Award. This episode has only increased my hatred towards him. Ai might have still had some respect towards Lightning for being the former Ignis leader, but any shred of respect he had before has now completely vanished, especially learning about how he brainwashed a friend to serve a purpose and even considering him expendable. Plus I know we heard Lightning laugh evilly a little bit. I was thinking, “It did happen! I knew Lightning was gonna let out evil laughter at some point”. I’m glad Bohman will turn against Lightning in the next episode. Although that is a typical example of the creation turning against its creator.

    I thought about what you said about Lightning using Windy to corrupt Flame. That is a good point. Lightning did intend to reprogram Ai back in episode 68 kinda like what he did to Windy and possibly do the same to Flame when Soulburner and Flame arrived on the scene.

    I was getting Spectre vibes when I saw Lightning use Jin as a hostage against Revolver. I was so infuriated and disgusted! Lightning’s already caused this much pain to his Origin and now this is even more painful than before. Plus Jin knows exactly what’s going on and can speak. I think we’ll gonna see Jin actually speak on screen for the first time next week. It’s not just Jin that’s in pain, but Revolver and Playmaker too. I think Revolver’s really changed as a result of seeing the simulations. I think he’s become more open-minded towards the Ignis and that not all the Ignis individually speaking are evil. I believe Revolver no longer hates Ai and he was speaking quite calmly and patiently to him. It’s just Lightning that caused the simulation results to get skewed and thus lead to the conclusion that he and the other Ignis would destroy humanity.

    • Eva says:

      //I have a feeling the Ignis will all live inside Ai’s body because Ai will probably be the sole surviving Ignis.//

      As much as I don’t want to see that happen, there’s a good chance that could happen. Ideally, I would like to see them all have their own bodies so they can be themselves. Q ^ Q

      I’m hoping we will see Jin take some action for himself to some extent, but if he doesn’t, I won’t blame the kid for being too distressed to do anything at all. He just can’t catch a break. Talk about out of the frying pan, into the fire!!!

      • Kazanova says:

        The preview narration did mention that if it’s the old Revolver, he would still attack even if there’s a hostage, but the current Revolver won’t because his duel against Playmaker and his friends has clearly changed him to the better. And I doubted this before, but looks like Revolver now truly no longer sees Ai and the others as a threat anymore. Thank goodness…

        If the other Ignis is going to live inside Ai’s body, it’s gonna be kinda like Yuya having his counterparts inside him at the end of Arc-V. Please, don’t make it like that. I also prefer them to be in their own respective bodies.

        From the preview, it looks like Bohman is taking something from Lightning’s body. Maybe he severed the connection between Lightning and Jin’s consciousness or taking Jin from Lightning’s control? I hope so. I don’t want to imagine if Jin is destroyed. The poor boy being there is already more than bad enough (TT_TT)

  7. Vamoss says:

    To be honest I saw this coming. The Jin thing I mean. Before anyone says anything keep this in mind: If Lightning loses he’ll get absorbed by Bohman. Which means Lightning won’t be able to complete his plans. (Unless he possesses Bohman. Which is a Possibility). My question is: “Will Bohman’s personality change because of the Ignis he’s absorbed?” That would be kinda cool actually. Anyway… Liking forward to next week’s episode.

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