That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime Episode 13 + 14 [ Devour My Sins ]

Episodes 13 and 14 chronicle the attack of the Orcs on the Lizardmen. Because of their massive force it is inevitable they would run into Goblin territory, and so the Ogres and Rimuru’s village of Goblins must do their best to stop the onslaught. After last episode, Gabiru has foolishly infiltrated a coup in order to attack the Orcs on his own. What could go wrong?! Well, after we saw that one the weaker Goblins was able to beat Gabiru with relative ease, you can guess what actually happens. Woops. I was so pleased to see Gabiru’s sister made it out of the village because every one of these villages deserves at least one competent tribe member left to work with Rimuru and we all know it isn’t about to be Gabiru. (Even if he sticks around there is no way that he is going to be the…competent one…right??)

The more we see the kijin the more I stan for them. Really, this show feels like so much more with all of them in it. Even Rimuru seems to feel that way as they basically comprise most of the efficient force of his army against the Orcs, even though he brings way more men than that. In particular, Soei really got to shine when he scouted and saved Souka (? I think that’s her name) and I’m hoping she gets to be a main stay after that. (And if she does, she will probably get hot because as we all know when you name characters in this show they become hotter.)

When we finally see the Orc Lord of the episode, we have also learned more about the one manipulating him. Gelmud was the name of the person who ‘named’ the Orc Lord and gave him his position, and he was hoping to evolve him to a Demon Lord and manipulate him from the shadows. Gelmud is pretty much trash and set up as the ’emotional’ antagonist. So far only Leon, a mysterious demon lord that trapped Shion in place as a summon and forced her to murder, has really been a ‘villain’ in this show. Now we’re learning more about people akin to Leon, luckily for us we don’t really have to wait for vengeance on him. Geld, the Orc Lord, promptly eats him and evolves into a Demon Lord.

I’m really fond of seeing Rimuru have to fight, but I didn’t expect him to be able to go into auto pilot mode and be able to trounce most enemies with ease. The really cool aesthetic of completely red eyes and no fucks given really jives with me! I loved watching these in particular because the camera shots were well done and the smooth animation of most of the fights was actually impressive. While his fight with Geld is probably the highlight of fights in this series, typically any fight where Rimuru is forced to take things seriously is one I enjoy.


What this show does best, though, is still how it makes me feel for monster races I normally don’t care about. The Orc Lord in these episodes barely grazed my feelings. Even seeing the backstory of him I was like ‘alright, so he’s starving. Everyone in this story seems to be’. But once Rimuru was able to eat him and absolve him of his sins and he could see a happy future for the Orcs where they were in a prosperous green land and free from their suffering, I lost it. I don’t know why seeing a crying orc finally just hit me in the feels when fantasy has designed them to be an almost pitiless race, but it got me. Gosh dang it, Rimuru Tempest for President!

I’m excited to see where the next arc for the show is going, and now I might return to one episode at a time coverage. I think these episodes are best viewed back to back because they’re essentially a two parter, with one setting up the Orc Lord and the second being the awesome fight between them. I’m ready to get down to business and see how the forest dwelling people might finally all decide to just go ‘welp Rimuru, you are clearly the best president, become forest slime president plz.’ Honestly, I can’t get over how much I want this slime to have a happy ending.

Maybe I should have voted Rimuru Tempest as best boy. Do slimes count as best boys?




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