Gotoubun no Hanayome Episode 10 – Legend of Fate Day 2

Oh, c’mon! I hate it when they do the downturn at the very end of the episode. “Let’s just call it off.” Ooo, Uesugi why?! WHY? It’s been a while since I’ve audibly gone ‘no no no’ while watching a show. I know he kind of saved it with the jacket thing, but it’s like one step forward three steps back. I mean, he was the one who made her cry in the first place for god’s sake! Well, at least they have a lot of time to make up since it looks like they’re trapped in a cabin with no heat on a cold night. I don’t know what will happen, but something is definitely going to happen. If people in anime get morbid-looking colds from a few drops of rain without an umbrella, a whole night of being cold may as well be the apocalypse.

The beginning of this episode really reminded me how absolutely horrible it must be to be anyone but the protagonist in a harem anime. A few years ago, it used to be really popular to have a ‘sidekick’. The goofy guy with the protagonist that’s only around for comedic effect of some sort. He wouldn’t do anything except get ridiculed by everyone. Sometimes they’d throw a B-plot romance his way, but that was rare. They’ve mostly done away with that, but seeing all those guys flirting with the quintuplets is like watching an ant try to push a mountain. Not only is Uesugi (according to Maeda at least) dating Ichika, but the four other most popular girls in the school are also all gunning for him. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to do it. I hope Maeda gets some justice. I really like his really shallow punk attitude that instantly gives way to the fact that he’s just an innocent teen trying to find his identity. I hope he gets to dance with someone at the bonfire. I’m rooting for him.

As soon as I saw that stupid blonde wig on his dumb face I knew this was going to happen… Oh lord, why must you toy with us this way? Why do you even need a wig for a clown costume?! God, I really hope he doesn’t try to juggle dancing with both of them at once. I’m glad we got to see Nino being a normal human being, even if I know that the outcome is going to be a shit show. He trailed off before he answered who he’d rather dance with, but he did ask Ichika to break it off right after. Does that mean he’d rather dance with Nino? It might be just because he knows Ichika can handle it better than Nino could. I think Nino would be very bummed out if he doesn’t show up. Ichika has been, at least so far, more mature. Maybe that’s what Uesugi is thinking.

Ichika and Miku’s back and forth is getting more and more awkward and I hate it. Mostly because of Ichika flip flopping. She can’t seem to decide whether to make a move or hold back for her sister’s sake. She clearly knows at least Miku likes him. She alternates between being helpful and flirting. I really do feel bad for her though. That’s not a great spot to be in. I wonder where she’ll end up landing with it. Taking a backseat or advancing into the depths of hell that is romance. Miku was like episode one Miku this whole episode. She’s committing to holding back more than Ichika is and it’s driving me crazy! She’s so shy and supportive. The Miku fandom is strong. I know it’s a harem and all, but it’s so frustrating to watch them take steps forward and backwards! Not to mention that everyone low-key believes in this bonfire legend thing. If all it took to find a soulmate was dancing around a giant pile of fire, I think a lot of people would probably be much happier.

Can we talk about how bad the trial of courage was? My man put in one jump-scare for the whole thing. Also, who thought it was a good idea to hold this, in the pitch black, next to a god damn CLIFF? That teacher needs to get fired. Raiha somehow ended up saving the day with that good luck charm. The true hero of our time. Otherwise there’d be a dead student at the bottom of the ravine…

All in all, apart from that horrible awful thing Uesugi said at the end, there were a lot of good moments. We got some sweet Yotsuba and Nino time. The two most underrated characters in my opinion. They shall rise to the top, just you wait! I haven’t even read any of the source material but I know they’ll be getting justice soon enough. Lumberjack Yotsuba is all I need in life. We also got to see the Itsuki scene from the OP. Where she runs away rather… buoyantly. It looks like she’s also doing a bit of investigating on her own to try and find the sister who was kneeling over Uesugi. It looks like she’s ruled out just Nino so far. What awaits Detective Itsuki in the next episode?


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2 Responses

  1. Archaon says:
    Spoiler: Nino

    Sadly the part when Nino find out her crush was Futarou and the fallout of it won’t get animated unless this series get a second season.

    I hope it get a second season since the next 2 arc in the manga is really good and have an epic conclusion.

    The thing about why Futarou want to cancel with Ichika is because he haven’t realize that the girls is are having feeling for him. He saw it as he have no reason to go to the dance with her since he was just pretend to be her boyfriend, He just really bad at reading people and human interaction.

    About the Maeda guy, his story actually got a conclusion, probably by the end of this arc.

    • APlus says:

      Ahh, that thing with Ichika makes sense. I got too heated about it and overlooked that. I’m seriously considering picking up the manga. I have my doubts that this show will get a second season. I’d be all for it, of course, but I won’t get my hopes up.

      I’m actually surprised Maeda gets more story time! Happy about it though. He just wants some love.

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