The Promised Neverland Episode 10: 130146

This was an incredibly depressing episode but let me make myself clear in saying that I don’t think Norman is dead. If they wanted to kill him off, they would have ripped our hearts out and showed it onscreen and not have him go inside some room. His face didn’t show terror at what awaited him, but more of surprise and confusion. I will bet you my arms Norman is alive! And if he isn’t, I’ll replace my arms with sword arms.

Aww look at him!!! Baby Norman T_T

What else can I say other than this episode made me sad? In reality, not much happened in this episode. Norman explains to Emma and Ray about what he saw over the wall. There’s a cliff that’s not possible for them to jump over but he did see a bridge from far away that was most likely connected to headquarters. That’s the only other way for them to escape but Norman has chosen to accept his fate and leave things to Emma and Norman. It really broke my heart when he hugged Emma and Ray, the both of them trying hard not to lose it. Emma in despair, Ray angry at Norman’s choice. But he made the decision to leave. That little flashback with the string cup phone was incredibly sweet as we saw them as cute lil babies, and it made it more impactful when the string phone was the only thing he put in his suitcase.

Just like Conny, Norman puts on his best clothes and says his last goodbyes to the children. Ray is too hurt to see him off so he isn’t there, but Emma makes a scene as she jumps on Norman, attempts to destroy his tracking device and stall for him. But again he refuses. He gives one last proper goodbye to Emma and he leaves.

There were things to note in this episode. Isabella’s reaction was interesting when Norman asked if she’s happy. She hesitates at first before she says yes. At first I wasn’t sure how to take her reaction but it left me with something to think about later on when she confronts Emma with the offer of becoming either a Mom or Sister. While time passes and Ray and Emma are depressed, Isabella pays Emma a visit in the infirmary. She can see how much she’s suffering after losing Norman and she offers her own recommendation for Emma to possibly become a Mom. If she passes the qualifications, she most likely will become one and continue to live on. Her words are incredibly harsh and blunt: Accept your despair and become part of the system or continue to suffer until you die. What other choice do you have? Give up and just accept it. And Isabella understands what Emma is going through, that concerned expression of hers after the conversation was telling. From what we can guess of that one flashaback we saw with Grandma, Isabella most likely also tried escaping and Grandma (who was probably a Mom then) gave Isabella this same offer. And she accepted it. In her own way, Isabella is trying to save Emma from her suffering, but it begs the question whether Isabella is truly happy or not with her life? She was in the kids’ same position, but she learned the truth and made the choice of growing up and gathering children and shipping them out, ending their lives. Does she regret her decision, is she drowning out these emotions because she’s accepted the despair? I’m not trying to validate Isabella but her choice and how its affected her mentally and emotionally is something to ponder.

But one big thing she told Emma when she made her offer maybe ties back to Norman and why I think he’s alive.

“Become an adult, have a child, and if they approve your abilities, you can come back to this House as a Mom or Sister.”

Excuse me? We didn’t see this in Krone’s backstory nor was it ever mentioned, but have a child? Like…literally have a child? I’ve mentioned this before, and I had a feeling that Isabella would offer Emma the recommendation because of how intelligent she is. Emma is a huge deal with her perfect scores, but that also includes Ray and Norman. Only females can be Moms and Sisters, but that made me think that there’s no way they can just get rid of high-grade specimens like Ray and Norman just like that. It would be a huge waste. I always wondered if there was specifically something boys could be spared for, and I think Norman had to be spared with him being taken to some room. With Isabella mentioning having a child, it makes me go back to that one idea I had of where these babies come from: breeding farms.

Again, it a gross and terrible idea but it makes sense. These babies have to come from somewhere, and if these horrible demons want to continue having delicious meat, then wouldn’t they want to spare boys like Norman to breed with soon-to-be Moms/Sisters who are also of high quality? That’s what I believe, and why I believe Norman is alive and being kept somewhere possibly with other humans?

Emma declines Isabella’s offer and more time passes, both Emma and Ray depressed, officially giving up. Or are they? Nope! That expression from Emma at the end was amazing, this girl is just amazing. It’s the new year and Ray is next to be shipped, and the night before he leaves Emma checks up on him and Ray can see that Emma never gave up. So were their depressive attitudes just an act? If so, they’re very convincing. This was definitely the calm before the storm and with two episodes left, it’s now or never! And I can’t wait.

Here’s our weekly dose of Phil, but it’s a sad one this time. :'<


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6 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Good news,


    Spoiler Norman is still alive, and is back as of the latest manga chapters. Of course, it also comes with even more revelations on how demon society works, why they absolutely need human flesh, and the parties supporting the ruling demon classes and their power monopoly – which you won’t get unless more seasons are made.
    So you don’t have to start replacing any body parts just yet…

  2. Karandi says:

    I’m very curious as to what will happen next. This anime certainly has built up to a really interesting point and I’m really caught up in it. Emma was amazing this episode but I was also interested in Isabella and her reactions. Still, I think young Emma stole the episode. Way too cute in amongst all the doom and gloom.

    • Berry says:

      These last few episodes have really ramped the tension up and I’m loving every second! And yeah that flashback was adorable, I hope Emma never cuts off her ahoge.

  3. anon234 says:

    The whole “have a child” bit was implied by Krone. Remember when she said only qualified girls are allowed to live? If you take that a step further, and remember that new 1-year-olds arrive about every 6 months, you can put 2 and 2 together to see that the selected girls grow up then give birth to the replacement babies.

    Krone never directly mentioned this, but the clues were there. Until her flashback, I was assuming her doll was a sign of maternal separation anxiety.

    As to Norman, zztop already spoiled it. However, there are clues to his fate for the anime-only watchers. Remember back in episode 3, when Grandma says that only Isabella can provide the food for the special festival? She explicitly asks if the “Three” can be shipped out on schedule. If the trio isn’t getting shipped out all at once, but Norman is instead being shipped out separate as a preventative measure, it would make sense for him to be kept somewhere else. Emma and Ray would then join him before the festival, where they would be killed and prepared. Fresh food tastes the best, and apparently this is a very special dinner for a demon who only accepts the finest food.

    • Berry says:

      Holy crap, your entire comment. Yes yes yes, it all makes sense! Holy crap! (」゜ロ゜)」

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