That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 7 [Ask and ye shall receive?]

Alright, I guess I can’t complain about a lack of exciting events happening in this show anymore. As of this episode we see fully into Shizu’s backstory- her previous life being incinerated in flames and how she was summoned to be capable of transforming into ‘Ifrit’. Shizu, or Shizue, has a backstory that makes her incredibly appealing. It all started when she was summoned by a man named Leon who regularly had her commit horrible deeds: first fighting his enemies as a burned child, and second incinerating her own friends if they disobeyed his whims. Shizu seems to regularly lose control of her abilities and become possessed by the whims of her summoner, something that terrifies her.

Though the episode begins with her deciding to leave, fate does not allow that to happen. Instead Shizu becomes possessed by the monster inside of her, Ifrit, and begins to attack her new friends. Rimuru jumps into action and this is the first fight scene in the whole show that actually contains peril, with his water blade accomplishing nothing and the band of adventurers with him being quickly taken out of battle. Not before giving him a very important new ability, however!

Thanks to the magic of his new freakin glacial shotgun, he narrows his enemies down to one….but then gets stuck in a horrible trap! And, well, okay  look. I paid attention in the first episode. Rimuru is fighting a fire enemy and he’s immune to fire. He might have forgotten, but I didn’t. So what is otherwise a challenge becomes a joke, and Rimuru actually eats the Ifrit. He manages to spit out his hot waifu, but Ifrit is stuck alone inside of him. With Veldora.

I imagine that next week we will get to see some intense emotional moments. Rimuru likely just freed Shizu from her torment as a summoner and this will probably be what catapults their romantic relationship to a new level. I am excited to see some actual political intrigue happen now. The word will probably get out when Rimuru recruits a legendary hero who can no longer be controlled or summoned, and TBH I am all about Rimuru accidentally being the kindest slime daddy to all monster races. See, this show is very tame so I can make many jokes about him being a slime daddy.


I am excited to see more episodes like this but I’ll be honest: It’s probably all build up episodes until the season finale to get something fun like this. Oh well, at least I can have my slime and he’ll eat it too?




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