Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes Episode 10

*Giggles uncontrollably* Mysteries, what mysteries? Well we did get a case today, but I am just happy seeing Aoi and Holmes spend time together, just chilling and drinking coffee. It’s a fun ship to be on hahaha, and this show isn’t even labeled as romance! 

Oh goodness, this episode had me giggling like crazy. Everyone (except for Rikyu and (maybe) Akihito (though I feel like he knows but maybe doubting it after Holmes denied it) knows that Aoi and Holmes likes each other, especially Holmes’ grandfather Seiji, and his grandmother (who boldly told the two of them to just be honest with each other about their feelings!). It was so adorable because Holmes really wanted to take Aoi on a date to a cafe on New Years when they went to the shrine together, but she declined because they had to return to work. Some time after that, Holmes was quick to job onto the opportunity, and ask her out again, taking her to cafe he claimed he was a bit of going to alone!

What I did find quite interesting, was how Holmes was never really interested in dating to begin with, but around the time Izumi had asked him out, he was curious about it so he accepted. Unfortunately for him things didn’t work out, and ever since he has been reluctant to pursue another one. But as we learned from his grandmother, another one of Holmes’ weaknesses is keeping silent about the things he wants, because he is afraid he might regret it. She certainly gave him that push today, so I hope we will be able to see him find the confidence within him to finally confess his feelings.

But another thing that makes Holmes’ feelings quite interesting are how they have developed over the course of the show. If you recall, he had previously told Akihito he wasn’t interested in relationships right now, so it goes to show at some point between now and then, he changed his mind. And Aoi is sharp enough to know that he does have someone in mind for him to have changed his thoughts, but is too oblivious to realize it’s her. There is also the problem where she lacks the confidence of the possibility of him even liking her. She fears she is too young for him, (hardly!) and isn’t seen as a woman, or at least isn’t special to him in the way she would like to be. It it such a shame, because it certainly didn’t go unnoticed to me how Holmes was quite pleased, and looked almost excited to hear her say if he had brought the girl he liked to the cafe, she will surely fall head over heels for him. And while Holmes may be great at profiling people, when it comes to love, he is (understandably) a lot more uncertain and afraid about it. Besides his scar from his past relationship, one of the things that scares him the most, and with Aoi in particular is that he is afraid of losing what they already have. And that’s a fair fear, especially since he doesn’t seem to be confident in exactly knowing how Aoi feels about him. If only he knew her fantasies have been running wild today, ahahaha! Even I was duped into Aoi’s fantasy, convinced Holmes was bold enough to tease her about teaching her how to kiss. It was hysterical, I laughed so, I couldn’t breathe! Not to mention her wish to drink Black Coffee well was freaking adorable ahaha!

This week’s mystery revolved around the creepy Bisque dolls. We have seen the female one throughout much of the series, and this time we saw it’s male counterpart. The grandmother had asked Holmes for some assistance in regards to the strange circumstances around her doll. Her granddaughter had recently stopped visiting because it creeped her out and believed it was curse because every time she visited, it would ‘move’ or be found weeping. The truth is, it was the grandmother’s husband who was moving it around, and the tears belonged to him because he was hurt after learning it had originally been a gift from Seiji. As Holmes bluntly put it, whenever she spoke about Seiji, it may have made her husband feel like he was merely a replacement. In the end, his grandmother has decided to let go of the doll and now it’s at the Kura shop with it’s counterpart. Aoi says they look happier, but to me they still look creepy as ever, AHAHA!

That being said, it still is a bit sad how things turned out for what became of Holmes’ grandparents. They were only married for five years, but Seiji ended up divorcing her due to the fear of being responsible for the illness she had at the time. It was no thanks to a Shaman claiming he was haunted by bad karma, and while it won’t harm him, instead will affect his spouse. He loved her, and so he did it as an attempt to save her, but it’s unfortunate that it ended up playing out that way. This is why he and Yoshie have agreed will never officially be married, because he fears he will curse her as well. His grandmother on the other-hand, has been happily married for fifty years.

Next week, Valentines party?! Oh my god. I need to keep my expectations in check.



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