Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep 12

Good to see Glass is no pushover, and Naofumi and the rest were not even close to defeating her, even with Rage Shield in effect. Realizing that they wouldn’t stand a chance against her if they stuck around much longer, he took his team and fled and was able to get away thanks to the wave coming to an end. Glass’ debut raises a lot of questions about the nature of the wave and its purpose, and what it means for potentially others like Glass to defeat the heroes.

With the wave over and having experienced how powerless they were against Glass, obtaining the rights for Class Upgrades is a must. So Naofumi and his team will be making the journey to Shieldfreeden. Naofumi of course is happy about this because traveling is the only time he truly feels free, which is an understatement to say the least. Unfortunately for him, his peaceful journey with his squad is interrupted with Melty hunting him down with the intention of getting him to apologize to her father.

And goodness, what a bloody idiot. Like really Melty? I guess she has no idea that the King is preventing him from accessing the Class Upgrade from within the Capital. For all the spies they have, it amazes me how ignorant she is. Not to mention, it blows my mind that she actually asked him to apologize to the King despite knowing how much he had screwed him over. If that wasn’t enough, the King actually had the nerve (another real stupid move in his part) to threatened harm to Raphtalia and Filo in attempt to get Naofumi to “share his secrets” of his power (aka: rage shield).

However if we learned one thing this week, it seems the King has a bad relationship/experience with the previous Shield Hero. He said something about losing his family again to the Shield Hero and Demi-Humans (who was said to have a good realtionship with the Demi-Humans). Regardless of his ordeal, Naofumi is not the same person, and by treating as though he is, all he’s doing is digging his own grave.

But I don’t see the King coming around to acknowledging his own mistakes and short-comings anytime soon. Especially not when he is still doting on Myne. It’s actually pathetic how useless he is even when managing his daughters, which brings me to the next point:

It came as no surprise that a plot to assassinate Melty was in action. There’s a good chance that Myne is the one behind it, with the intention of framing Naofumi, or else it may actually be a manipulative tactic in attempt to get Naofumi on the Melty’s side. I’m starting to wonder if it’s the latter because what kind of dumbdass would actually try to assassinate the Princess right in front of his line of sight?

Oh wait, this world has shown it to be full of stupid people…

Unfortunately given that we saw a soldier eavesdropping on Melty speaking with the woman who gave Naofumi a word of caution, it looks like it’s most likely Myne’s command.

On the bright side, since the team is heading to Shieldfreeden, I hope this means we will also get the chance to learn more about the previous Shield Heroes!


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  1. FoundOnWeb says:

    There might be some sort of mind control involved here. At 21:34 we see one of the soldiers holding a crystal ball of some sort. It might be effecting both Melty and the guy who is trying to kill her.

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