Star Twinkle Precure Episode 6

Hmmmmm….Although the episode was fine, I can’t help but feel like it could have been so much more. Today, while the dark pen was responsible for producing a legitimately strong monster that took team work and brute force to erase it, when it came down to the tainted pen itself, all it took was Lala to snatch it out of Ayewan’s hands and BAM, it’s cleansed!

Now I don’t know about you, but I thought that was way too easy. You would think an extra step would be required to get it back to normal, but apparently not. This is where I thought it was a missed opportunity, or maybe I’m just too used to the standard formula most magical girl shows follows. Regardless, I hope we will actually see the villains make it more difficult for the girls to restore the actual pen themselves. And a good way to start would be ensuring they aren’t careless enough for the girls to litterally snatch it out of their hands (this would be the second time they do this, and by Lala of all people).

So here’s to hoping the Dark Pens will undergo improvements and the enemies won’t be so careless for the girls to simply snatch it out of their hands. If the Notraiders really do have a good handful of the princesses’ pens, then I would hope that Ayewan will make them better. In fact, knowing that she is working on such projects and she considered today’s fight a successful experiment makes me wonder a lot about how the Dark Pens will evolve overtime. As I mentioned before, I would certainly love to see the villains adapt accordingly.

Since the prize of the episode was the Leo Pen, naturally Lala was received the character spotlight this week. The conflict was very similar to her previous episode, where she and Hikaru were butting heads over how to go about their search for the pens. The only difference this time, while Lala was frustrated with Hikaru’s meddling, it was because of her independent nature and her sense of urgency that she wanted to focus on repairing her ship, and on her own. It wasn’t until the end of the episode when she realized the only way for them to take down the monster was to work together as a team. This helped her open up to the girls by accepting their offer to help with the repairs. (Truth to be told, I am not entirely sure how helpful they will be, but let’s just imagine they are actually genius engineers!) See what I did there?

But we didn’t just see how Lala is used to working independently, her urgency to repair the ship as soon as possible highlighted how she recognizes the threat of the Notraiders more than the others do. And it’s understandable, given how she has witnessed planets fall, and is fighting so she could protect her own. Hikaru, (especially Elena and Madoka) don’t have a clear picture of just how bad the situation is. That’s why Lala panicked when Ryo commented how the stars seem to be losing their lustre lately.

Speaking of Elena and Madoka, I was a bit disappointed by their lack of involvement in this episode. Yes, this was Lala focused, but I didn’t like how during her fight/disagreement with Hikaru, the two both stood silently on the sidelines, as observers. On one hand, it is fair to say it makes sense for them not to step in, as they are the newest members of the group, but on the other, I wished we actually got to see them do something. Hopefully we will get to see them actually interact with one another (collectively) as a group sooner than later. (At the very least, I’m glad we are seeing that both Elena and Madoka have time to spend an entire day with the girls).

Next week, the girls will be helping with the rocket’s repairs and it seems Elena will be covering the heavy duties! (Poor girl ahahaha!)


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2 Responses

  1. elior1 says:

    I agree while the fight was pretty good and it required teamwork the thing about the snatch the pen in order to win was a bit. also since next week they repair the rocket I hope in episode 8 we will go to space

  2. Eva says:

    NOTICE: Star Twinkle Precure Ep 7 entry will be released a double post with Episode 8 next week!

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