Date A Live III Episode 5 – Despair Comes Crashing Down

This was all I could think about while watching this episode. Two satellites just wasn’t enough for them. They just had to drop a bomb too. And the boardroom broken arm gang was never heard from again. Someone should probably go apprehend them or something.

So this week closed out the Natsumi arc and immediately started the Origami one. No rest for our boy Shidou as per usual. I totally forgot he could wield Sandalphon, albeit not very effectively. This was also the first episode that really went in with the action. Not only did we get to see all of the sealed spirits transform, but even Kotori went spirit mode and put in work. Well, in the end Natsumi easily just turned the giant, explosive satellite into a stuffed pig and lollipops so I guess that’s also another way to get things done. A bit less climactic though.

Now, I know many people aren’t here for the action specifically but, animation-wise, it might be more accurate to say it was an action slideshow rather than a scene. I don’t know if they were trying to save money for the budget (the art looked better than usual I think) but they certainly showed where the money is NOT going. While we’re on the topic, another production note I had was the very, uh, eclectic use of music. As far as soundtracks go I am not very picky, I usually don’t even pay attention to them, but this time around certainly caught my ear. I was a big fan of the soundtrack for when people were evacuating from the spacequake and also Origami’s OST at the end. I thought those fit the mood very well and in general I’m just a fan of that type of music.

On the other hand, that rock ballad that started playing when Kotori transformed… eesh. I actually burst out laughing and had to rewind to watch it again. That was so out of nowhere and doesn’t fit with the show at all. I get it, she’s a badass in that form, but that just wouldn’t be my first choice of song. Also that weird like, clown music at the end before Origami shows up and destroys the bomb. Oh my god. I had to pause the player to see if somehow that sound was coming from somewhere else on my computer. Like a clown hacked my pc and I was hearing their circus music.

Other than that though, I’m glad to see Natsumi joining the crew! While Yoshino kinda already fills the loli role, I guess having one more isn’t really anything to complain about. I’ll miss the onee-san vibe she had for sure though. Not enough onee-sans these days, you feel me? In the beginning of the episode when Natsumi transforms into Kotori, I’m mildly ashamed to admit it took me way longer than it should have to realize what was going on. I think that turned out to be a great way of handling it though since hearing it in a situation like that, it’s probably easier for her to believe that they’re genuine compliments.

Three more callbacks from this episode to the past seasons, one which I remembered and the other two that I didn’t. Well, the first wasn’t so much a callback as I remembered something and I want to brag about my mediocre memory. Kannazuki, while a huge pervert, was amazing at battle tactics which is why he’s second in command. Ha! Bet ya didn’t know that! Oh, you definitely knew and I’m the only one who didn’t? Fair enough. We haven’t gotten many interactions with him this time around though which is a bit disappointing. I think the whole, ‘how should Shidou answer’ thing has kind of gone to the wayside anyway. Despite me remembering the one time he took command and used tiny shields to block a barrage of enemy blasts, I honestly, truly have no recollection of Ellen stabbing Shidou and I have literally no idea who or what Bandersnatch is. Judging by how important both of those references are, I feel really dumb for remembering Kannazuki but not them. Oh well. Not knowing who Bandersnatch is made the scene where there’s a random dude on the satellite pretty funny. It just sounded like you cursing the name of your neighbor. Dinkleburgs. Side note, when Shidou sees Ellen in his house, was it just me or was that line really weirdly put in? It’s almost like they did two takes of the scene and accidentally kept them both in.

All-in-all, enjoyable episode for sure. I’m more excited for Origami’s development than I was about Natsumi, but I still thoroughly enjoyed Natsumi’s sealing arc. To be honest, It’s just hard to beat Origami. Since she’s the #1 girl in the show and all. DEM Industries is now in full swing and Ellen and Westcott seem like they’re targeting Natsumi first and foremost. While her magic is pretty OP but it also seems like she can’t really use that much of it without getting tired. Ellen’s threat to Shidou about losing the rest of his ‘family’ was also interesting. I wonder if there’s already a plan in place to deal with them all?


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