Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind: Episode 11 [Little Bomber/Aerosmith]

First off, Narancia is a Leo and this makes me immensely happy. There are SO few characters that I like that are Leo’s like me. This has nothing to do with anything, but since the opening dialogue of his backstory mentioned it. It just made me really happy.
Speaking of Narancia’s backstory. It was just, so sad. The rift that developed between him and his father after the death of his mother due to an eye disease. The way he was framed and shunned by someone he thought was his friend. Reduced to living on the street and fearing dying of the same eye disease that took his mother. He was found by Fugo, and brought to Bruno. He is fed by him and cured, and encouraged to go live at home and go to school.
Though it is far too late for him to mend things with his father and he goes to Polpo on his own and passes the test and goes on to work for Bruno.

End the backstory and we return to the Stand fight. My friend, that I watch these episodes every week with has been warning me about a spider since we first entered this batch of episodes. I can see why, the idea of being shrunk down to a tiny size and shoved in a bottle with a spider is horrifying. If the spider had of been drawn more realistically? This probably would of freaked me the hell out. Luckily, it was just anime enough that it managed to be tolerable.
Rather then shoot at the spider, Narancia shoots at the small whole that he’d already made in the car’s gas tank. He has the car explode, lighting everything ablaze. The ability of Little Feet eases up and Narancia is returned to his proper size.

Formaggio isn’t dead yet though and slashes his own wrist and shrinks his body, putting out the fire engulfing him with his own blood. The simple answer to this? Burn everything, so someone so tiny won’t be able to escape without going up in flames. He shoots multiple cars, causing multiple explosions and fires.
“Are you sane”
Formaggio asks, and honestly. I said it before, but I think the thing that I like most about Narancia is that he is immensely like a Berserker. He has a single focus and will go to any length. He was more then willing not just to burn down that street, but the entire city if need be.
Formaggio returns to his proper size and there is one last moment face down in which it is very much like an old shoot out. Honestly, for a moment, the way it was paced I thought it was going to pop the arrow and go ‘to be continued’.
No, it was just a tense show down before the two Stands clashed and Narancia stood victorious. Though the shopping trip was an absolute failure. The money and all the things he bought went up entirely in flames.

Back at the Vineyard. Narancia tells them everything, including the fact that Formaggio found their location before he fell in the Stand Battle. They need to move, or so they believe but Giorno feelings confident that they will get orders from the boss. As soon as he says this, they receive orders from the boss.
A mission, to go retrieve a key to a safe vehicle that will bring Trish to him. That’s where the episode wraps up, and oh boy. I love, Narancia so much. He’s such a good boy, while being slightly unhinged but he is immensely loyal and that’s the most anyone can ask for in a mafia world like this.


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