Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Golden Wind: Episode 5 [Meeting the gang]

With Jabba the Hutt dead, er, I mean with Polpo dead from ‘suicide’/mysterious causes, it throws things into chaos. Not only because a high ranking member of the gang has died, not only because there is a open position for Capo now but because of the rumors of Polpo’s vast hidden fortune. As it stands, the person who helped hide the treasure and knows it’s location is none other then Bucciarati. This treasure when converted back from gems and gold to money, should be about Ten Million lire, which, if I convert vine to euro the official currency of Italy is roughly 11,388,550.00 USD.

This puts him in an interesting place, as the man most likely to become the next Capo after he retrieves the fortune and also as a high profile target for other people looking for the fortune within the organization and looking to become the next Capo themselves. First though, before we get into this we have to meet the bad fashion club, er Buccirati’s gang.
Who don’t seem entirely open to new people or having Giorno join their ranks. They all also seem to be a little odd.
My favorite so far has go to be Narancia, his personality came off the best and the fact that he is absolutely horrible at math is also a big selling point. I couldn’t really get a good feel for Mista and Fugo in this episode, I feel like they are both characters i’ll learn more about and grow to like or dislike in the future.

In this episode though, Abbacchio seems to be the biggest issue. As soon as Giorno is introduced to the group and Bucciarati’s back is turned to the group and he’s busy hearing about Polpo’s ‘suicide’. He pees in the teapot and tries to serve it to Giorno. I honestly have to hand it to Giorno for some quick thinking, I honestly can say I doubt I would of thought of turning one of my teeth into a jellyfish to absorb the liquid.
Still, even after this display. Even after this, Abbacchio doesn’t trust Giorno. He doesn’t trust him to the point that when their lives are in danger later in the episode he refuses to reveal his stand power in front of Giorno. Which causes Giorno to have to do something massively stupid and risk himself by running straight into the line of fire.

The trouble comes when they are on their way to the island where the treasure is hidden, they are attacked by an enemy stand. The mystery behind the stand attacking them remains a secret this episode, but it seems to only be able to attack from a hidden place and it seems to make it’s victims vanish? The people who did vanish seem to still be on the boat in some way, when Narancia’s shoe is turned into a fly by Giorno’s stand it is hovering in the place where it’s owner should be. So he’s still alive and someone in the area, but in a place that can’t be seen? A parallel universe perhaps?
Abbacchio’s stand should be able to solve the mystery behind it, and he unleashes his stand at the very end of the episode after the credits. His stand, Moody Blues or as the subtitles call it, Moody Jazz.

Moody Jazz, i’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing. Dear lord, the places this show has gone to avoid copyright.

Anyway, i’ll be looking forward to knowing about the enemy stand and learning about the abilities of Moody Blues in the next episode.

Jojo’s bizarre Trivia

Abbacchio’s stand, Moody Blues is named after The Moody Blues are an English rock band formed in Birmingham in 1964! They entered the Rock and Roll hall of fame during this past year!


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