Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind: Episode 13 [Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze]

Sorry on the slight delay in coverage guys, well Happy New Year and what a way to ring in the new year with a new episode of Jojo part 5.

We left off with Fugo in the mirror world, Giorno trying to figure out what the effect of the enemy stand is and Abbacchio running off to try to get the key from the dog statue.Which is honestly just about the stupidest thing he could do with an enemy around, because as expected, Illuso disengages from combat with Fugo to follow Abbacchio and try to get the key himself. I have to back Berry on this, I understand where Abbacchio is coming from but I can’t really get behind his actions and it just leads me to be frustrated with his character at this point. One success of trusting Giorno on the boat a character arc doesn’t make i’ll admit, but still you’d think he’d be more willing to accept his input by now.
Well, lucky for us that Abbacchio is rather sharp and as soon as he sees the mirror he shatters it and summons Moody Blues so the one dragged into the Mirror World is Moody Blues and not himself. At least at first, until a part of him gets dragged in and a part of Moody Blues gets let out.

If Illuso gets the key, it means they fail the mission. Not just that though, “It means Giorno was right.” oh my god, is he really concerned about that at a time like this? Get off your High Horse. So to retrieve the key and get it to Giorno, he cuts off his own hand.
Honestly, a commendable sacrifice which is almost immediately overshadowed by the fact that Giorno in his attempt to beat this enemy stand, infected HIMSELF with the poison from Purple Haze and got pulled into the mirror world to Illuso.
In the end, since Giorno cleverly heals himself with his stand’s ability, Abbacchio made the greater sacrifice and even Giorno admits to that as Fugo commends him on risking his life to save them. Still, at the time that’s absolutely nuts. Infecting yourself with a deadly virus on the gamble that Illuso will leave the mirror world and set up a way that Fugo could know where to have Purple Haze attack.

With that, Illuso is finished. They have the key, Giorno is healed from the poison but exhausted and Abbacchio is missing a hand. After the credits, we see a man dead with a burned piece of paper on the ground and someone wearing a prison uniform leans down and picks up the paper and smiles before we’re hit with the ‘to be continued’ arrow.
An interesting set up, I honestly have no idea where it is going.

This episode was pretty standard Jojo fare. The animation stands out again this week as the effects of Purple Hazes ability were absolutely horrifying to watch. Giorno and Abbacchio both are very clever and think quickly in the face of danger and their way of doing things is so amazingly over the top that I can only smile. I don’t have any fun facts this week and the preview says “Special Program” so i’m not entirely sure what we’re looking at come Friday. A ‘making of’ special? A flashback? Some kind of strange filler ep? Who knows.


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