That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 17 + 18 [ Everybody Hates Milim ]

In these episodes of Slime Isekai, our heroes are challenged by a new mysterious set of enemies. Well, they’re challenged for five seconds, but the new waifu Milim can defeat anyone in the series without effort. I appreciate that Rimiru recruited someone capable of defeating any of his enemies through the bullshit power of honey and being the ultimate slime of every woman’s dreams. How can I hate this show when Milim is more powerful than Rimiru will ever be (and she finally wears more than a thong?) and is also so funny she fits right in? Meanwhile, they’re managing to cure any woes in the story by successfully recreating Rimuru’s potions in a lab, restoring Vesta’s honor and redeeming him. Honestly everyone in this show gets redeemed or eaten immediately…sometimes both. So honestly, with Milim at their side and Rimuru’s magical ability to defeat all foes with friendship and mysterious fluids from his body. . .what can possibly go wrong?

The rest of the episode after the new guy attacks shows us that Rimuru is in hot water with the Demon Lords for foiling their plan to create a fake Demon Lord to puppet around. I mean, I guess the implication is that none of them wanted to do the dirty work that they could’ve used the orc to do? They become targets if they attack humans but maybe the Orc Lord would have made it easier to do what they want. That was the impression that I got. Milim’s continued position as ‘besties’ with Rimuru is honestly one of the great joys in my life. She gets bribed to continue to help Rimuru with promise of a new weapon.

Rimiru now finally interacts with humans who he asks to take credit for his defeat of the Orc Disaster. They eventually agree to this and actually start training with Hakurou, making this episode now a competing one for the ‘most alliances Rimiru has completed in one episode’. If only they could have gotten the Demon Lords on their side this episode, the show would be over and everyone would be happy. But I guess world peace takes more work than that? Lame. At the same time there is a mysterious evil beast that the Demon Lord we’ve been seeing in the shadows lately, Clayman, sends one of his henchmen to investigate. I’m sure this won’t lead anywhere especially seeing as the next episode’s title is literally “Evil Creeps Closer”. Everything is fine.

Just look at Shion’s not troubled face!

Except really, of course it’s not. Phobio is the name of the demon who attacked last episode and that got trounced by Milim. Furious at her overpowered bullshit and the fact that she completely got wrecked, Phobio gets possessed by the horrible monster that Clayman sent his men to find. Let me just clarify that Phobio is a giant idiot who agrees to this because he wants to beat Milim so badly. Look, ya dope, now you’re starting the next unnecessary conflict and at this rate Rimuru will have to eat you.

stop interrupting hot spring times dang

This was honestly a great episode to have as a two parter because half of this episode is setting up the horrible conflict that possessed Phobio will cause, a third is just bath scenes and fun interactions, and a third is the dryads warning everyone that war will be coming and they need to prepare for air conflict. Gosh darnit Phobio, why are you so gosh dang stupid? The harlequins were so subtle and then so straight forward and he was like “no no I got this. I can’t let a loli who can be seduced with honey beat me.” And so he didn’t. ….Maybe.

The last note of this episode, and my favorite, is a call back to Shizu. I’ll never forget the best waifu, goshdangit, and I’m still sad she’s gone.

Next episode, to war!




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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Milim is an adorable sweetheart and I absolutely love her. The fact that she could probably blast the planet into gravel is only plus. ;)

    • Oki says:

      I agree with you! Too bad sharknado happened because this loser had issues with her

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