Anima Yell! Episode 2: Cute but Cool

In our weekly dose of cute, Kohane pushes to get Uki to join, and Kohane finally starts her proper cheer practice with Arima! Both things don’t come without some obstacles for our ditzy protagonist.

We hear Uki monologue again about Kohane and her need for helping people. While it’s nice that she helps people, she always goes out of her way and ends up getting hurt and Uki just doesn’t like that. So when Kohane came up to her about wanting to do cheer, she was happy that Kohane finally wanted to do something for herself. But with Uki always by her side, this just made Kohane assume that Uki already became a part of the cheer club, to which she never agreed on. She turns down Kohane but watches out for her. And after hearing about her “tough” cheer practices, she goes up to Arima and tells her to maybe change the practices to motivate Kohane more. But that also ropes her in Arima’s ridiculous pom-pom making exercise. Making pom-poms with them was fun and it gave her ideas but Uki still fought herself to not join. So Kohane tried her best to convince her by making a half-assed list of reasons for joining cheer, jumping out of lockers, and hiding mini pom-poms in her lunch box (after eating her lunch). Then Arima came up with the idea of making Uki see cheer for herself and hopefully that would make her change her mind.

I had thought that Kohane would have showed her that video of the cheerleading competitions she had been watching and dreaming about, but instead Arima got into her outfit and did the same routine from the first episode for her. Uki’s issue was pretty simple. She’s athletic and likes to exercise, but she’s embarrassed of the short skirts. That, and she likes to put up this charade of not liking cute clothes and cute things when in fact she totally does. But in the end, she decides to join her best friend.

Uki is really cute, Kohane is ditzy but adorable, but Arima has a cute side of her own. She’s usually calm and composed, so it’s really interesting to see her when she’s cheerleading with a sweet and fun attitude. But she’s also hilarious and cute in that she will do anything to make Kohane stay interested in cheerleading so that she won’t be alone again, which made her come up with the hilarious pom-pom making exercise of stretching while working with the ribbons. Also, I think it’s just amusing that Arima had an old uniform she wore in middle school that had CHEER written in giant letters across the ass part of the shorts. Kohane’s “I can cheer people on even with my butt!” comment had me cracking up. Also, I’ve noted that C-shaped hairpin, and I can only assume that the C stands for cheer. It just shows how much she loves cheerleading, while also getting mad at Kohane for ordering those strange sexy outfits.

So the episode was pretty simple but it was fun to watch. Kohane’s bubbliness makes me laugh every time. This show is just pure cuteness, but at least it’s not boring. I’m actually being entertained when I watch this and I like our main characters so far. Like I said last time, I think Kohane’s love of helping people might come and bite her later on. She seems to get hurt a lot so I wonder how that’s going to affect her later on with her cheerleading. What if she helps someone and gets seriously injured? We can’t say for sure right now, but we do know that she has zero concentration.


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