Goblin Slayer Episode 5

This episode of Goblin Slayer was on a much lighter wavelength than its predecessors. Rather than another escapade into a goblin den, it felt more like a slice of life episode, and it was pleasantly interesting. Goblin Slayer isn’t an anime praised for its characters or dialogue, so an episode like this shouldn’t be too amusing, but it was! Perhaps it’s just my interest in their fantasy world and the elaborate guild system, but I found myself absorbed throughout the whole episode. The friendly relationship between the other adventurers, cheering each other on as they succeed on their quests. The guild promotion system, offering an interesting insight into the paperwork. The introduction of the Sword Maiden as the hook for the next arc. All of these culminated into a perfect slice of fantasy life episode.

We’re introduced to two unnamed adventurers who lose their equipment while fighting some giant rats. Now, I was a bit surprised that this episode wouldn’t revolve entirely on Goblin Slayer himself, but it was refreshing to see things from the perspective of a fresh adventurer recruit. Unlike our normal party who are masters of their craft and very high level adventurers, these teenagers are still getting used to the knitty gritty. If Goblin Slayer is on screen, I feel relatively secure, knowing that he’s been slaying goblins long enough to not be overwhelmed. But with these new characters, I found myself fearing for their lives every time they entered the sewers. It was an awesome contrast, and I hope they’re recurring characters in the future. Although, I’m still unsure what to call them besides noob one and noob two.

This episode was also the payoff of Goblin Slayer’s growing fame and popularity. Throughout the entirety of the episode, he is hounded by his new friends. Rather than going about his day in solitude as he’s used to, he is now forced to mingle. It’s adorable seeing our awkward Goblin Slayer with friends, and is really showing of how the Priestess has accelerated his growth. Lizardman, elf, and dwarf make tiny appearances during this episode, but are nevertheless having their character molds solidified. Lizardman is obsessed with cheese, elf is a tsundere about inviting Goblin Slayer on adventurers, and dwarf is still bantering with elf. It’s nice to have these standards established, acting as a foundation for their characters to build on.

One of the most interesting parts of the episode was when Goblin Slayer was asked to act as an observer for the promotion exam. Of course, being Goblin Slayer he was about to walk out the door since it didn’t revolve around goblins, but you can’t deny best guild girl! He takes the small job and sits in a room with guild girl and her colleague as they interview various adventurers. The trouble making adventurer even considers attacking guild girl before realizing he’d be instantly incapacitated by Goblin Slayer. It’s immensely satisfying knowing that our stoic character is such a feared powerhouse that emits a threatening enough aura to deter attack. The scene was also quite interesting because it revealed the qualifications and intricacies of the guild system. For example, the guild girl had to train at the capital for her position, pushing the idea that the guild system is a massive institution run by whatever government rules the land.

Overall, the episode was one of my favorites! I loved the world building and the subtle character building. Goblin Slayer has friends, the noobies have grown as adventurers, Guild girl is in love with our Goblin Slayer, and the Sword Maiden calls for our champion!


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4 Responses

  1. BigFire says:

    The two adventurers in the sewer killing giant rats and roaches are Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric. They were in episode 3 trying to poach Priestess from Goblin Slayer’s party, Not that it’ll do them any good as they’re short on DPS and already have a healer. This is adapted from the first chapter of 4th volume of the Light Novel where their financial situation is much much worse, to such extent that Apprentice Cleric half jokingly mention that she may have to turn to prostitution to continue this venture.

    • Fuzzy says:

      Ah, rookie warrior and apprentice cleric are way better than noobie one and two. I hope they or the other adventurers get some more time! It’s really fun seeing all the other adventurer’s chilling about and going about their days.

  2. Fluca says:

    Thank you for blogging this show. I really enjoy your insights and opinions.

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