Anima Yell! Episode 7: The One on Top is Scared of Heights

It’s always funny and depressing whenever I see an anime girl saying that they’re fat. They’re drawn so tiny and skinny and then they say they’re fat and I’m just like….where? Where is your fat? Honey, you’re fine, if you lose weight you’d probably hit the underweight range. And this just seems to be a thing with Japanese people, or just Asians in general. I’ve seen in documentaries (not related to weight loss) of Japanese girls saying they look like a pig, but they’re actually thin. I’d probably be considered obese in Japan, I’m the one with the chub. >>

Tatejima calls herself a piggy bastard because she had no idea Kohane was afraid of heights. If she had known beforehand she never would have made Kohane the top for stunts. She feels bad because Kohane ended up in this position because she was worried about her weight. So she goes crazy and starts working out and dieting but Uki and Arima make her eat when they hear her stomach growling. But other than that, we finally learn what happened to make Kohane scared of heights. I don’t know how she did this, but I don’t know how kids do most of anything but she climbed on top of the swing set and sat there. It was a really windy day so she thought, because kids are insane, that she would be able to fly. But I remember a similar situation from this year’s Gakuen Babysitters, so kids just make me even more unsettled. Anyway, she falls off and of course really hurts herself. She wakes up in the hospital only to find her parents and friends surround her, crying. She didn’t like that she made everyone sad and worried about her, so all those emotions come back whenever heights are involved. Which is pretty understandable. It’s a simple reason but traumas can sometimes be simple. If something happens that has a lot of negative emotions, you’re bound to not want to have an experience like that again. Also, jumping from a high place and ending up in the hospital is just scary. But Kohane plans to overcome her fear.

But that doesn’t go well when Arima suggests a shoulder stunt. It’s probably gonna take awhile but Kohane is keen on improving. Then things calm down and Kohane makes more pom-poms but she uses up all the tape. I thought it was cute and funny when Kohane listed off all the different things pom-poms could be used for, some better than others. It’s then that Arima suggests they all go to the cheer store during the weekend.

This second half wasn’t as interesting but I admit that I had no idea that there were actual stores dedicated to only cheerleading stuff. It was cute watching Kohane and Uki try on some outfits, and seeing all the kinds of stuff they sold in the store. Even with cheerleading being big here in the States, I’ve never heard of a cheerleading store so I guess that was cool.

After buying what they needed (and could afford), they all sit down to relax and Arima explains that she’s been having trouble fitting in with her class. She notices that people avoid her all the time, but Kohane thinks positively and guesses that Arima is so cool that ALL the girls in class want to hang out with her, but don’t know how. And after a kind of painful but hilarious cheer-related attempt at bonding, it turns out Kohane was right.

The red-haired girl was seen a lot this episode, spying on the group in the first half and coincidentally being in the cheer store when they arrived, and following them afterwards while hiding. She finally makes her grand appearance in the end as she confronts the girls and says “Senpai is too good for this association!” Finally we’ll get to know who this girl is and we’ll see this association turn into an actual club.


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