Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 5

Welp, I can definitely say I was wrong about a couple things after watching this episode. Specifically about the weird love triangle that could be forming around Yamabuki, Asagi and Hitomi. But more on that later. This episode basically revealed a lot of different things between certain characters and we actually got to hear a lot of what Asagi actually thinks. Thinking back on it, this episode was very Asagi centered and I do hope we get more episodes like this with the other characters to see more of what they’re thinking.

The episode starts out the Magic Photography Arts Club being formed for the first time and the group decides to hold a party in celebration. Which Kohaku is happy to host at her place and then immediately jumps into setting up a fortune telling booth on the roof. Which I found kind of funny, especially how many people lined up to get their fortunes told. I’m still a little confused at why people don’t seem to be ostracizing Kohaku and Hitomi anymore despite them claiming that they should avoid them for being mages in the second episode. And while I understand it’s because Kohaku changed in how she did magic, it happened a little too sudden. Not to mention I feel like the plot point in episode 2 of how everyone in class was treating Hitomi was dropped a little too quickly. Unless they pick it up again in the future, but I kinda doubt it.

Kawai and Asagi show up and Kawai are super pumped to have their romantic fortunes told. And while Asagi initially claims she isn’t that interested, it’s very obvious she’s pretty curious. Unfortunately, Kohaku tries to unconvincingly play it off like it’ll be okay, which is hilarious. But after some prodding she reveals that Asagi’s love life will be difficult and her luck in that aspect will be horrible. We already got a lot of hints how Asagi was starting to be somewhat jealous of Hitomi because of all the attention Yamabuki was giving her.

Back at the Tsukishiro household, Hitomi ends up having to run the shop on her own since Kohaku and her mom has to go run errands. To make things a little easier, Hitomi’s great great grandmother gives her a manuel to help. The conversation then shifts to Kohaku and how she’s actually started studying magic more seriously and intensely. I found that pretty adorable how she became more serious about it ever since Hitomi appeared. She knows she will become a great mage in the future and wants to live up to that expectation with everything she’s got.

Yuito comes to visit the shop, much to Hitomi’s shock. It seems that Yuito never really came into contact with magic before. If how he acted in the second episode was any indication. Hitomi asks how his picture was going to which he responds he’s having a hard time drawing anything lately. Which I can totally relate with. There are just times where you want to draw, but it feels like you just can’t and everything you draw just isn’t satisfactory. Yuito then seems to just think aloud and drop the comment on how he wishes there were magic sand that could help him draw. Hitomi rushes at the chance to help but can’t really find anything that would actually help. Now at this point, I honestly started getting the feeling that Hitomi may be unconsciously just using Yuito to see color through his artwork. It may be just me, but I couldn’t help but seeing it that way. Though on the flipside, the fact that someone could be so moved by your art is a valuable thing. But it does just seem like Hitomi is doing things to see the artwork rather than for Yuito himself.

Later, Hitomi seeks Kohaku’s advice on how to make the right magic sand. And Hitomi’s comment on how it’s really important for her to see color somewhat confirmed from my previous thoughts about the matter. Though I suppose her seeing color could only be only one part of it and she may be unconsciously attracted to Yuito. But it feels too early for that… maybe. I don’t know. They don’t really know each other that well yet. However, I can also see how she’s curious about him. So it’s probably not as bad as I made it out to be, but it’s still a lingering thought. Though I couldn’t help but agree when Kohaku asked “Is that all?” after Hitomi claimed she just wants to see color through Yuito’s drawings. She then tells Hitomi instead of finding the right sand, to make it herself. Since this is personally important to her, she indirectly tells Hitomi that it would mean more to do it herself and then proceeds to cuddle her when Hitomi agrees which was freaking adorable. Kohaku is such a blessing~

After their little talk, Hitomi is inspired to take on any challenge and proceeds to try and buy a drink from the vending machine, though failing. However, Yamabuki comes around and helps her out and here is when I began going: “Oh… oh no. I can see where the attraction may come from now. CRAP.” Especially during the scene after Yamabuki finishes giving Hitomi another photo lesson and she asks to use the room a little longer to use magic and he stays behind to watch. Unfortunately it fails, but Yamabuki encourages her to practice more and even notices how she seems to be putting more effort into magic lately. Hitomi tells him she wants to get better so that it will make someone happy one day to which Yamabuki feels the same way about his photos. From those couple of scenes, it’s obvious to me now that there could possibly be an attraction coming from Yamabuki’s side. I was certainly wrong about Asagi being too paranoid… hahaha whoops.

Speaking of Asagi, earlier in the episode, Yamabuki essentially encouraged her to show her photos to others and making them into postcards could be a good first step. However, Asagi didn’t seem too keen on the idea. But man, I loved how they essentially paralleled Hitomi with Asagi. After several failed attempts at making the right sand, Hitomi finally succeeded while Asagi recalls Yamabuki’s encouragement on trying to put her photos out there more and tells herself she can’t do it.

On the day of the club celebration, we get to learn more about Asagi and I was actually surpised that she and Yamabuki were actually childhood friends. For some reason I thought Yamabuki and Yuito were childhood friends. Maybe I interpreted that scene back in episode 2 wrong. Hm… well anyways, Asagi was always an introverted child who would generally keep to herself if not for Yamabuki literally dragging her out of the house. We finally see where her feelings stemmed from. Her comment about Yamabuki wanting to take care of others was also very prominent with the attention he’s been giving Hitomi as a new club member and someone unfamiliar with their time period.

I also couldn’t help but laugh at the amount of greasy and oily foods they all brought to the celebration. Especially when this literally does happen and it reminded me so much of the celebrations I attended with my group in college. If no one tells someone to bring fruits and veggies, they’re not gonna bring them lol.

Another part where I just burst out laughing was when Hitomi went to go wrap up the successful sand she made for Yuito and Kohoku being the greatest wingman set them up to go buy juice so they could be alone. This is one of the reasons I love her. On their trip back, Yuito takes Hitomi to a place that overlooks the city. And even though she can’t see color, Hitomi admits she can still tell that it’s beautiful. Which I think says a lot about her progression as a character. Considering she used to brush things off as it being dull because she can’t see color. However, she’s slowly starting to see things a different way. And while she hasn’t fully come around to see things as beautiful, she’s starting to see hints of it around her now. Hitomi then gives the sand to Yuito, telling him she made it just for him. And man when she commented how she’s looking forward to seeing his next drawing and his pause before taking the sand.

I got the feeling that Yuito started to feel like she was using him to see color. But once she opened up to him about the feelings she got from seeing his drawings and how it reminded her of things she had forgotten, I think her words and feelings were finally able to touch Yuito’s heart a little. Hence his little smile at the end there and willing to use the sand later that night.

Back with the others, Yamabuki discusses how things must be tough with Hitomi being from the future and all. And when he comments how Hitomi is always doing her best and it inspires him to try harder, it literally dawned on me the significance of that scene back in episode 2. When Yamabuki caught Hitomi trying magic again, it was literally there to show him seeing her try her best. Seeing people strive to do their best in their given situations is what is attracting Yamabuki’s attention, especially since he’s the one who keeps seeing Hitomi putting in the time and effort to get better at certain things. He wants to see people get better, which is why he pushes Asagi to try and put herself out there more. Unfortunately, her jealousy towards Yamabuki’s attention on Hitomi snaps at him.

This is why Asagi can’t get his attention in the same way. She won’t put herself out there, not moving backwards but not moving forward either. She’s stationary and holds herself back. I also couldn’t help but find a very large significance to Asagi’s earlier comment “we’re kind of similar” to Hitomi. Asagi is like a representation of what Hitomi used to be. Hitomi didn’t want to pursue magic and was fine with how things were in her little bubble. But after being sent to the past and joining the group, she started to change her view on things and is slowly changing herself and her outlook. And Asagi’s comment on how “she can’t” isn’t that she is unable to do it, it’s more like she won’t. Which is a big difference since the only one holding her back is herself. Best girl Kohaku comes to be emotional support. I absolutely LOVE her statement of how fortunes are only hints of what could be but it isn’t what is HAS to be. People are the ones who ultimately decide their future, not the fortune. If you want something personal to change, you have to take action and responsibility for it yourself and not depend on the things around you.

Kohaku then shows how hard Hitomi strived to get a successful batch of sand and we then see a darker side to Asagi. She only reached out to Hitomi because she thought she’d look good doing it. And it’s at this point where I started not really liking Asagi. I don’t hate her, but she started feeling a little two-faced. I THOUGHT YOU WERE GENUINE HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS ASAGI?! However, this does feels very human in a sense. I mean, I feel like everyone could relate to what she did in one way or another. This is also a good turning point for Asagi and that she’s tired of being stationary, she wants to move forward just like Hitomi. I got the feeling she’d either snap or explode from the stress of her position and jealousy sooner or later but I’m glad that Hitomi didn’t get wrapped up in that drama and there wasn’t any ill blood between the two.

We then get a break in the tension when Kohaku realizes they ran out of ingredients to make magic sand and her mom catches her. Apparently Hitomi was only supposed to use the older ingredients and Kohaku cut corners to help her succeed faster. Which does a good job at humanizing Kohaku, she may be best girl but she’s not perfect and is still prone to making irresponsible choices. But we still love her~ As punishment though, she and Hitomi had to clean all the black sand that Hitomi messed up on.

Asagi then starts to act on her newfound character development by telling Yamabuki that she’ll start making rabbit postcards and asks if he’ll help her. She’s starting to be more proactive in doing things for herself be it in her talents and her relationships. Good for her.

Now the next scene with Yuito, that scene was BEAUTIFUL. With all those sparkling star-like lights floating around him and even some shooting stars passing by. UGH, I just love the effects PA works puts out in this show. Though we’re all left to wonder about that fish that Yuito originally drew that somehow came to life and swam around before disappearing into his drawing pad. WHAT IS THAT FISH?!

I’m still baffled by how so many scenes there are in this series but it feels like it’s so well paced that the episodes feel a lot longer than they actually are and I’m never bored. This episode felt a lot more character driven rather than the typical technically driven episodes we’ve seen, so it was a nice change of pace and we were able to learn more about Asagi. Even if my opinion of her did dip a little. I’m also warming up to the idea of Kawai and Fukazawa getting together. While it wasn’t focused on and more so in the background, it was shown that they’re generally on the same wavelength and love teasing each other. It’s also pretty exciting that we’re starting to slowly see things that were slowly built up from the previous episode come into fruition.


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