Kono Oto Tomare Episode 2

Ahhhh this episode flew by so fast! This week we finally got to hear the koto! Takezou had to do a performance as part of the clubs’ demonstration. The poor guy was a nervous wreck to have to do it alone, and unfortunately stumbled on the piece and ultimately failed to captivate the audience. Chika was rooting for him, but got so pissed off with the students ignoring him, he ended up interrupting the performance when he screamed at them to shut up! God, he’s so cute! It’s always wonderful to watch him adorably and clumsily so try to stand up for Takezou and the club. It just goes to show how good of a guy he actually is. And we got to see more of that, and his newfound convictions when Hozuki Satowa joined the club. After she told him that those who damaged the instruments doesn’t have what it takes to play the Koto, we saw just how much the destruction of his grandpa’s shop affects him. What haunts Chika the most is not the lack of trust people have in him, but the harm done to the instrument themselves.

That is why when Chika heard Satowa perform, it captivated him. For the first time, he has witnessed the beautiful and amazing sound the Koto is capable of. In turn, it gave him the push he needed to begin his reparation with the instruments. For Chika to be involved in helping repair the instruments is not only an important step in healing his wounded heart, and ignited Chika’s interest in the Koto beyond its connection with his grandfather.

And speaking of our lovely Satowa. She is the daughter from a famous koto school, and an incredibly talented Koto player. Alongside Chika, she is definitely my favourite character character of the entire cast. I love how how seamlessly she flips the switch between her ‘flower girl’ personality and her true colors (a blunt and tough cookie). She has what it takes to keep up with Chika’s crude personality, which makes their dynamic all the more fun to watch. Although Satowa can be arrogant in some ways, and (like Chika) can be a bit awkward when it comes to interacting with others, she shown us today that she is someone who can admit to her own faults and apologize when she’s wrong.

Takezou also had his own little stumble. He and Satowa butt heads over the whole deal of aiming to nationals. Satowa wants to win the whole thing, but Takezou didn’t like her mentality of her carrying them alone and is afraid to try again after having experienced failing to qualify the previous year. But while he was forced to confront it, and and acknowledged why he was avoiding the subject, he isn’t completely on board with the goal yet— after-all, before they can even do that, they need enough members to keep the club alive!

After last week’s rather rushed premiere, this episode’s pace was much better and was a lot more fun to watch. Of course there are room for improvement, it’s still a step in the right direction. It was a pleasure to finally hear the Koto, and have the striking comparison of how differently the same piece can sound when performed at a higher caliber! It makes me all the more excited for the pieces, practices and performances we will get to hear in the future! Although this episode has many scenes I adored, my favourite probably had to be when Takezou and Satowa learned how and why Chika was assisting with the instruments repairs. His persistence and determination to help really choked me up, because not only it highlights how earnest he is about learning how to play the instrument, but I also seeing him form a new bond with an elder opened up to.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to being swept up by the emotions all over again!
Next week can’t come soon enough!


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