Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind: Episode 19 [White Album]

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has a history of comedically timed ending screens, but last weeks ending with the look of horror on Mista’s face as Giorno drove them off the bridge and down into the river cracked me up. This is where we pick up, that moment of horror as they crash into the water.
Honestly, Giorno had the right idea. The water was warm and thus should of taken longer to freeze, giving Mista time to get to the shore and retrieve the disk left in the statue. Unfortunately, science and stands don’t always mix and he freezes the water at an absurd rate. So Mista tells Giorno to make plants grow while he still can and has Golden Experience create grass that Mista has freeze together into a snowboard.
Sure, let’s just um, go with that.

That and the other hundred absurd things that go on in this episode. Such as, but not limited too.

  1. Way more pain and blood loss then any human could possibly ever deal with.

  2. The idea that once he got the disk, he wouldn’t of just immediately rushed the hell off to regroup and go after Trish.

  3. Vaguely homoerotic endings.

But most importantly in there is number 2. If I was Ghiaccio I wouldn’t of stuck behind to deal with Mista and Giorno. The minute I had the disk, I would of used my ability to create skates and move along my own ice to get the hell away from them and track down Bruno and the others. What benefit did he get by staying behind? It only ended in his own demise and was poorly thought out.
You could perhaps chalk it up to cockiness and confidence in his own supposedly ‘perfect’ stand ability.

I do have to give credit to Mista and Giorno, no matter how much I will rag on the fact that Mista would of probably realistically died taking that many bullet wounds and losing that much blood. Their resolve to take damage to their own bodies to bring down Ghiaccio is pretty impressive. The use of the blood to temporarily blind him and run him back into the spike that would eventually bring him to his demise was neat.

However, the best part of the episode wasn’t even the fight but instead the continuation of Mista’s backstory. How he met with Bruno when getting out of jail after Bruno saw his story in the newspaper and decided that he acted in self-defense. He was good with a gun and a lively person and thus Bruno invited him to join him, they seemed to get along swimmingly and Mista saw that this was the future he was aiming towards all along.
The other most important part is seeing as Mista is laying there and Ghiaccio and White Album are defeated he thinks about Giorno. How even though he’s a newbie, things seem to work out when they place their trust in him. How he is charismatic and the most important line to me was.

“In some ways he’s more like my Capo then Bucciarati.”

Which is a huge step forward for Giorno. Considering up until now this has felt predominantly more like Bucciarti’s story then Giorno’s. I’ve heard from my friend who is a manga reader that I am not alone in being of that opinion and it’s a common joke that Bucciarati is the Jojo of part 5.
It’s nice to see this step in to be more Giorno’s story even if it is for a short bit and in the middle of the series. The moment where he finished off Ghiaccio echoing the memorable ‘Muda’ we all know from Dio was a treat.

The last and greatest moment of this episode was Giorno healing Mista’s wounds in a way that looked insanely homoerotic and Narancia looking upon it with absolute horror. This scene, leading into the far too sexual ending theme was comedy gold. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.
We see a bit more of the mysterious boss of Passione after the credits roll but we still don’t get any hints as to what he looks like or who he is.

Overall, this was a decent episode. The fight itself was a little weak, but the intentions and character growth slid in to make it tolerable. Hopefully the Stand fights coming up as we get to the boss of the assassination team will be more rewarding.


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