That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime Episode 6 [waifu arrival]

Slime is such a wholesome beautiful show of wholesome feelings. I wonder if we mashed this with Goblin Slayer together if we’d have the perfect, wholesome, slightly brutal heavy lore story? This episode focused on the waifu that we had no idea would be introduced yet. To be honest much of the episode is pretty slow as we watch some of the things in the show be cleared up: The girl in the beginning of the story who was killed was not, in fact, Rimuru! We learn now that it was actually the Japanese woman that he is ‘destined to be with’. This Japanese woman also happens to be a summon, clearly meant to be the summon who sealed away Veldora, and her name is Shizu.

Right now I think the general consensus is something I agree with: this show is very slow. I enjoy watching it because it’s like a hug or a kiss on the cheek, but really I just want to sleep a thousand sleeps when I watch sometimes. It’s not that I dislike the show, but rather that I am waiting for more things to happen that engage me. I really like Shizu’s character and I know something cool happens at least once an episode, but really I probably need to binge Tokyo Ghoul and do an update. I almost wish I was blogging Goblin Slayer because the two work very well when you contrast them against each other.

I mean, damn. I just want some action. Maybe not a million actions, but some actions, you know? I know there isn’t much to do right now because, well, slime is building a kingdom. Right now every actor is getting into place. The most interesting thing is definitely that I can see how painful Shizu’s life has been and what she is dealing with. Man. I just want everyone in this show to have a happy ending and the way the show is going that seems very likely.

But can something happen? Sheesh. At least I’m actually happy about the way that Rimuru canonically regards elves…..what a mood, my slime man.




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