Domestic na Kanojo Episode 3

I am starting to like this show way more than I thought I would. It’s got all the messy antics that I was expecting, but even aside from that it’s actually a decent comedy. It’s clearly not taking itself too seriously, which can only be a good thing in a show as trashy as this one. I have therefore decided that I’m going to officially pick it up for the season!

This episode was probably the funniest one for me so far. Fumiya didn’t leave much of an impression on me before but he’s actually sort of hilarious – he could give Rui a run for her money in the one-liner department, especially alongside his workmate Mari who is also great. Damn, Natsuo really is worst boy. Even his sidekick’s sidekick has more charm than him.

The insane coincidences in this show are killing me, too. Rui just happened to be Hina-sensei’s sister, their mother just happened to be Natsuo’s father’s new wife, Fumiya just happened to overhear Hina and her married lover arguing. It’s like everyone’s actions are guided by some unknown force based on what’s going to cause the biggest shitstorm. It’s beautiful.

For example, oh god why did Natsuo have to confront Hina about her affair, what good could possibly have come from that? No good whatsoever. And why did he kiss her after? AND WHY DID SHE KISS HIM BACK (after slapping him, no less)? This realm is ruled by the god of chaos. Nobody in this show is capable of making anything other than the most dramatic decision at any given time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to think that Natsuo’s a creep with poor impulse control anyway. Then again, so is Hina, so I guess they’re perfect for each other in a way.

But honestly, this boy handles situations so poorly. He didn’t even consider how his father and stepmother might react to him running away to stay with a friend? It didn’t occur to him that they might think they had upset him in some way? He didn’t even tell them where he was going! How self-absorbed can you get? I sort of don’t get what he was hoping to accomplish by running away, anyway. I guess he wasn’t really thinking; he just wanted out of the awkward situation he’d dumped himself into. That poor impulse control at it again. I love that the parents were actually getting ready to divorce in the two days that Natsuo was away, as well. I guess he had to get his hastiness from somewhere. Not to mention a penchant for drama. How extra are they, signing their divorce papers in a pitch-black house? God bless. They’re my pairing of the show as it stands.

It seemed like Natsuo and Hina were trying to outdo each other for most outrageous behaviour in that episode, but I think Hina came out the clear winner in the end. That girl needs Jesus or Dr Phil or Marie Kondo or someone. I have never seen a life less in order. And she just keeps making things worse for herself. But really, what’s making out with your underage stepbrother/student on top of all the other shit she’s got going on in her life? Might as well add that on too.

Rui wasn’t around much for the episode but she totally stole the show when she did show up. Her pout when she found out she was younger than Natsuo was too cute and her pyjamas are precious. And hey, we finally found out what possessed her to sleep with Natsuo, too. Although the explanation really raises more questions than it answers. How does her sleeping with a random guy she has no feelings for make her advice any more valid? To be fair, that is a very Rui-ish line of thinking.

This show has been an absolute rollercoaster so far and I am definitely looking forward to whatever bullshit next week has in store (i.e., oh lord what’s the plan, what are these two idiots going to pull and how badly is it going to backfire).

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  1. Eron says:

    “I am definitely looking forward to whatever bullshit next week has in store”

    Oh, you won’t be disappointed at ALL.

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