Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 11

Oh no…. I knew something bad was going to happen but I didn’t expect anything like THIS.

The episode starts out all happy and normal as the group gets ready for the Culture Festival. It’s honestly really nice to see the character development from both Yuito and Asagi in this little bit. With Yuito showing the group his artwork for their club’s event, which even Kawai points out how much he’s changed since he never liked showing others his work before. He even goes on to say that he’s actually decided to pursue art afterall. And then Asagi who agrees to sell her rabbit postcards that she made per Yamabuki’s suggestion. Though she initially doesn’t want to be you can definitely tell Kohaku’s words repeated themselves in her head before quickly retracting her statement and said she would do it. You won’t change unless you put in the effort and that’s exactly what Asagi is starting to do and I’m proud of her. Even though it took eleven episodes… But better late than never.

Things go from happy go lucky to somewhat eerie when Asagi hurries over to Hitomi and finds that she is nowhere to be seen. She reappears, but I couldn’t help but feel a sinking feeling in my stomach when she said “It felt like time stopped for a moment.” Kohaku seemed to have the same feelings and when this ball of sunshine is serious it means STUFF IS GOING DOWN. The situation serves to be even more urgent than anyone had expected when Kohaku messages her professor from abroad and they respond how history is trying to fix itself from the anomaly which may end up with Hitomi stuck in a time gap. I had a feeling that the time magic wouldn’t be able to keep Hitomi there indefinitely but it’s scary to think that she could disappear at any given moment.

I love how driven Kohaku is in this episode. I mean, I don’t blame here considering one of her precious family member’s life is hanging on the line. GIRL HAS TO GET STUFF DONE. Though I have to admit that Hitomi’s lack of reaction when Kohaku tells her she has to leave soon was both weird and a little frustrating. I don’t think she understands the urgency as she wonders if she’ll stop seeing colors. GIRL YOU LIFE IS IN JEOPARDY WE CAN THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS LATER. And I appreciate Kohaku so much because SHE GETS IT. She also gets pretty frustrated at Hitomi, desperate to have the family member she wants to save understand what’s at stake. I get she’s torn up over not being able to see her friends again and how seeing color is important to her. But all of that will mean nothing if she ceases to exist. PRIORITIES.

Things get even more serious when Hitomi disappears again while talking nostalgia with Yuito. That scene was just so well executed and the sense of dread just sinks in when the umbrella just falls and all sounds vanish. The sense of urgency ramps up to eleven and I just feel so bad for Kohaku. This whole situation has her so distressed and Hitomi just doesn’t seem to share her sense of urgency. While the group searched for her, I couldn’t help but think: WHY DIDN’T YOU CHECK THE PLACE WHERE SHE DISAPPEARED. Man, this episode is putting me so on edge. If only Hitomi can actually realize how scared Kohaku is of losing her. She cares so much for her and it breaks my heart at how distressed she is. This episode does a great job just showcasing how despite Kohaku always being a well of knowledge and support, she also needs her own emotional support. And her own grandmother is just that. It almost parallels what Kohaku is to Hitomi. GAH MY HEART.

Kohaku finds out that the best time to send Hitomi back to the future is on the night of the new moon. I honestly thought after being asked when it would be, Kohaku would answer: TOMORROW. Making it SO dramatic. But it was actually two days. So a little more time than I initially thought lol. However, they would have to bid Hitomi farewell on the night of the culture festival which would basically feel exactly like this episode. Being all happy and uplifting in the beginning to end it off on a sad, distressing note.

I was surprised that Asagi unconsciously started picking a fight with Fukazawa, berating on how calm and laid back he was about the whole thing. And then Fukazawa points out if crying would solve anything. Both sides definitely had their points but also picked a needless fight. In this instance, I could empathize with Asagi. She had just made up with Hitomi and were closer than ever only to be forced to say goodbye to her so suddenly. So it’s understandable how upset she is over it all. Though it makes me wonder if Hitomi can find them all as elders if she makes it back to the future. However, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same.

While I love Hitomi and her character development, I found myself just frustrated with her this entire episode. She is just SO RELUCTANT to go back to her time. Which again, is understandable. But when your life is hanging in the balance, there isn’t much of a choice. I don’t know why her comment on how she wished the new moon would never come bothered me so much. If it didn’t come, she would most likely end up in a time gap. Kohaku is trying so hard for her sake, A LITTLE MORE URGENCY OVER YOUR SITUATION WOULD BE NICE.

That last scene though. UGH IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Even if I have reservations about it, it was so well done. Especially with how the ending music started playing, just hitting my heart with feels. The hug between Hitomi and Yuito felt so bittersweet. Like I’m sure everyone was hoping to see it for a while, but under these circumstances it just feels sad. Especially since this may be the last time they see each other. I honestly am not sure if I truly ship them or not. The fact that they may not work out due to the whole time paradox thing is what is preventing me from investing in their relationship. Which is probably why I was always wary of Hitomi and Yuito falling for each other. However, I’m still curious about what is their true connection. Why did Hitomi first appear in that time period in his room of all places? Why can she only see color for Yuito’s drawings? So many questions and only a couple more episodes to go.

Also random note but I couldn’t help but wonder if the bookstore owner is Kohaku’s future husband since his design was always a bit more unique than the others and voiced by Junichi Suwabe of all people. You don’t slap Junichi Suwabe’s voice onto a character and not have that character be important in one way or another.

This is totally her future husband


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