Kakegurui×× Episode 1 (First Impression)

Well got damn, we’re back at it again with the unusually sexual gambling show full of crazy girls (and a couple guys). Not even five minutes into this episode and we were already greeted with those signature expressions. It really isn’t Kakegurui without the crazy. And the episode doesn’t waste any time getting into the intense gamble.

We were definitely thrown into something as we see a small gothic lolita girl holding a doll explaining her finger-cutting guillotine device. The usual people there are Yumeko and Suzui, and for some reason Midari is there and she’s wet and crazy. Mushibami explains the rules and how the game works, which is then placing their fingers into one of the holes, and they each take turns cutting one string from their side. One string causes the guillotine to drop and whoever loses their finger first loses obviously. I didn’t get it at first but I noticed on the side of the guillotine device there were three slits, so I think the guillotine goes down one of the slits and cuts only one finger? Either way, the game was pretty simple but the stakes were high. But they had the choice to remove their finger any time they wanted, but of course that would be a defeat and because this is Yumeko and fucking Midari we’re talking about, it’s no surprise that they were orgasming at the thought of possibly losing their finger. Though Yumeko and Midari were in sync, I couldn’t help but laugh at all the stank faces Yumeko made towards Midari. Still doesn’t like her. The gamble had the usual Kakegurui mind games from Yumeko, making Mushibami freak the hell out that maybe her device was tampered with and that her finger might actually get chopped off.

Not going to lie, I wasn’t crazy with this first episode. While it was kind of fun, we were thrown into an arc, thrown into a gamble with no context, with a character we don’t even know so I couldn’t exactly get too into it. Another thing I didn’t like was that there was a little recap AMV with the OP from season one, smack dab inserted without any transition. It was just unnecessary, we really didn’t need a recap. This was the typical example of an introduction episode, wanting the show to start off with a bang with a gamble, also to give us the Kakegurui goodness. But, I don’t think it was a wise decision.

However, after the little recap, we got something more exciting and saw Mushibami’s proper entrance. We pick up where the first season left off with Kirari announcing that she will step down as student council president and that there will be a new student council. She explains that to get rid of the infestation (Yumeko) from her school, she has to make some changes. And those changes are completely changing the student council with certain people she knows. We get introduced to a whole new group and each of them are pretty unique. We have a dead-looking girl that kind of reminds me of Tae from Zombieland Saga, a girl with a dog, a girl in a wheelchair, and so much more. What’s really significant about all of them is that they’re all part of the Momobami clan, Kirari’s clan. So these people are very important, and all probably scary. They all look really cool so I’m looking forward to what kinds of changes these people are going to make. We see Mushibami come in here, so I hope by the next episode we see the context of this crazy finger gamble.

The OP and ED were something I was looking forward to as the previous ones were really catchy and fun. This time, the OP wasn’t as visually fun even though it still looked gorgeous. Though it was still pretty sexy, just as expected, and I really liked the song. The ED is basically an upgrade of the last one. Looks very nice, but I wish they did something a little different.

This wasn’t the best start, but I’m intrigued by this new student council group. Now that Kirari is stepping down, I’m curious just what she will be doing now? It’s pretty exciting, so I hope the show picks up by next episode.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: High

MRW these girls orgasm over possibly losing their fingers


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