Anima Yell! Episode 3: The Cheer Association, Cheering For Love!

Hmm, I had a feeling that I might bump into blogging issues with this show but I didn’t think it’d be so soon. I hope the brown-haired girl is going to join by next episode, so then I can learn more about this girl and hopefully have more things to write because this episode is a tough one to write about.

This episode can easily be separated into three segments: studying, finding a club room, and the love confession. Before they can officially start their now three-member cheer club, their exams are coming up soon and of course Kohane sucks. We’ve already seen how ditzy she can be, so Uki and Arima come together to help Kohane study. Because watching characters study is always fun. Haha, right? Right? No, but it was entertaining to watch them try to incorporate cheer into every subject just to make things easier for Kohane, even though Arima literally just did a cheer for her (in her practice clothes). With the possibility of getting an advisor, Kohane goes into S U P E R M O D E and studies the whole day. I had thought that Kohane was going to overdo it but she still helped someone out with directions….and had to take makeup exams anyway. I mean, that’s not surprising, she barely took studying seriously until the last second.

But anyway, after that they could finally start cheering for real. But the problem was that they didn’t even have a designated place to practice. They tried the gym but the basketball club was taking up every spot, the fields were a no go, and the spot Arima and Kohane used before was full too. The only place was the roof but because of Kohane’s fear of heights, they left. But then their teacher came around and told them that with three members, they can become an association and can get an assigned area to use! I had thought they were going to nab the roof area because it was giving me Love Live vibes, but instead they took the “haunted” AV room.

After much funny ghost discussion, two girls come into the room because of the posters Kohane had put up. It’s Tatejima and Akitsune and they have a request. Even though this isn’t what they really do, Akitsune asks the girls to cheer her on in confessing to the person she likes. And dammit, bless Kohane! What a pure soul, protect her at all costs!

Akitsune says the person she loves is her PT, her personal tutor who is a college student. So then the girls go back and forth trying to come up with ways other than cheer to help her confess. Such as getting the mood right, winning their love with food, what clothes to wear, and other things. Arima made me giggle a lot with her strange imaginations and quoting questionable things her brother has said around her. After all that, I really hope we get to meet Arima’s brother. With the stuff she said, I feel like he’d be exactly like Olivia’s brother from Asobi Asobase. After giving their advice and cheers, the girls wish for Akitsune all the luck in getting her new boyfriend. Except the person she was talking about wasn’t a man, but a woman. Everyone falls into silence, and it looked like Akitsune was really nervous and embarrassed at admitting that to them, but our wacky trio act normal and decide the things they said probably won’t work with a woman (and that they should ignore Arima’s brother). Akitsune was very surprised, but Kohane was an angel and said

AND THAT MADE ME REALLY HAPPY? Like, yes, that is great! I was just really happy that they were normal about it and still just as supportive when they thought the mystery person was a man. I think in any other anime, the girls would have been extremely shocked and would have blushed real bad and been embarrassed. While Tatejima was surprised and didn’t say anything, feeling bad about that afterwards, she was still supportive of her friend too. I honestly wasn’t expecting her to say her crush was female either, so I was just as surprised. But the way it was handled, and Kohane’s line made me really happy. And so with their support, Akitsune was ready to confess!

And it turned out real well! Yay! But unfortunately, even though she showed interest in the cheer club after all that, she won’t join. Though hopefully with her in the home ec club, she can cook her girlfriend food that won’t make her sick. But while Akitsune won’t join, we know Tatejima will join eventually.

Kind of an uneventful episode, but there were still some cute and funny moments, and the confession talk in the end was very great too. This really is a feel good type of show, huh?


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