The Promised Neverland Episode 7: 011145

I’ve got all eyes on Phil. Why was he upstairs when all the kids were getting ready to eat? Was he going to the bathroom? He didn’t seem like he was in a hurry to go to the bathroom. I’m watching you, Phil!

But wow this episode was insanely intense. It started off with a huge reveal and only increased in suspense with all the info and mysteries popping up left and right. Krone immediately reveals to the children the number on her neck and a scar on her chest. Krone strikes a deal with the kids, where she promises to give them all the info she knows and will let them escape, because the escape will detriment Isabella and that’ll give her the chance to become the next Mama. Of course, like I suspected, it’s all for her own personal benefit. She shows her cooperation by explaining to the kids about herself, and that once girls that reach the age of 12 (if passing certain conditions) have a choice in their life. Either get shipped out and die, or become a Mama. Or work their way into becoming one, since Krone is a sister. She also explains that they have their own device, where if they step out of bounds of the farm, they receive an electrical shock to their heart and they die. Or, if something else happened with the device, HQ would get a signal. So Norman’s last resort plan of killing the adults is a no go. Krone is a strange one. While she seems very trustworthy, she’s not at the same time. The kids are reluctant, especially Emma, but they all agree to work with her. The four of them explain things to Ray and he feels the same. Well, if they have a chance at help they should take it, right?

Later that night, Emma and Norman pay Krone a visit in her room since she invited them. There, they ask her all kinds of questions and we learn lots of things while still staying in the dark about other things. Krone is 26, Isabella is 31. They ask about the tracking devices and feign ignorance but she sees through their act. Krone has no idea what the outside world is like, but she does know that there are humans out there. They’re the ones responsible for sending the kids clothes and supplies and they’re also on equal standing as them. She doesn’t know much about them so we don’t get more on that. Krone mentioned that girls that live to the age of 12 can become Mamas, but what about boys that reach 12 that also pass certain conditions (like the test scores?) Would they really give up prime kids like Norman and Ray? Or are boys in these groups of humans that make these supplies? Also, I feel like Emma might be given that option of becoming a Mama, but we all know that she’d rather die than take that option.

Also, this revelation puts Krone and Isabella in a different light. Also, that doll of Krone’s makes sense as it was probably a doll she had when she was a child. But man those close ups were terrifiying. I’m not saying there’s good in these two women, because they have no problems shipping out children to their deaths but I’m just saying that there’s a lot more depth to them. They’ve got to be broken in some way for the lives they’ve been leading. These two women were the same as the rest of the other children, such as being on a farm and seen and raised as livestock, not knowing what their true fates were. They were the lucky ones given a choice, and ultimately they both picked life. I would love to see flashbacks of the two women as girls in that time of their lives to learn what went through their minds and how this has changed who they once were. On the outset they both are pretty damn evil, but I’d like to see if there’s another part of them we don’t really know about. Krone, for instance with her crazy antics and unstable personality, I think was broken from this system in a way.

With Krone snooping to possibly out them, the kids want to move up the date of their escape. Ray has what he needs to break the tracking devices, which is a polaroid camera. He says he has all he needs to break them and can do it whenever, and at first I thought that it was the small pieces inside the camera he would need. But it occured to me that it’s most likely the flash he needed. I think the flash from the camera somehow breaks the devices by the flash’s electromagnetic waves messing with the waves of the tracking devices, or whatever science terms. He immediately took a picture of Isabella, then we saw him take a picture of the children playing outside, and then Emma and Norman when they asked how he could break them. The flash has to be it, why else would he take pictures?

The episode ended on one hell of a cliffhanger as Krone discovers a note under Ray’s bed that’s related to Isabella. Something huge but we don’t learn what the note says. Then Isabella hands Krone a letter from HQ, and it doesn’t look like good news at all. Will Krone leave, or will she get killed? Did that unstable personality of hers get her into trouble somehow?

This was one of the best episodes of the show, I thought. The scenes flowed together really well and the use of the camera and POV shots added a lot of suspense to some scenes. It also helps that we got lots of revelations this episode, while also getting set up for possibly some crazy things soon. The suspense and excitement keeps building up but I think the direction in this episode was one the best so far, making this episode breeze by from how engrossed I was. Can’t wait to see how this story will progress.


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