Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 94

YES! NOW THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!! FINALLY!! This is the exactly what I have been waiting for from Takeru’s duel, the energy, the passion and the emotions! This episode was lit! Best of all I very much enjoyed the way Bohman interacted with them. You can tell he’s having fun, and is soaking in their acknowledgment of his very existence. For Bohman, their fury towards him validates he has a personality, an identity of his own, which is exactly what he desires. The more Bohman duels and interacts with Humans the more he develops his own character.

Last week I was puzzled as to why (the preview) Lightning would leave Yuusaku to be, but I am glad they gave us a fairly reasonable explanation I can get behind: Play fair and square, so that there’s no excuses. Do that, and it will prove they can rule over Humanity. It no surprise, it’s Bohman who said this. Also they didn’t actually just let Yuusaku be, had it not been for Bohman, Lightning would have continued beating him up in attempt to wake him up (who is presently still conscious).

Finally, for namesake, we finally got to truly experience Takeru’s soul burning up! He is someone who is fiercely protective of those he cares about, and I’m all about Takeru being unleashed. He definitely tapped into his tough side that we saw more of from him when he was a thug. I would say I definitely enjoy watching him perform this way more than his sassy quips with Flame, perhaps because of all the members of the group, Takeru is the most emotional one of them all. I don’t know about you, but I like seeing his emotional outbursts, it’s what makes him different from the others. He isn’t supposed to be the cool-and-collected type, and perhaps that’s why his earlier duels never really resonated with me. Of course, he needs to make sure he doesn’t allow his emotions to get the better of him, but the drive and passion behind it can still be controlled and used efficiently.

On the contrary of that, we saw Flame, who in contrast of Takeru, is usually cool under fire, but today when Bohman brought out Paradox Hydrive Atlas, Flame absolutely lost it. He was outright triggered because it was the monster responsible for destroying the Cyberse World. So when Bohman extended his invitation that even if Flame loses, he will accept him, Flame fired back with, “HAVE NO INTENTION OF CO-EXISTING WITH YOU!” That was a great scene, hell this whole episode was fantastic. Loved it to bits. It was so much fun to watch!

But it wasn’t just the script and the duel, but the setting and the animation as well. First of all, when Bohman set their stage to be underwater, I thought: ‘Way to put out the flames, am I right?’ I just love the whole symbolism behind it. Another bit I enjoyed was some really nice new angle shots and details in the animation.

Next week, Takeru and Flame’s friendship will be drawing out a new power with the radiance of the phoenix, but will it truly be enough? Regardless how you feel about Takeru’s character, be it you love him, hate him or are indifferent, I think we can all agree that Takeru defeating Bohman here would not benefit the story whatsoever. I strongly suspect we will witness Bohman use Storm Access since the Hanoi Knights have been able to break the barriers, and allow the Data Storms to be used again and may end up playing into one of the factors of why he wins. However, as I thought of this, I realized OH: What if Flame is able to use Storm Access because he has taken in Windy’s data? That would certainly be a fun twist to blow everyone’s minds!

I hope they keep the momentum going! Really excited for what we might see next week!


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8 Responses

  1. Kazanova says:

    The script, animations, and all are perfect. It’s exactly what I needed after watching last week’s episode. Urgh, Lightning really enraged me even more here beating up unconscious Playmaker like that! Drop dead already!

    As much as I wishes to see Soulburner winning, that is mostly unlikely. And in the next episode preview, Flame’s body looked distorted. I’m worried that absorbing Windy’s data actually not a good thing. What if that’s what Windy meant by cursing Flame? I’m starting to speculate that Windy’s data is going to rebel from inside, going to destroy Flame from inside out. Perhaps Lightning has made preparation in case Windy lost and set a trap to whichever Ignis absorb Windy without the Wind Ignis himself knowing, which is why he didn’t bother to save Windy this time. And even if Soulburner wins, he may lose Flame the same way Playmaker lost Kusanagi…(TT_TT)

    Ugh, it’s just so hard for me to be positive thinking after the recent loses…! I’m sorry!

  2. This episode was fantastic in so many ways that it´s unbeliveable why? because 2 episode duels have the later being the better
    and if this one is good just how amazing is the next one gonna be? only downsied of the episode is that it was over to soon.
    Animation, feeling, intensity you just can´t help but appreciate it this episode so bravo.

    We just got the last piece of a puzzle that make up who Soulburner is and I like the fact that he is so self reflective on the
    matter, back in 50th episodes we were a bit anoyed by his fanboy tendencies but here we see that it was thanks to Yusaku, GO and Aoi
    that his FLAME didn´t go out. So Soulburner is pissed, his fire is burning hotter than ever and it reaches Bohman.

    Bohman lost some points from me in this episode, yes he is honorable but his words to Lightning borders on arogance and practicality,
    just cause it makes sence and you think you are so superior dosen´t make it right. Also while I like the effects of his new
    main deck Hydradrive monster I don´t like their designs else it´s cool and does it count as extra kick the dog points when you
    play the monster that destroyed Cyberse world infront of the Ignins that felt the most rage for it?

    Soulburner´s new field spell sure is situational but I like the way that field spells seems to evolve with these duelist plus
    anyone notice the figure in it´s design? good chance that is the Link-4 we have been waiting for.

    Lastly are the writters just petty or what is it with them mocking Aoi like this when she isn´t even in the episode?:
    – Yes it make sence for a duel to take place at your opponents cryptonite but don´t bring up again that you took the power of water
    by defeating the Water ignis and her partner.
    – Flame mention that She lost to Hydradrive´s negate effect, NO she lost cause she was overpowered by a monster that is so situational
    against her archtype that it hurts (yes the same is true for Fire, Wind and Earth attribute archtypes).
    – It almost seem as if Bohman is going easy on Soulburner when you compare boards from his first turn in both duels.
    Please just let it be, yes Aoi lost and don´t keep bringing it up.

    • Eva says:

      //Lastly are the writters just petty or what is it with them mocking Aoi like this when she isn´t even in the episode?//

      Good to know I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. I’m choosing to just ignore it for sanity’s sake. As you said, no need to drag her corpse, just let her be. TT____TT

  3. ecarg312 says:

    Ah, I love this episode! Writers! You should’ve done fast-paced duels for SB from the start! THIS duel shows his true potential in both skill and personality. He’s angry, but rational and he’s not doing any misplays.

    My love for SB still grows strong. He balances Cafe Nagi really well with him being more emotional than the rational Kusanagi and the logical Yusaku. I hope once season 2 is done, we get more interaction with these three. I love them a lot and I will protect them forever. LET THEM BE HAPPY WITH JIN!

    I am a bit indifferent to Bohman from the start, but this episode made me lose a little respect for him. Maybe I’m interpreting this wrong, but I think Bohman never respected Blue Maiden from the start. He stated that he respected PM and SB for coming at him with emotions, so he can learn what it is to be human, but BM fought Bohman with courage. I thought he respected her since he let Akira have his final moments with her before she died, but I guess it was more of a compassion thing rather than respect. You can still look down others but still have empathy, compassion, etc.

    Also, I noticed something regarding SB’s master duel opponents. Excluding Revolver, his opponents always used underhanded tactics. Blood Shepherd invoked SB’s trauma; Windy cheated by using a skill when he’s not supposed to.Those two got their comeuppance. BS lost to the one thing he despised the most and Windy did not learn his lesson and Lightning gave up on him. Bohman went GOD MODE in this duel…so I feel like trying to play God might be his downfall.

    • Oby says:

      “I am a bit indifferent to Bohman from the start, but this episode made me lose a little respect for him. Maybe I’m interpreting this wrong, but I think Bohman never respected Blue Maiden from the start. He stated that he respected PM and SB for coming at him with emotions, so he can learn what it is to be human, but BM fought Bohman with courage.”

      Don’t forget that during “Bohman vs BM” fight, BM mostly treated Bohman as an AI instead of a person. She even called him as such when Bohman praised her. When it comes to AIs, BM was only particularly nice to Aqua so far. So yeah, Bohman putting PM & SB at the top of his “respect ranking” is for a good reason. PM & SB treat him more like an individual while BM treated him more like a strong AI opponent or hurdle.

      • ecarg312 says:

        AH! THANK YOU! This makes a lot of sense now! I knew there was more to what I had said but you made it more concrete!

  4. Dave Aristide says:

    Something I wanna point out about Lightning: Ever since Bohman beat BM, Lightning has been addressing and speaking to him rather politely. It’s not something you’ll notice if you don’t speak or study Japanese but if pay attention to Lightning’s speech (That being what he actually says and not the subtitles), Whenever he speaks to Bohman he keeps using “desu” or “desuka”. Generally the most polite way to speak the language. This is not something Lightning has been caught doing anywhere else in this season.

    What significance this has, I’m not sure; but I didn’t see anyone else talking about this so I thought I’d bring it up.

    • Jackpot21 says:

      Interesting. It did look like Lightning was acting more polite around Bohman than he had beforehand. Maybe Lightning’s trying to stay on Bohman’s good side so that he doesn’t deviate from the plan. We know that he’s willing to do anything it takes to win, which conflicts with Bohman’s sense of honor. He clearly disapproved of his plan to force Yusaku and Kusanagi to duel each other or kicking Yusaku while he was down. I’m thinking that Lightning is starting to realize that he may have to tread lightly around Bohman, less he winds up being the next Ignis he absorbs.

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