Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind: Episode 9 [Orders from the boss]

With the two people who were chasing them down captured, they get get the 10 billion lire safely and pass it along so Bruno can become a Capo. Where is the fortune hidden? Inside a urinal in a public toilet. Hidden using Bruno’s stand ability, so it’s unzipped and bam. There it is. God, this has to be the most perfect hiding spot in the history of man. First off, it can’t be accessed without the use of his stand ability. Second off, it’s in the last place anyone would think to look. You think of treasure you think perhaps it’s hidden in a cave or buried somewhere on the island.
Nope, right in a public toilet. Araki is a genius sometimes, a strange odd genius, but a genius regardless.
So they are met by two people dressed up as Janitors. One of them is a Capo and the other is, the boss of Passion’s daughter. Trish Una, who is being hunted down on the idea that she knows some secret about the boss. Though she doesn’t know anything, apparently. The Capo promotes Bruno after getting the money from him and passes him a very important mission that was supposed to go to Polpo before his passing. The mission of guarding Trish.

I can’t really say how I feel about Trish right now. My first impression of her is that she is a raging bitch, but there is probably a lot more to her character to discover in later episodes.

So Narancia is sent out shopping to get all of the things that Trish demanded they get for her after being passed into their care. Immediately on the way back, he can sense that there is something off. He finds himself with a unwanted visitor suddenly in the back of the rental car asking questions about why Bruno and his group are not at Polpo’s funeral. A member that defected, that is trying to find Trish and get the information from her.
A enemy stand user.  After getting injured by this guy, Narancia loses his god damn mind. He’s basically a Berserker! He summons his stand, Aerosmith to begin attacking. It just shoots and shoots and Narancia kicks the car with reckless abandon and scares this guy half to death. Aerosmith fires a missile into the back seat and the guy sitting there is gone. One would think it finished him off, but there is no body to speak of.

We find out quickly where he went. He shrunk himself, with his stand “Honey I shrunk the kids.” wait, that’s what it would be if Stands were named after movies instead of songs. I think it was something like…Little feet? Tiny Feet? Alright, a quick google search confirmed that I was right on both of those. ‘Little Feet’ is the actual name and the non-copyright translation is ‘Tiny Feet.’ and basically it’s a stand that shrinks things. Including people, so he got into the car and out of the car by shrinking and at the end of the episode he begins shrinking Narancia.
My friend tells me that there are spiders next episode. Large spiders, I can understand why if we’re basically having “Jojo, I shrunk the gang.” the episode.

I love Narancia so far, he’s my favorite of Bruno’s gang. Though we haven’t had a episode dedicated to Fugo yet, so there is still a lot of time for this to change but there is just something about Narancia that endears me towards him. I can’t wait to see Aerosmith face against Little Feet, though I am not entirely keen on this whole spider thing. It can’t be helped I guess, it is Jojo after all.
Another ‘it’s Jojo’ moment in the episode is the first time we see Little Feet’s user, he’s struggling to hold onto a cat and as he leaves the apartment. He leaves the cat stuck in a booze bottle, the guy I watched with heard me exclaim in anger at the abuse of a cat and he deadpan said to me. “At least it’s not a dog this time.” and I stopped, thought about all the parts prior to this and went “No, you right.”
At least the cat is alive and can be feasibly saved from the bottle. Usually Arakai just has someone kill a dog to show how evil they are.

Fun Fact of the episode:

-Narancia’s stand Aerosmith is an American Rock band that started in the 1970’s in Boston and still plays to this day.


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