Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 73

After what has been a very strong streak of episodes, this week was unbearably boring. It was a snooze fest, and I terribly disappointed with just how underwhelming the presentation of “Neo Storm Access” was. Like besides the name and change of light, what actually changed? It’s more or less the exact same thing, but with access to higher grade monsters, and Yuusaku doesn’t have to worry about his arm being blown off. So Bohman’s and Haru’s reaction to “Neo Storm Access” being used seemed almost exaggerated to me. It’s just too bad this ‘upgrade’ couldn’t have been more exciting.

On top of that, I had hoped Yuusaku was going to beat Bohman today, but in the end, as we should have expected from the get go, they really did make it into a draw so neither side wins. It is kind of frustrating, because how many of us are actually interested in seeing another duel between them? Sure Bohman is constantly evolving, and is expected to be even more powerful the next time they meet, but he is still a boring character. Once you know what you’re getting, he really doesn’t offer much in terms of excitement. At the end of the day, it’s really Ai and Yuusaku’s banter bewteen one another that makes it more fun to watch. And after this duel, considering he was forced to use the Quick-Play Spell to make it a draw, can Bohman truly say he/AI are superior to Humans? Not to mention, Windy just got his ass handed to him by Revolver, sooooo there’s that. Anyways, I’m in no hurry to see him again anytime soon. (Also, for how much longer will we have to see Haru as an “Observer” of Bohman’s duels? When will we finally get to see him get into the action?)

Speaking of boring characters, Onizuka will be coming back after being MIA since his duel against Takeru, and will be pursuing Aqua and Earth (I guess the two found each other). I think the preview is alluding to Onizuka trying to capture Earth and Aqua, but it’s hard to say whether or not he’s doing it for his own gain, or as SOL Technology’s bounty hunter. l know I sound like a broken record at this point, but please, for the love of god, if they are going to make Onizuka “evolve” again, make it convincing! He has been gone for a while, so technically we can try giving Onizuka a fresh start again, but if they mess up, honestly, I won’t know what to say anymore. At this point I would have to say he’s a lost cause because how many times has Onizuka’s character ‘evolved’? I know this probably just wishful thinking on my part, but since they insist on continuing to use him, I want to see them salvage Onizuka’s character. Make him work! What I want to see, is after this period of absence, Takeru’s words got to him, and he disappeared so he could properly reflect on himself and who he truly wants to be. And through that, I hope the writers can give us something something to make us proud of him for figuring things out— especially, if they are going to make him a part of Yuusaku’s Co-Existence Alliance.

[And at that moment Eva remembers she had forgotten something terribly important]

…Actually I take everything back. My hopes and dreams for Onizuka are probably definitely not going to happen.  I’m just going to go in with the lowest expectations possible because I just remembered… We just got a new ED, and Onizuka is not featured in the “Temporary Human Alliance” pan-shot which includes, Yuusaku’s team, Akira’s secret team, Ryoken and Spectre, along with Flame, Ai, Aqua and Earth… and… that dumbass. Instead we see him side by side with Blood Shepherd of all people. Ohhhhh boy. If that’s what they want to do, then… let’s see how far they are going to take him on the dark path of a true Ignis Hunter if that’s what Onizuka wants to commit himself to.

TLDR; So I guess with whatever path Onizuka decided to take, they either want you to love him or hate him for it. I guess I will have to wait and see how I feel about which direction they choose to go with Onizuka’s character, mainly because as I went on earlier about, I kind of always expected Onizuka’s character to be within Yuusaku’s circle. And if he isn’t, well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I will just need to adjust my perspective to properly reflect the role he will play, and hope they will be able to provide us a good execution of it.

In other news, Ryoken surprised us with a sudden visit to Kusanagi’s food-truck, where he gave Yuusaku a gift to protect him from being potentially attacked as Jin had. It was quite hilarious how he just casually walked up to them as if there was no tension between them. As expected, Ryoken agreed to form a temporary truce between them, as the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Lightning’s ambitions and cry for war against Humanity is a far greater threat than the ‘rebellious’ Ignis who are on the side of Co-Existence. With this kind of alliance, I do wonder if Earth is going to get the chance to properly interact with Spectre. I don’t know about you, but I really want to see how the two of them would interact with each other, especially with Earth’s socially awkward personality.

And lastly, they did confirm that through Ai, the other Ignis have in fact each developed a unique trait that sets them apart from each other. If it is something that has to do with their connection with their Origin, I am very curious to see what each other their special traits are. It would be a curious thing if Aqua’s ability to foresee events happens to be her unique ability, or she has yet another card up her sleeve.

It was funny to see Yuusaku refer to Ai as his hostage again, which is probably going to end up turning into a term of ‘endearment’ between the two. It’s Yuusaku’s awkward way of saying they are friends, because that’s basically what they are at this point.It was also amusing to see Ai being Ai, always had this update (Neo Storm Access) waiting to be used in his back pocket, he just never bothered to mention it. Yuusaku’s reaction of calling out his BS, “What remarkable timing” was adorable.

Next week, alongside Onizuka, Aoi and Ghost Girl will also be making a reappearance. I don’t think we will actually see them do anything aside from observe the duel between the two from Ghost Girl’s hideout. It will probably be just focusing on figuring out what’s going on, and consider making an offer of forming an alliance with Yuusaku just as Ryoken did today.


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17 Responses

  1. Kazanova says:

    Totally agree with you. Not ontly they do a sucky job in delivering the Neo Storm Acess and Cyberse Quantum Dragon, the animation is also not as good as the previous episode. If they truly want to make Bohman a threat considering the role Lightning had given him, then at least give him a victory against one of the very strong Duelists other than Playmaker. The only thing I enjoyed in this episode is the interaction between Yusaku and Ai, brief flashback of Ai and Linkuriboh, and another meeting with Ryoken in real life.

    I really hope Earth kick Go’s butt in the next Duel. Because seriously, I don’t give a damn care about Go anymore. That guy dared to compare his past with the suffering that Yusaku experienced all for the sake of becoming number 1 and fame. Well guess what, Go, with that kind of reason, you’ll never beat Yusaku who has more worthy and noble reason to fight!

    And since Emma will appear, I hope we’ll get explanation what happened after Emma interfered with the Duel between Takeru vs Blood Shepherd and the latter seemed try to erase her. And lastly, yeah, I kind want Akira and the others to just form alliance with Yusaku and co already.

  2. ecarg312 says:

    Honestly, I was surprised that Ryoken DIDN’T want a hotdog since he seemed to be a regular customer before the reveal. Perhaps, he didn’t have enough money or will come later with his gang. Also, I’m convinced Ryoken is a magician with the way he made that program appear out of thin air.

    I feel like Linkuriboh should be Bohman’s true enemy because Playmaker has always used it to defend himself from Bohman’s devastating attacks. Linkuriboh is the true MVP of season 2.

    With the Ignis and their abilities, I feel like each of them gained one. From what I can deduce, here’s what I think are their unique abilities/traits:

    Ai – Instinct (makes sense with Yusaku’s Link Sense)
    Flame – Willpower (Takeru has a strong will)
    Earth – Emotional awareness (Probably the most emotional of the six; a trait he shares with Specter who likes to manipulate others’ emotions as shown in season 1)
    Windy – Malice/Hostility (Not really an ability, but more of a trait since he’s the most vehement when it comes to humans)
    Aqua – Discerning truths and lies (stated by most her brethren)
    Lightning – It could be memory manipulation but that was because Bohman was still evolving at the time. I think that it’s arrogance due to his calculative nature and that his belief of being superior to humans and wishing to subjugate them.

    Regarding Go, I really don’t like him, honestly. He could be an interesting character if he had a different motivation other than wanting to be the best, which is still understandable. He takes his losses the hardest and does not make himself humble. That’s what annoys me about him.

    I loved Cyberse Quantum Dragon’s design though. The silver with the blue makes it look like a cybernetic version of Firewall Dragon that doesn’t glow red when attacking.

  3. Silent Protagonist says:

    The main change is that Neo Storm Access allows Playmaker to get more than JUST Link Monsters. Apparently it also puts cards in your Main Deck (Can’t synchro without a tuner).

    • Eva says:

      Thanks for the clarification!!!! I knew I was missing something, but I didn’t know what!
      But man, what a cheat upgrade Ai came up with. 😂

      • Kazanova says:

        But didn’t Playmaker got Cyberse Clock Dragon and Cyberse Magician from the normal Storm Access? And they are not Link Monsters.

        • Dave Aristide says:

          I’m pretty sure Magician came from that bulk of cards Ai gave Playmaker at start of the season. Clock dragon has me stumped, however.

        • RandomFactsMan says:

          No, he had the two already. The first time he used Cyberse Magician was when he first fought Bohman, and in that duel’s Storm Access, he got Shootingcode Talker, so he always had Ritual Support.

          The first time he used Cyberse Clock Dragon was in his duel with Blood Shepard, and in that Storm Access he got Clock Spartoi. As Spartoi added Cynet Fusion to his hand, he already had the card in his deck, meaning he already had Clock Dragon before getting Spartoi. As he also already had Clock Wyvern and Clock Lizard, he already integrated Fusion into his deck, Clock Spartoi just made doing it easier.

  4. elior1 says:

    eva I think what will be the most interesting thing about next week episode is the interaction between aqua and earth

  5. elior1 says:

    also I think they ended this dual in a draw since like you said eva bohman is still “buggy

  6. il-Palazzo says:

    The only thing that bugs me is the bullshit dice result. Seriously? Two optimum dice rolls in a row. And even after that he can only force a tie. That’s just pathetic.

  7. Spencer Sim says:

    I honestly find the main effect for Bowman’s link 4 really bad. The only reason why Bowman is winning is because he rolled dark attribute to wipe Yusaku’s ritual field + Judgement Arrows pointing to his link 4.
    I like the summoning of Yusaku’s synchro monster, its awsome. Btw, if you watched the commercial of the latest booster back savage strike, you will realize that Yusaku’s suit colour change was weird. In the advertisement, it went white but in this episode, it went green.
    I like how a few people (like me) are borthered by the fact that revolver just pulled a program from nowhere and its not even in Link Vrains.(I’m serious, rewatch the ending of this episode and watch ryoken’s hand).

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