Kaguya-Sama: Love is War – Episode 5

We return once again to our three act structure, but that’s fine. Because acts one and two both secure the fact that Chika is absolutely 100% the best girl in this series.

Part 1: “Kaguya wants to handle it” starts with the girlfriend of the boy that asked Shirogane for help coming to Kaguya to ask her something important. How does she break up with her boyfriend? Ever since his dramatic moment of asking her out, things have been awkward for them. If it’s going to remain like that, she thinks it”s better for them to break it off completely. Kaguya starts by telling her to try to think of things she likes about him, even small things and starts listing off the things she likes about the president. Honestly, she has a pretty good handle on this and it’s not the absolute disaster we saw with Shirogane giving advice to the guy. Still, even with her on the right track i’m not sure she would of been able to save their relationship alone. That’s where ‘love detective’ Chika comes in.
What’s the key to saving this relationship from certain doom? A common enemy! Yes, a common enemy shared among them something like society. Wait a second, that doesn’t sound right. However, that’s where this ends up going and in this case rebelling against society means taking up charity work together. Also the president is there doing charity work and Kaguya thinks that seeing him work so hard is one of the many positive traits she likes about him. This part is cute.

Part 2: “Miyuki Shirogane wants to show off” is my personal favorite part of this episode. I found it hard to breathe at points from just how hard I was laughing. The long and short of this part is that Shirogane is awful at Volleyball. He gets caught practicing in the gym by Chika and she offers to help him improve. So he trains, and trains, to be able to hit the ball without hitting himself in the face or ending up on the ground. The entire time before they do volleyball in P.E. they keep practicing so he can show off and it’s absolutely brilliant. The sad part about this is a lot of it is visual humor so there isn’t a ton to talk about with this part. Though the part near the end, when they are playing in P.E. and he’s showing off and it pans over to Chika. Covered in bandages and crying while clapping, she turns right to Kaguya and says “I raised that boy.”
I lost it at that line, i was almost tearing up from how hard I was laughing.

The final part of this episode “Kaguya wants to be covered” is about the tried and true tradition of sharing an umbrella on a rainy day.The mental battle, the physical preparation for this time from checking the weather report, to cutting the tires of your ride. These two went out of their way to try to get the other to ask them to walk under the umbrella together. Unfortunately, they both claim not to have an umbrella at the exact same time and create that tense moment where one of them needs to reveal their lie.
Then Chika, Chika is perfection. She comes up and hands Kaguya a umbrella and now that she has it. She has no options, she has to try offering it to Shirogane and they agree to share it and walk. Even after the rain stops, they keep walking under the umbrella again and it’s really cute.
At the very end, at the end of the credits. We see hints of a new character and i’m excited.

This was another great episode, I think the best part of it is the fact that all of the characters got their time to shine. The first part focused on Kaguya [and Chika], the second part on Shirogane [and Chika] and the third part on both Shirogane and Kaguya [but with less Chika]. With a new character coming in, I can only wonder how he’s going to change up the dynamic we’ve seen in the student council so far. I believe it was last episode they mentioned that there is another member, but he only shows up for the minimum amount of time.
Even when we see him at the end of this episode, he seems very different from any of the rest of them. He has headphones on and is playing a game and generally doesn’t seem to be observing the world around him. As someone who hasn’t read the manga or even done a lot of reading on the series, I can’t help but speculate what he’s going to be like.


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