Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 76


But we will learn more about that next week, so let’s dig into how Aoi and Aqua are tied together!

So the ‘connection’ between Aoi and Aqua isn’t actually through a previous personal encounter, but rather the bond they share with Miyu, who was Aoi’s first friend. When Aqua was trying to release Miyu from Lightning’s virus (putting her in a comatose state, similarly to what had happened to Aoi when she suffered from the Hanoi Knights’ virus), she received fragments of Miyu’s most vivid memory of how Aoi ‘saved’ her. Truth to be told, I found this event Aoi ‘saved’ Miyu from was an exaggerated description of what actually happened. All Aoi did, was try to help Miyu by taking the blame for losing her mother’s ring. She said it with good intentions in mind, but it came with a heavy price, of Miyu’s mother forbidding the two from ever playing with each other again. And the saddest part about this, was how that was the last time the two ever saw each other, because Aoi didn’t get the chance to say goodbye or see her again due to moving to another town with her brother (since back then, with no place to live, they moved from town to town). 

With that in mind, it seems the ring incident happened some time before Miyu became a victim of the Hanoi Project (The Lost Incident), because I can’t imagine Miyu’s mother would allow her to play anywhere unsupervised after that. I mean this is the woman who got angry at Aoi and forbid them from every seeing each other again.

And what makes this bond between them so exciting to me, is how Aoi’s partnership with Aqua is not only about saving Humanity, and fighting for co-existence, but now has an even more greater and personal purpose of saving her first friend whom she had lost touch with. There’s a precious goal at the finish line, and that is the long awaited reunion between the two girls! (THEIR FRIENDSHIP WAS SO CUTE!!!)

And I feel like that’s exactly what Aqua is supposed to embody. This set up gives me the sense that Aqua is supposed to be the Ignis of Bonds. She is all about healing, co-existence, relationships, love, and it’s such a beautiful thing. It makes me fall in love even more with her character and I am so excited for the bond that will be forged between them.

Actually now that I think of it, I never really thought about it too much about what each Ignis is suppose to embody. Yes they are based off their origins, and certain characteristics are shared between them, but Dr. Kogami also created them with the purpose of leading Humanity. So it wouldn’t surprise me if each Ignis were designed to embody certain qualities.

Like the first thing that comes to my mind for Earth, he is the Protector. And we can see that reflecting not just by his convictions to protect Crystal Heart, but also in his Origin’s (Spectre) deck, which heavily revolves around protecting the beloved tree! It kind of blows my mind it took me this long to finally realize it, but then again, we only got to know more about the Ignis recently. As for Windy, Lightning, Flame and Ai, they are a bit trickier for me to determine at the moment. Of the top of my head, I do have a couple of ideas, such as Windy is a cunning trickster, so I feel like Illusions might apply to him. Lightning maybe Power and Ambition…. Flame maybe Brave or Courage? Ai is… well… I guess Free or Independence, might be his match. Frankly, I’m not entirely sure if it’s all supposed to make total sense if you put them altogether, but anyways this is just food for the thought!

Overall this episode was definitely a lot slower and kind of played out a bit differently than thought it would, but by no means was it bad. In fact I thought it was good, it covered a lot grounds, especially with Ryoken right off the bat visiting Yuusaku and Ai to deliver the news that Earth has been effectively killed and there’s no coming back. This means Earth’s death is  officially set into stone, and he’s not going to come back. But if he does, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY he would return as the one we knew and loved due to the way SOL Technology decompiled him.

RIP Earth… You will forever be in our hearts.

But one of the consequences of Earth’s demise, is feeding into the feelings of resentment towards Humanity life. While Aqua is devastated by Earth’s loss, she won’t waver, and will continue to fight for co-existence because she believes that’s the path they should take. Ai on the other hand, Earth’s death hurts him a lot, and it’s starting to make him development his hatred towards Humans as well. It’s something he (or rather Yuusaku) will need to be mindful and cautious of in the future since Ai tends to be influenced by his emotions. We haven’t seen Flame’s reaction, but I am definitely curious how he will respond to it considering he already doesn’t trust SOL Technologies to begin with.

High Risk High Reward, using Blood Shepherd as the lead to Aqua!

Another thing I really liked about this episode is further establishing the importance of the duo partnership between Aoi and Emma. These two are a unit, and regardless of the outcome of this PK (Player Kill) Duel between Blood Shepherd and Emma, even if she were to lose, I don’t expect Emma to simply roll over and do nothing, nor would I expect that from Blood Shepherd either. See here’s the thing, the conditions of the duel, says the loser will lose their account. But who the say, either one of them (considering they are both talented hackers), would create a brand new account. I’m just saying…

And you know, even if she were to lose and she can’t log back in, I’m not worried about it. It’s not a concern of mine. I highly suspect Emma would still be actively involved, just being demoted into a similar role as Kusanagi would, or heck she or/and Akira might actually effectively replace him if something were to suddenly happen to him, or prompt him to change alliance or the sorts! Actually, I would love to see partnership between Kusanagi and Emma in action, I think it would be pretty entertaining to seem them work together.

TLDR; Don’t freak out!

Either way, I am so excited to see the team fighting for co-existence slowly but surely, coming together!


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15 Responses

  1. I watched the episode with spanish subs, so I don’t know what it said exactly in English to copy it textually, but…

    Aoi: What is an Ignis? Are they alive?
    Akira: It depends on what you consider to be alive, but they have free will. It’s possible that they know and fear death.
    Aoi: Then SOL killed one of them?
    Akira: Even if they were created by humans, we can not do with them as we please. We are not god.
    Aoi: If they are alive, it may be natural for them to hate humans.

    I love how the show adopts the concept of what it means to be alive and apply it to artificial intelligences with free will It reminds me to DotHack.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah that was basically the english translation. It really does add a lot of weight and depth to the conflict of dealing wwith the Ignis species. And it’s only going to become even more complicated when it comes to addressing what is the best way to deal with the bad ones like Lightning and Windy, or Bohman and Haru, and anyone else they might create.

  2. ecarg312 says:

    I think people might think Miyu’s inclusion to the plot seems forced, but I think it’s not. It has been established many times that Aoi is NOT the female Lost Incident victim because the timeline clashed way too much. Aoi suddenly remembering Miyu might seem contrived, but it is not. The human brain is quite complex. You can remember things from way back in your life even at an older age.

    Also, I can relate to Aoi’s backstory with Miyu for I had a friend I considered dear back in elementary school. We didn’t really argue, so we got along well. We were put in different classes in fourth grade and then I moved. I didn’t come into contact with her again until high school where I found her on Facebook, but I didn’t have the courage to talk to her until college. We eventually met up in person again two years ago and have been talking on social media ever since.

    I feel like Ai only said he started hating humans out of emotional rage. He should know that Yusaku and Cafe Nagi and Akira’s group aren’t bad people.

    I then realize that Ryoken giving Yusaku that program back in episode 73 eluded to Miyu for she was attacked by Lightning for being Aqua’s Origin. Imagine if they didn’t have that program, it would’ve been game over for them.

    Blood Shepherd and Ghost Girl being siblings was actually a surprise for me, but I can see it due to their similar color palettes. It’s kind of like Kusanagi and Jin where Kusanagi has darker hair while Jin has lighter hair but still maintain their color schemes. I do like how the number 3 is implemented as a core number. BS is the third older brother introduced in VRAINS and could be an important plot element going forth (like how Windy was the third Ignis introduced and then revealed to be quite pivotal to the plot for being one of the most malicious ones).

    I feel like BS vs GG is going to be a draw, but I do worry about what happens if BS loses. He can make a new account, but what if he goes after Flame and Ai in the real world? He knows Soulburner’s real-life identity, so who knows what twisted things BS will do in the name of terminating AI’s.

    • Eva says:

      I also feel like Aoi’s backstory with Miyu also gives insight why she is so reserved and doesn’t look to make friends with others. It’s quite symbolic how it’s Aqua (being connected to Miyu) who is going to help her become friends with Yuusaku and Takeru!

      It was definitely an emotional out burst, but what happens if Ai’s emotions were to get the better of him? He doesn’t understand it, so there is a chance there might be a moment in the future where there will be consequences if he can’t control it and accidental takes it out on someone.

      Oooh good catch on Ryoken warning Yuusaku about Lightning’s attacks. He did mention they have located all of the victiums, so he knows exactly what’s going on, though he hasn’t shared much of the details except for alluding Windy killed his partner.

      As you say about BS, I think this is why this duel is going to be an interesting one, because regardless of the outcome, both characters will find ways to continue to be active, be it working around the system or shifting their focus. I don’t think we will have a draw again considering how many draws we have had recently. (BS VS SB, PM VS BM)

      • ecarg312 says:

        Yes, I do love how it’s Aqua who’s going to make Aoi break out of her shell for good; Aqua is Miyu’s child of sorts, so it’s meaningful if Aoi’s first attempt at making friends (Miyu) is relived again with another part of Miyu. (Also, I just remembered that if Miyu was kidnapped, she wore her hair in pigtails to help her remember Aoi T^T)

        If Ai’s emotions do get the better of him, I feel like there’s going to be an Ignis vs Ignis duel, either Ai vs Flame or Ai vs Aqua, since they’re the ones for coexistence the most.

        I don’t think Windy killed his partner; he just caused an accident. Windy’s partner might be in critical condition.

        Yes, the duel will be very interesting because BS and GG play very effect-heavy decks. If there isn’t going to be a draw, I personally want GG to win.

  3. This episode turned out to be better than I expected! I was also shocked by the turn the story decided to take instead of Aoi maybe having lost her memories of the Lost Incident as I thought at first. That was actually a pleasant surprise! This episode basically screamed “Girl power!” I was touched to hear that Miyu never forgot Aoi even after 10 years of not seeing each other. I really do hope they get back in touch with one another when the series concludes. I can definitely say that Aoi and Aqua will become partners not just to fight for coexistence and to protect the remaining Ignis that are humanity’s side, but also to save Miyu. This will definitely develop Aoi’s character as now the fight is also personal, as the Ignis got her first friend involved. Did you sorta laugh at Aoi’s reaction to Emma assuming Aoi was having a dream about having a date with a handsome guy? I know I did. I bet Emma is gonna tease Aoi about possibly having a crush on Yusaku when Emma meets Yusaku for the first time.

    This episode definitely developed Aoi’s character. The way she questions whether Ignis are alive or not and the morality of SOL’s actions towards killing him like that was just like Baira felt the Another Incident would hurt someone close to her, and that person was Revolver. I bet Aoi feels guilty for siding with SOL and being rude to the boys back in episode 55 by saying the Ignis are SOL’s property, especially now that she’s witnessed Earth’s death. She obviously was quite shaken by it. I have to say that when it comes to true friends, Aoi is a great and loyal friend by taking the blame for Miyu for losing her mother’s ring. Plus Aoi looks so adorable when she’s sleeping.

    Onto the Ignis. Ai is truly driven by his emotions, moreso than the other Ignis. I felt somewhat nervous when Yusaku looked a little shocked by Ai saying he’s starting to hate humans too. I just hope Ai isn’t gonna turn on humanity, but I doubt it for now. I think Ai understands there are good and bad humans in the world just like Flame and Aqua know. I’m glad Aqua has chosen to continue supporting humanity despite everything that happened to Earth. Her feeling didn’t waver at all. I’m glad Miyu’s friendship with Aoi just strengthened her belief. Although with Miyu placed in a coma by Lightning makes me scared about what could have happened to Yusaku if he didn’t have the program that prevents Lightning from hurting him. It’s too bad Lightning got to Miyu first before Aqua did. I’m sure Lightning was planning to put all six victims of the Lost Incident into comas and then brainwash them into joining his cause.

    I was so happy Blue Girl came to save Aqua in the nick of time! I’ve waited so long for them to have their first interaction on screen. And Ghost Girl must have been so touched by Aoi and Aqua’s connection that she was willing to do something she usually wouldn’t do for the sake of “friendship between women”. The girls looking out for each and protecting one another. Once again, that is girl power! This episode shows how strong and brave the girls truly are. I’m so excited for next week’s episode, as Ghost Girl called Blood Shepherd her “nii-san” or big brother in Japanese. I wonder what happened. It’ll be great character development for Ghost Girl. I just love how the story is developing the female characters now too. They need a turn in the spotlight.

    • Eva says:

      It’s very likely Lightning targeted Miyu long before he went after Jin. So this plan of his has been in motion for a while now, and Jin has been hard to get to because of the way he had barricaded himself into his room, staying away from technologies and the sorts. Poor guy, thought it was finally safe, only to get attacked again.

      I’m loving Aoi’s character development, and it really does serve as a huge parallel to the path Onizuka has taken after both having fallen from grace. Aoi started off ignorant, but instead of whining and complaining and blaming others for her loss, she took it upon herself to grow stronger and decided to try to understand rather than to stubbornly ignore it. It really makes her character shine even more. I’m excited to see how the trio will interact with one another. I feel like Takeru is that bubbly character they need to help break the ice, probably in a similar way Miyu connected with Aoi as well.

      Emma has grown quite a bit as a character as well since we have first met her. She used to be a treasure hunter all for her own gain, but now she’s fighting for a larger cause. I’m looking forward to seeing she and BS ended up taking such different paths, and her perspective on the accident he and their mother were caught up in.

  4. Dave Aristide says:

    I’m pretty sure losing your account in VRAINS equates to being perma banned, that’s what I got out of it anyway.

    After all, whats the point of a PK duel if the loser can just make a new account?

    • Eva says:

      I figured both BS and GG has enough connection with SOL to have a reason to help them get a new account if necessary LOLZ. But admittedly even that is a stretch, but it’s not entirely out of the question haha. It’s just a matter if they are valuable enough to do it or in this case, Akira to risk breaking the rules for GG.

      • Dave Aristide says:

        A friend of mine brought up the possibility that should GG lose (assuming there’s no way to get her account back), it would a perfect opportunity to make her the Kusanagi to Aoi’s Playmaker.

        • Eva says:

          I actually mentioned that. It’s why I wouldn’t be upset she’d lose, because I think Kusanagi does need a partner to help them enable the team, and I don’t think Akira is going to be the one to do it. Also I really want to see the two of them interact with each other ahaha!

  5. elior1 says:

    you know aoi can be a temporary partner for aqua until they save miyu and then aqua will reunite with her true partner . this will be good way to do it and also bring miyu in with aqua

  6. Kazanova says:

    I still love Ryoken, but the way he so smugly and casually spoke of Earth’s death like to Yusaku and Ai was just plain cruel. He clearly belittled Earth. I want to punch him for this. Congrats to Ryoken and SOL for being stupid for making another reason for an Ignis to hate humans.

    Yep! I knew it that Aoi is not a victim of Lost Incident! Yeah, Aqua has color palletes similar to Blue Angel and Blue Girl, not to mention pigtails, but that theory is skeptical thinking thoroughly.

    In the flashback before, Miyu’s shillouette showed her having pigtails, while in this episode she didn’t. I would love to think that Miyu started tying her hair in pigtails after Aoi left to remember her best friend. I can’t wait for the reunion between them!

    I would love to see Aqua dueling to be honest. She is a Water Ignis, so I have no doubt her Deck is Water-based monsters. The same also goes for Ai and Flame. I want to see them dueling by themselves in the future if possible.

    From the preview and their different last names, it seems to indicate that Emma and Kengo lived separately because their parents got divorced or something. Kengo was mentioned that he hate “that guy”, that may referring to his father. And he seems to hate his own sister, Emma, for living a happy life on her own while he and his mother live in misery. If this is true, Kengo, that’s an unjustified hatred against your own sister. And please give us explanation what happened between them after Ghost Girl saved Soulburner from Blood Sheperd.

    • Eva says:

      The guy has always been an asshole, at least ever since he decided to fulfill his father’s mission of killing the Ignis.

      OH MY GOD YOU’RE HITTING ME RIGHT IN THE FEELSSSSSSSSSSS. I ACCEPT THIS HEADCANON. MAKE IT HAPPEN WRITERS, MAKE IT HAPPEN. I’m gonna be sobbing when they reunite, just watch Lightning be that asshole summoning Miyu like he did with Jin and force Aoi and Aqua to fight her.

      I’m looking forward to finally seeing BS and GG’s backstory as siblings!

  7. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    We dived into Aoi’s expanded backstory and she acquired Aqua now who’s actually NOT her origin but rather her first friend called “Miyu”. Light years more well-narrated with Maekawa Atsushi giving characterization for Aoi and her actions to come.

    And hooray, we have a “fratricide” duel (as Emma officially confirmed that she and Blood Shepherd were siblings) coming soon and I MOST definitely want Ghost Girl to grind down this trash-tier villain who boasted like he’s some big shit when his threat levels are empty. Oh wait, Trickstars & Altergeists are the meta decks and they’re played by females, plus Shin Yoshida’s behind the scenes so Ghost Girl’s chance of victory just got butchered. Whatever, any other outcome would be unacceptable.

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