Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 14: Express Train to Florence

You know, there’s many things in Part 5 I plain just don’t remember but what I do remember about it is that’s it’s really brutal and disgusting and I remember this train segment and onwards being terrible. Even though we’ve already gotten some brutal scenes anyway, but it gets worse and The Grateful Dead shows that.

After the craziness at Pompei, Abbacchio gets his hand reattched with Sticky Fingers and for some reason Giorno is driving while a bunch of grown ass men sit in the back. Looking at the key, there’s a message in the red jewel that tells the group to find a drinking fountain with a turtle, then to take a train and take Trish to Venice where their mission of protecting her will come to an end.

It’s strange because the Boss mentioned something that’ll help them with transportation. At first Bruno has a hard time trying to find where to put the key but then notices something very odd about the turtle in front of him. Taking it, he runs inside the train car next to him. All the while, right behind him are both Pesci and Prosciutto from La Squadra but Prosciutto can’t make out what Bruno grabbed, and doesn’t understand when he can’t find him in the train car when he jumped in right after him. You got a weird animal in Jojo, like a turtle that for some reason has it’s shell perfectly shaped for their key? It’s a stand user! We’ve seen animals be stand users before like a dog, a hawk, and a rat but none of them would transport people inside them to a fancy lounge area. Yes, this safe transportation the Boss left for them was this turtle (whose called Mr. President, actually) because it doesn’t like noise, doesn’t move around much, and it’s nice and hidden in the driver’s cab. It’s so strange but it’s very convenient, because it even comes with seats, a couch, magazines, food, and even a fridge with drinks. One thing I’m disappointed with is them leaving out the TV. In the manga there’s a TV in the room with Captain Tsubasa playing on it. Seeing as how David Pro is doing Captain Tsubasa (2018) I would have thought that they would have played a short clip of their own show in this show, so dammit. It would have been hilarious.

Either way, trouble brews soon as Prosciutto and Pesci start to look for Bruno’s gang in the train. We see their stands starting with Pesci’s, which is Beach Boys. It’s a fishing rod that is used as a navigation tool. It goes through walls and with it Pesci can sense how many living things are in a room. He senses two in the driver’s cab, and brutally yanks out the driver with the fish hook in his mouth. He doesn’t notice the turtle under the seat.

So, getting desperate and following his intuition, Prosciutto brings out his own stand, The Grateful Dead. And it’s terrible. It’s ability is that it can age people depending on their body temperature and we’ve seen the effects of it immediately. Narancia and that baby was extremely disturbing and disgusting but really drives in the fear of what this stand can do. The whole crew eventually get affected as well, but I couldn’t help but laugh hard when Narancia slowly aged (before it got gross). The way he spoke when he looked at the garden magazine with nostalgia while licking his finger to turn the page cracked me up. Also shoutout to Daiki Yamashita and the others voice actors for sounding old but Daiki Yamashita really sold it for me with how much like an old man Narancia sounded. But the funnies stopped to become the horryfying and Giorno, even though old as hell, figured that the stand must deal with body temperature when it comes to aging. With them drinking cold water and Trish being a girl (thanks to science), she and Bruno age slower than the others, and Mista but a bit faster. Bruno tells him to leave the turtle to take care of their enemy while he stays with Trish inside. But as Mista leaves, he falls for the bait of turning on the AC in the driver’s cab to help his buddies, where Pesci hid The Beach Boys. Pesci caught a big one!

So this is an ugly one but it should be fun to see the next fight/arc. And again I say, it’s so amazing that Araki was able to make so many unique and creative stands, even if they are disturbing sometimes.

Jojo Fun Facts:

  • The Beach Boys are a rock band from the 60’s formed here in California. They popularized surf music and that’s why people think there’s so many surfers here. :/ (well, in southern california there is)
  • The Grateful Dead is another rock band that formed in the 60’s, and another local California band. Lots of fans here.
  • Prosciutto is an Italian cured ham. Yum!
  • Pesci means “fish” in English, even though this guy reminds me of a pineapple.

    I’m not the only one, right?


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