Anima Yell! Episode 9: The Captain is Chosen! Five-Person Cheer Squad

Now with Kana officially part of the group, the Cheer Association has now become a Cheerleading Club/Team! And with that, that means things will get easier for them now that they’ll be able to have an advisor to help them out, along with funds. This is another thing about Japanese schools I find interesting, is that the schools actually fund clubs. Schools usually spend on sports, and cheerleading is a sport so that shouldn’t be surprising. But Japanese schools literally fund ALL types of clubs, even if it’s a literature club or something. That’s very generous. Must be nice…sigh.

Anyway, the girls go after glasses teacher and recruits her to being their advisor from much pressure and indirect unintentional blackmail from Kohane. And immediately the girls get a request! What luck to get so many requests. Apparently, one of the parents from the basketball game liked them and wants them to cheer and do a halftime performance for a local soccer team. Turns out, this soccer team, Victories, is where Uki’s little brother is in.

Uki has a tough time with all this. She’s been lying to her brother this whole team about being in the track team at school with Kohane, which is a hilarious thing to think about. Akane is at the age where’s he’s a little brat that’s annoyed by girls and super girly things. So Uki is worried that he’s going to hate her in the cheerleading team, but also get upset that she was lying to him the whole time. She wants to tell him before the game but has trouble doing so, even with the advice from the other girls. Wasting her time and failing every single time, she has no choice but to have him find out the day of the game. And he’s pretty embarrassed and shocked of course. He wasn’t excited about cheerleaders coming to the game anyway and went off about them being annoying and wearing flashy outfits and showing off their panties to the crowd. Hearing this, Uki gets pissed and calls him a perv and watch where he keeps his perv eyes the next day. Well, those eyes were huge.

While he wasn’t excited at the idea, he was pretty surprised with Uki and the rest of the girls. They cheered and smiled the entire first half, and Kohane came up to the kids on the bench and made them cheer along with them. Akane got really into it. He was even more surprised that the girls were able to put on a very energetic performance, and then go back to cheering in the second half. And lucky for him, his coach put him in the game in the second half.

Basically by the end of it all, he gained a new appreciation for cheerleaders and still thinks his big sis is just as cool. His interaction with Kohane was cute too. Also it looks like the girls are really making a name for themselves. Their teacher finds out from the coach that apparently people think the Kaminoki Cheer girls are a source of good luck, so this reputation of them is probably going to get a lot more requests to their door.


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