Carole & Tuesday Episode 2: Born To Run

Yup, looks like each episode title is going to be named after a song. A really nice touch, I’m sure this’ll be a treat for big music fans. As for the episode, it was really lovely. I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the first one, and I like what they’re doing with the concept of music.

We see Carole and Tuesday’s new lives as roommates, and the episode opens up really cute and lighthearted. Carole starts yet another new job and she leaves cleaning to Tuesday, which was a terrible idea. Instead of cleaning the apartment, Tuesday only made it more dirty. Not exactly her fault since her maids would do everything for her. And yet again, Carole gets fired again as she burst out laughing at a funeral when she was supposed to mourn for her dead client. I didn’t know paid mourners were a thing, but I’m not exactly surprised this type of job exists. This episode also gave us more time to see the girls really hang out and get to know each other more as they both listed out things they liked. Usually, this is something I would have liked to have seen before they moved in and decided to make music together, but it’s better late than never (though this is only the second episode). The girls continue to show their great chemistry as they sneak over to the Martian Immigration Memorial Hall to perform.

Already the show has made it pretty clear what it’s going to be exploring. We already know that we’re going to be following Carole and Tuesday’s journey as a successful duo in music, but along the way it looks like we’re going to be seeing the dichotomy of the music industry of this world. The battle of AI music vs. music actually made and performed by humans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime handle this theme before, so I’m really excited to see what they do with this. It’s so fascinating because we can kind of relate to this in a way.

We’re not as advanced as the world Carole and Tuesday are in, but we are making strides when it comes to robots and AI. And when it comes to music and entertainment, we can point to certain things already that fit into these kinds of categories in a way, such as: Vocaloids, virtual Youtubers, etc. It’s not like these things are taking over our entertainment world but they’ve made a mark and have gotten enough attention to where virtual Youtubers just had their own anime last season, and Hatsune Miku has appeared as a hologram on American television, where Miku even holds her own concerts. She’s a hologram but people are crazy about her. It looks like this anime is going to explore this theme: Is AI generated/virtual music better than traditional music? Maybe my examples are a bit of a reach, but they’re just examples. However, with the rise of virutal Youtubers and Miku still being a big deal, this future is possible in one of the many millions of timelines Dr. Strange brought up in Avengers.

The detail in this is astounding. Sasuga~ Bones-san

We’re already seeing these two worlds with Carole and Tuesday performing at Memorial Hall, on grand piano and guitar. And we see the other side with Mr. Tao and Angela. Tao puts Angela through this strenuous and kind of terrifying process of capturing her voice to integrate into the AI program. Hearing Tao explain the program was pretty interesting, as well as his own beliefs when it comes to music. The program itself is very advanced, and he’s able to make a song that can replicate the same style as Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, etc. He can even raise the levels of “heartwarming” just to make give the song the same kind of heartwarming feeling that human music gives. He’s pretty set in stone with technology and doesn’t seem to care about human emotion as the AI can do the same thing, but in his eyes, even better.

Angela and Tao are the complete foil to Carole and Tuesday, and I can’t wait to see how the show is going to go about with this theme because I’m already very interested.

As Roddy films the girls and uploads the video to social media, they become viral immediately. Gus hears them singing and gets in touch with Roddy to find out who they are. He ends up tracking them down and Gus hilariously proclaims that he’ll be their manager. Wow, that was fast.

If I had to give a gripe, and this also includes the first episode, is that I feel that things are little too good to be true? Carole and Tuesday meet and click immediately, they already write a song (which was gorgeous btw), and they get popular and get scouted by someone overnight? Wow, I wish I was lucky like them. In a way, I feel like while the episode was a little slower, it still feels a little fast. We still have over 20 episodes to go so I hope there won’t be padding. Either way, I loved this episode a lot. The visuals are as beautiful as ever, and the OP was fun and pretty with its energetic dancing and soft colors. I feel better about this show thankfully, and I can’t wait to see more.


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