Star Twinkle Precure Episode 3

Lala and Hikaru were butting heads this week while they were off to search for the Star Princesses’ power. Their impatience with one another and lack of communication of what they were trying to do or knew blew up into a quite a messy fight. It took Fuwa to snap them out of it to stop Hikaru from saying something she would regret later on. They were finally able to get on the same page and listen to each other thanks to Elena’s advice. (Can we just take moment and appreciate how BEAUTIFUL she is?! I’ll stop here because I know I will be gushing about her next week).

Today, having successfully retrieved the power of the Taurus Star Princess, we learned more about the nature of the pen’s powers, and how they are connected to the Fuwa. It turns out it is essential for Fuwa to obtain the Star Princesses’ power, and once she does, Fuwa can actually change form. (And I thought her Taurus form to be the cutest thing ever, I almost wished she stayed that way. Maybe we’ll see her transform into it for future fights!) This explains a lot why the Notraiders are determined to get a hold of both Fuwa and the pens.

We also got to see the demonstration of the pen’s power when its own its own. For starters, it doesn’t possess anything like I initially imagined it to be, instead it just glows. Hopefully they won’t all be as plain as that, since it kind of feelings like a little bit of a missed opportunity to see the power going out of control or possessing something that would have the precure need to hunt and capture it besides simply fighting against the Notraiders. However when they do get ahold of it, they are able to use it for themselves. To my surprise, it wasn’t any flashy, but perhaps because of its nature being aligned to Hikaru’s “punch” styled attacked. All it did was buff up her Star Punch and changed its color to peachy pink, to match Taurus’ pen.

Another interesting tidbit were about the villains themselves and their different objectives. First we got a name drop of an individual who has authority to give orders (and could potentially be the one leading the Notraiders) Garuohga. Then we learn while Kappard is on the mission to capture Fuwa, while his colleague Tenjou has arrived not to compete with him, but to hunt down the Star Princesses’ power. Unfortunately her debut was kind of blah. I thought it was a bit of a shame that we couldn’t see her make use of the pen powers right away, especially since she actually had it in her hands thanks to a capable Notrey grunt. But it’s understandable if it needs to be messed with first so it can become compatible with those other the Precure. Perhaps it’s just her approach of the fight that made it lacklustre. She definitely seems to be more like a tactician than a fighter, considering the way Lala was responsible for figuring out how to overcome her formation.

Overall it was an solid episode, nothing particularly amazing, but it wasn’t boring either, even with the fight between the two. I actually liked seeing the two butting heads (fittingly for a Taurus focused episode). We were able to see another side of both of their characters, and put the spotlight on their flaws we can keep track of to see how both of them will evolve throughout the series. Hikaru was just as I expected her to be, impatient, whiny, and all about the adventure, while Lala was more grounded, calm and wanted to wait and obtain more data so they can make better use of their time and energy.


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3 Responses

  1. elior1 says:

    I liked this episode. I understand where lala and hikaru are coming from and both are not completely wrong. also to my surprise hikaru almost said to lala I hate you which not happened in previous precure arguments. normally I don’t like arguments resolved by fairy like this but I let it pass in that case since it almost got out of hand when hikaru almost snapped at lala and was about to say I hate you. also eva do you agree with some people who say this argument feels like the one of hibiki and kanade from suite precure?

  2. Berry says:

    “Sonrisa” in Spanish means smile, and I noted that as Elena told the girls to never stop smiling as she walked back to her shop. I also noted all the cactuses at her shop and what appears to be a sombrero hanging off one of them. So she possibly could be of mixed descent (Mexican most likely)? I find that really interesting!

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