Anima Yell! Episode 8: Senpai and Me

Man, their gay was really showing this time.

I said Kana reminded me of Nico from Love Live because of how they acted when first introduced. Nico talked down at Muse for half-assing school idols, while Kana yelled at Kohane and the others for half-assing cheerleading. But neither girls are bad, and they each had their own reasons. Nico because of some personal trauma, Kana because she’s really gay for Hizume.

Kana, in fact, was from Hizume’s old cheer squad but she barely remembers her because she was always in the background watching her, though Hizume didn’t even notice. She bumps into Kana on the way to the club room, but in embarrassment Kana ran off leaving the girls to wonder what that was all about. But that quickly fades when Basketball-senpai appears and asks for another cheer. And it’s mostly because their cheerleading is like a drug to the basketball team now, but the girls happily accept. But this time Basketball-senpai wants them to do more, like they’re cheering for both teams, so it’s decided that they’ll do a performance before the game starts, and during halftime.

Hizume decides that they all should participate in coming up with their choreography so they all try to jot down ideas for their routine. It was really interesting and funny to watch the girls work on the routine. Kotetsu gets distracted by food, Uki only thinks about Kohane when imagining what they would dance, and Kohane comes up with a million things and just leaves all the work for Hizume to decide. It all plays into their personalities and to who they are, with Uki always thinking about Kohane, Kohane never controlling her many thoughts, and Kotetsu’s…love for food. Which I completely relate to, that’s usually what happens to me when I need to really focus on something. Nothing wrong with a food break, right? Anyway, next day they bring their notebooks and once Hizume decides what’s right, they all begin to practice. And the whole week(?) they practice their routine, Kana is right outside watching them. And of course, Hizume and Kohane don’t even notice.

Kana really admires Hizume and believes that she’s too good for the association because of how low skilled they are. She watched their performance at the festival and hit them with all of her critiques like not being in sync, not kicking high enough, not smiling the whole time, etc. She calls Uki up to the roof to ask her why Hizume would want to be associated with them when she’s so much better than them. Of course she could ask Hizume herself, but she literally can’t so Uki answers that Hizume doesn’t seem to care that they’re not as good as her. It’s just that she’s having fun, which makes Kana angry. As she marches to leave, she slips on a puddle and Uki jumps in to protect her.

But that just led to Uki getting a slight sprain on her ankle. Knowing full well she was responsible, Kana makes the mature decision to take Uki’s place for the performance. And since she’s been watching them pretty much every day, she was able to memorize the routine quickly. But that could also have to do with her being experienced.

Kana really isn’t a bad person. She may have come off as bratty, but she was mature enough to step in and help out. And this mature decision finally led her to understand Hizume better and for her to actually form a friendship with her. Hizume admitted to being selfish and only focusing on cheerleading and herself, that she didn’t remember Kana’s cheer or anyone else’s from her squad. But Kana admits that she didn’t fully understand either since she was so fixated on Hizume, but she can see that Hizume is finally having fun, and that her cheer is full of joy unlike the coldness from her old days. This served as a good experience for both of them and at the end of the day, Kana decides to join the group.

This episode was really fun and I liked it a lot. I had been interested in Kana for awhile so I’m glad that she’s officially part of the group now. She’s a cute girl, and it should be interesting having another experienced cheerleader in the group. I also found this episode way more funnier than usual. From Kohane’s derpy quips to the girls’ insane imagination. Hizume imagining Kana attacking Uki like a wrestler had me rolling.


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