Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru Ep 6

We pick up where we left off with Youhei just about had it with just about everyone. Everyone, but especially Shindo were concerned with how he was handling the answers of failure. But you know what’s funny about this situation, Youhei isn’t actually interested in working, it’s just something he has to do, you know as a part of life, it’s expected of him. But today’s episode reminded all of us how important it is not to dwell on the results, and let it completely consume you. Distract yourself, do something else to take your mind of it. If you just sit around and hope things will finally turn around, while you wait for that to happen, be it short term or long term, it’s not good to be sucked into that awful place where we start to question our abilities and self-worth. Youhei finally came around after Shindo shared how even though he was forced to start running, he became inspired and changed his mindset where he is choosing to run. While he doesn’t understand ‘running’ per say, he is open to trying something new, and as it turns out, he’s having fun doing this with everyone.

I am glad Shindo was able to get through to Youhei, because he really needed a change of pace. It was so cute when he showed up the next morning, initially appearing as the only one wearing the advertisement shirt, luckily Shindo went back to grab his shirt, so he wasn’t the only one. (Have I ever mentioned how adorable Shindo is? What a precious cinnamon roll!)

And speaking of which, the shirts advertisement shirts were Shindo’s idea. The Track and Field Club is in a desperate need for funding. With no money, it’s hard for them to use or be given resources to enable them to train more efficiently. Shindo has taken the lead of trying to work up some solutions, starting with suggestion they begin recruiting members to join their fan club. They do this by wearing the t-shirts advertising how they are training to run the Hakone Ekiden, and so far, it is working to some extent. The fan club is not made out of their fellow students, but rather the locals, as they would be representing not just their university, but their community. The boys reactions to the shirts were hilarious. The twins, Musa and Haiji were all like ‘COOL!’ and Kakeru, Yuki and Nico were like,‘HELL NO!’But the cutest moment had to be when Kakeru realized he was the only one who hadn’t put on the shirt yet when Youhei arrived, and hastily did so. God I love this guy, he’s so awkward I love him to bits!

It was good to see Kakeru asking Nico about Haiji and then later deciding it would be best just to straight up ask him some of the most pressing questions that has been on his mind. Kakeru finally asked Haiji the burning question that has been on all of our minds: Why did he choose them? What kind of running is he talking about? And Haiji’s answer was this: What does it mean to run? 

It is a deep question, but one that Haiji doesn’t have an answer to, not yet anyways. Heck, I can’t even give you my own answer, because it’s not something I have ever thought about. Heck, even though I’ve been a runner all my life, I can’t even come up with the answer on the spot. For Haiji at least, it seems forming this specific team is just a stepping stone to helping him find that answer. It makes me incredibly curious to find out what his answer will be. Now that Kakeru has learned this, I am sure he will find himself searching for his own answer to that as well.

Next week, it looks like they will actually being participating in a cross country event. When Haiji mentioned about running with nature for 15km, I thought they were just going to go as a group and run on the path… I should’ve known better haha. It looks like Kakeru will be coming across some familiar faces, likely more people from his high school track and field team, or anyone who might just happen to have beef with Haiji. We don’t know of Haiji’s history yet other than the fact he had surgery and as result of that he was instructed not to run for a time. Either way, I’m looking forward to it! This will be a great way for the team to get a taste of the competition. Hopefully this won’t demoralize them too much though. Everyone are improving with their times, even Akane has been breaking his own record! But as Kakeru fears and Haiji is perfectly aware of, it’s highly unlikely they will come out of the meet qualifiers, or potentially, even this cross-country event, unscathed. But Haiji has faith the team will be able to over come it, and it’s Kakeru who is seems he is the one who needs to prepare the most.


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