That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime episode 4 [This is the most wholesome Slime ever]

You know what the difference in Slime Isekai is from all the other ‘otherworld’ anime? I finally got it. Every other anime is trying to make it about murder, death, rape, but you know what this wholesome slime wants to do? He just wants to live a good boy slime life and snuggle in some elven bosoms. This slime is not just a slime, he is me, he is you. This slime is a good boy that I love. We are all this slime. We think we are Momonga, or Kirito, or Subaru – not, we’re this motherfucker. We are all this good slime boy who wants to snuggle into boobies and save the world with magical slime powers.


All this episode is focused on is some good ole fashioned wholesome saving the day. The leveled up goblins and direwolves are taking Rimuru to a city with humans, but luckily it’s meant to be a human neutral zone where the King prevents any fighting. Of course, this means humans pick a fight with Rimuru, who of course just appears to be a regular old slime. Everyone is a witness to the humans trying to fight them, but luckily Rimuru is an OP as hell and scares them all with his wolf mimic abilities. Of course, fighting is not okay for the city so he and his goblin companion are sent off to prison.


I love the shenanigans that follow. Rimuru definitely uses all of the items from the cave at this point and saves the day. He uses his potions to save some injured miners, which gets him out of jail. Then the guard from his cell takes him to a blacksmith, who he helps with the magic ore from the cave Velora comes from. Then he helps the blacksmith again by duplicating a sword he made. After that, the blacksmith agrees to help teach the village goblins some trade. … and then elves.

Elves. So many elves. And the show loves me, it rewards Rimuru the way I want to be rewarded. Bless this tiny perfect slime sage, who accidentally is overpowered. Long live Rimuru, may his elven boobie reign live! but Alas we are told this is not the case and trouble will come next episode. As long as Rimuru remains pure hearted and still cares about people, I don’t mind. Long live this pure slime boy and his pure heart (and his elven lady rewards).




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    Wait, what about Kazuma?

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